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The Remnants of SOLAR LODGE

Book III
Beyond the Veil



The Anti-Tong

One Day in 1977, Shiva was driving to his home in Los Angeles. A short block and a half from his abode, he saw someone who looked just like Frater Mont. He parked at home and walked back down the street. Peering through a hedge to see this person more closely, he said, "Mont - Is that you?" It was. Living about 500 feet apart - sounds a bit synchronistic, eh?

Thus, Shiva was re-united with Mont, who previously was a close friend. Mont had become tired of the restrictive paranoia and unrelenting dictatorship in the Tong, and he had confronted the guru before he resigned. Now they started performing the old ceremonies in a small group. Their association was referred to as the Anti-Tong. That is, it was a free association of like-minded individuals. There was no dictator and there was no dictation. It lasted for several years; in fact, it still exists in a sublimated manifestation at

Let's Do it Again!

The Book of the Law has a certain passage wherein Horus tells us, "I am the warrior Lord of the Forties: the Eighties cower before me, & are abased…"

At the Winter Solstice in1979, on the "Eve of the Eighties," in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, Shiva and Mont initiated The Order of The Phoenix, maintaining the tradition of the R.C. fused with the philosophy of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood.

Around this time, Shiva became the "Seer of Ensenada." He would drive to Ensenada, and Mont would have clients waiting. Shiva performed consultations, Tarot readings, and healings - with Mont playing the part of the translator. The fee was only $10 per session, but it helped to pay for the gas.

< Frater Mont lifting traction weight during a Baja Wilderness Expedition

One of their clients was the "Coca Cola lady." Her husband was the Coca ColaŽ distributor for all of Baja California del Norte, and they lived in the biggest and most prominent house on the top of the hill that overlooked the city. Through her metaphysical contacts, she referred a student to Shiva.

Thus the talented Estar entered The Order of The Phoenix. Estar was a Master Mason, a yogi, an astrologer, and the head of the Outer Order for The Supreme Order of Aquarius, a Mexico-based esoteric organization. All of this was immediately behind him. He was ready for some serious magick and he had come to the right place. The whole story of the major adventures is told in the book, Heart of the Serpent. It is now out-of-print, but if you see a used copy, grab it!

The Tale of Frater Shem

Although Frater Shem had resurfaced in Los Angeles in 1973. Shiva said goodbye again to him later that year - on the day that Shem loaded up his truck and tiny travel trailer with his dental assistant, some chickens and goats, and a dog.

They drove north and ended up on San Juan Island, the most northwest portion (island) of the "continental" United States, where they met some seamen who owned 80 acres of forest in the remote center of the island. They gave Shem an old woodcutter's cabin to live in as compensation for becoming the estate's caretaker while they were away at sea.

The Magickal Island

In 1982, Shiva went to live with Shem for a few months on San Juan Island (>). He also visited the Island in 1976, 1978, and 1986.

Things had changed. The property owners had granted Shem lifetime access to two acres of forest in the middle of the 80-acre, wooded estate.


He had abandoned the woodcutter's cabin and built a new (<) cabin.

This was a true "survival" camp. All the surrounding neighbors firmly resisted the intrusion of the telephone, electricity, any type of utilities, and tourists. They paid their taxes and otherwise requested that the Establishment keep its nose out of their affairs.

.It took six days to cut a path and bring in Shiva’s huge trailer. Then, he settled in and became a hermit among hermits on the magickal island.


Shiva’s trailer on the Magickal Island >

One day, Shem was in a confessional mood. He told Shiva about some intimate activities within an event in 1967 wherein he was part of a small group that performed a seizure of the books from the OTO library in West Point, California - see Inside Solar Lodge - Outside the Law..




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