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The True History of SOLAR LODGE

Book I
Inside The Order
Note: the first two webpages in these True Tales of Initiation and High Adventure
are an abridged version of the book
Inside Solar Lodge - Outside the Law
of which 418 copies were published in December, 2007
and which were sold out within six months.

This book is now officially Out-of-Print
but used (and new!) copies are often found for sale at various internet sites.
Information about the book is available at:
and sometimes copies are for sale at:

Material posted here that relates to the post-Solar Lodge era
(after 1972) is essentially unabridged.

An updated edition
Inside Solar Lodge - Behind the Veil
published in 2012
re-visits the well-known legend that was told in
Inside Solar Lodge - Outside the Law.

But this version of the text has been highly expanded
to include the real secrets.

What were these "secrets?"
(1) A silver talisman,
(2) Ceremonial Magick, and
(3) Legal LSD.

This book specifically chronicles the historical, legal use of LSD
in a magickal group setting in the mid-1960's, where the
A.'. A.'. Tasks of the Grades
were the measuring-stick of our everyday reality.

This book features startling new insights presented by Jerry Cornelius,
with a Foreword by Martin P. Starr.
This is the wide open, full-spectrum Saga of Solar Lodge
- there will be no further sequels, because now there is nothing left to tell.
copies are available at:



Preliminary Considerations

THIS TRUE STORY begins with The Ending of the Age of Aquarius.

Ray Burlingame (Frater Aquarius) was an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) and a member of the A\A\(Astrum Argentum).

OTO and Ordo Templi Orientis are registered trademarks of Ordo Templi Orientis.
You can visit them at .


The Advent of Solar Lodge

Georgina "Jean" Brayton (Soror Capricornus) was born in England in 1921. She had been a nurse during the Battle of Britain and after the war she moved to the USA where she eventually met and married Richard Brayton (Frater Sol).

Capricornus met Aquarius' wife around 1960 and they became friends. Soon Capricornus met Aquarius and they discussed all manner of metaphysics. Capricornus was fascinated by the subject of initiation and asked Aquarius to initiate her. But he refused, explaining how the Order (OTO Agape Lodge) had been closed in 1953 by its then-current chief, Saturnus, and how it was still closed.

Then on a certain Thursday in 1962, Aquarius said to Capricornus, "It's time for you to be initiated! Come here next Tuesday at eight in the evening! " On that Tuesday evening, Capricornus received the 0 and the I.

What makes this tale fascinating is the fact that on that particular Thursday when Aquarius finally decided to perform the initiation, Saturnus died. Yet, it was not until long after the ceremony on Tuesday that Aquarius, and everyone else involved, learned of Saturnus’ death.

The link had theoretically been passed to Aquarius in the spirit, so to speak, yet was without confirmation in the material world. That is, there was no Charter. In the mid-1960s, there was nobody else claiming responsibility for the Order's activities. Later (after 1970) there were several people who set forth their "claims to the throne."

Throughout the 1970’s, and later, there were several persons claiming to be the head of the OTO. We do not intend to explore this competitive situation, except to say that Grady McMurtry won the war in United States District Court on July 10, 1985; he died two days later without hearing about his victory.

Although the rationale for the initiatory activities of Aquarius has been, and still is, endlessly debated under various lights, the current, legally-recognized OTO holds the viewpoint that:

"Solar Lodge was ... not really a branch of OTO. We view it as an ill-advised attempt to appropriate the name and organization after Germer's death ..."
- Hymenaeus Beta, OTO, to Frater Shiva - June 14, 2007

However, back in the early 'sixties, Aquarius simply proceeded to rapidly move Capricornus through the (three) major stages of initiation in an attempt to transfer all of the information before time ran out. In fact, time was indeed running out ...

New Students

In May, 1963, Frater Shiva was a student at the University of Southern California. At the metaphysically-significant age of 23, Shiva met Capricornus and the teaching began.

One day, Capricornus took Shiva to meet Aquarius. After that, regular meetings followed and the three of them would spend hours discussing metaphysics and initiation.

Since it was clear that the Order (the OTO) was closed, Shiva set out to seek initiation directly from the A\A\, and in August of 1964, he ceremonially appealed directly to the Secret Chiefs and asked for Initiation.

One evening in 1965, Aquarius announced to Capricornus and Shiva, "There is the A\A\ and there is the OTO." He then said, "And it’s time you got to work! " Aquarius instructed Capricornus to proceed with Shiva's initiation and he gave her all of the OTO initiation papers and a certain magickal talisman.

A few days later Aquarius was hospitalized. On July 25, 1965, he departed the physical plane.

Shiva soon received the 0 and the I, with Asi and Sol following close behind and receiving the same degrees. Shortly thereafter, the 0 was conferred upon Shem, Diana Renata, and Nephthys. The Archer was the last of this original group of eight members.



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