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Book III - Beyond The Veil
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The Avatar

In 1983, Mont had moved back to Colorado (for the second time) in order to perform his business venture all over again. He and his wife opened a catering house in Denver that utilized three of the large-sized catering trucks in their operation. They were making good money, but they were also (in the finest Tong tradition) working 18 hours a day.

And it came to pass that Mont's wife met a lady named Melba. Melba was associated with a man who was unusually gifted. At age 8 he was uttering prophecies and describing activities on the other side of buildings (they called it "x-ray vision"). When this child grew up, he started writing his own documents and was generally recognized within his group as a full-blown messiah/prophet. However, he was also specifically recognized by high-ranking members of the Establishment as a full-blown troublemaker. Is it ever any different?

Mont sent Shiva some of his writings. They addressed all of the religious and spiritual streams, but were heavily laced with White Brotherhood and (especially) Thelemic terminology. When Mont asked Shiva on the phone what he thought, Shiva said, "He's saying all the right things." Mont agreed.

So, it came to pass that Shiva wrote a letter to Mr. White (as he was so-called, for his identity at that time was concealed from public view), identifying himself and his background within Arcania, and asking if they could possibly carry on a correspondence. The letter went to Mont and was passed through Melba to Mr. White. In return, they received an invitation to meet with him on April 9, 1984, somewhere "Far away in the East." This, they later learned, was extremely unusual - he apparently did not normally give casual audiences.

This date also synchronized with April 8, 9, & 10, the three days of the writing of The Book of the Law - three of the Thelemic Holy Days.

These dates also fell within the Spring Break period at the school where Shiva was then a student. How convenient !

Mont had some airline credit, so he sprung for Shiva’s roundtrip from Los Angeles to Denver (and back). In Denver, Mont, Stanley (Melba's husband), Sidney (their driver), and Shiva entered a borrowed van and drove east. A long way east. Mont and Shiva had no idea where they were going, and nobody was saying (It turned out that the destination was North Carolina). They drove for three days. Shiva was ill during the entire trip, keeping himself barely under control by consuming herbs and inserting acupuncture needles in himself on a regular basis.

Eventually, on April 8, 1984, they arrived at the Sunset Motel, a location reserved for them by the group they were to visit. Before they were cleared to their final destination, they had to undergo three separate screening meetings with eight different people, the last interview being held at the Sunset Motel. During the night of April 8-9, Shiva could not sleep. He had recovered from the flu (?) that had affected him on the long drive, but his consciousness was now undergoing an intense purification. He sat in meditation for most of the night while a fire burned inside, consuming his heart and producing a continuous, unending stream of phoenixes arising from his crown chakra. He was consciously aware that he was being purified for the imminent audience with Mr. White. It had already been determined that Mr. White was the agent of the Avatar of Synthesis (a cosmic being in the Transhimalayan tradition), if not the Avatar himself.

The next morning, Shiva was normal - perhaps a bit tired. They all entered the van and proceeded to drive out into the countryside. Shiva kept saying aloud to the others that he hoped they would pass by one of those old plantation mansions (for he had never been in the deep South before). Eventually, after driving for many miles through deep woods, they came to an open valley.

And there, about a half-mile to the south, sitting up on a hill, was a magnificent, plantation mansion. "Will you look at that," Shiva said.

Stanley replied, "That's where we're going!" . .Well, well, well … how about that !

They entered the mansion at the appointed hour of 10:00 AM. Mr. White was not in attendance, but he was soon expected to return. The mansion was absolutely magnificent.

Mr. White's associates spoke with the visitors at length, describing their huge plantation that raised cash crops of cotton and tobacco, and included a large vegetable garden for in-house food production. The atmosphere was absolutely "heavenly."

After half an hour, Mr. White drove up in a White Dodge Charger. And so, he was indeed now portrayed in modern terms as The Rider on the White Horse, a biblical designation, and an esoteric title, for the Avatar of Synthesis.

Mr. White entered the room and all his associates instantly rose to a standing position. Introductions were made and then everyone sat down in comfortable chairs. About nine people were in the room.

The written Record of this "world-class" meeting indicates that:

O Mr. White had dark brown hair and black eyes. He was wearing a white-cream colored jacket enhanced with a red rose, a brown turtleneck shirt, slacks, and highly-polished shoes.

He simply began by talking about God and His personal relation to man. It soon seemed to Shiva that Mr. White was rambling (that is, he was talking about how God wanted friends, but nothing practical was being stated). Shiva finally interrupted him and said, "We understand that you have broken the code in The Book of the Law. Is that true?"

See Liber AL, The Book of the Law, Chapter II, lines 75 & 76, where it says, "Aye! listen to the numbers & the words: 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it."

Mr. White ignored Shiva and continued rambling. Shiva interrupted him a second time and said, "Is it true that you have broken the code in The Book of the Law?" . He ignored Shiva again and continued to ramble.

Shiva interrupted him a third time and said in a bold and direct manner, "Look! We've traveled a long way to see you because we've heard that you have broken the code in The Book of the Law. Are we wasting our time, or what?"

Mr. White looked directly at Shiva and said in a correspondingly bold and direct manner, "Who cares? The Book says Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law! .What else do you want?"

Shiva knew that He had him there. In a brief lightning flash, Shiva's attachment to any minor details in The Book of the Law were instantly incinerated. Shiva said, "The Book actually means nothing to me. I have a copy right here with me. I can easily go outside and burn it to ashes."

Stanley rose, walked over to Shiva, and extended his hand that was holding a cigarette lighter. Shiva waved him off, saying, "I'll do it later, thank you. Right now we're still talking."

And the spell was broken. Any sense of rambling completely ceased and Mr. White continued in a much more understandable manner. After a while, He asked if there were any questions.

Shiva had undergone intense purification through illness on the trip and by internal fire the night before, so he was experiencing a natural high. Mont had not been so purified, and by now he was seized with violent trembling from a rising Kundalini, for the energy in the room was absolutely exquisite, absolutely clear, and (obviously) packed a powerhouse whomp!

The Record further indicates that:

O In a pre-civil war plantation mansion in North Carolina, on April 9, 1984, we met with the Avatar of Synthesis in full physical manifestation. In his presence, Shiva did utterly burn in the sacred censer the most holy document of contemporary Arcania: Liber AL vel Legis - The Book of the Law ... and in so doing was catapulted into the next grade.

Whoa! What's this all about? Well, let's take it step-by-step. Everything anyone could remember was written down right after the meeting. The following list of subjects is in that Record:

O He discoursed and answered questions on the following: (after-the-fact-notes are in green Italics):

Mont then got his nerve up (he could hardly speak) and asked about UFOs:

Mont then asked where on the planet was the best place to reside:

Mont then asked Him why we had traveled 3,000 miles for this meeting.

Mr. White replied, "I brought you here! - Well, not me, for there are many spirits (forces) operating on the planes."

Then, after a couple of hours, the audience was over. Stanley looked expectantly at Shiva.

Shiva said, "It's OK. I have my own lighter." And true to his words, he went out on the porch and placed a copy of The Book of the Law in a (conveniently available) clay flower pot (the "sacred censer") that was set upon a small table.

He torched the Book, and as it burned, people gathered around and were taking photographs. It turned out that this meeting and this little fire ceremony were a big deal to them.

Everyone then spent a casual afternoon, and when darkness fell, dinner was served.

O Dinner was set at a long table lit by candles with a centerpiece of roses floating in a large bowl, and included iced water, tomato juice, Chablis, lettuce, chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, & coffee.

During dinner, they talked of many things. Shiva was sitting on Mr. White's right side. At one point, in reference to the Changeover, He turned to Shiva and said, "I hope you burned that book really well." . Shiva assured him that there was nothing left but ashes.

Finally, after a ten-hour visit, it came time to leave. They were standing in the anteroom next to the front door. Mr. White's penultimate words were, "All we ask you to do is go out and do just what we are doing."

Shiva then mentioned something about the "Rod of Initiation" and "Polarization." Mr. White said, "Polarization is like iron and a magnet: Yes, but opposite. Man builds up to God. I am working downward, and am only recently here from the other side."

He then reached and shook hands with Mont and Shiva. That's when he did it – He applied the Rod of Initiation, for they both felt a tremendously powerful current flow from him to them. This caused a radical alteration of consciousness.

The next day, Stanley related what he had learned during their "casual afternoon." Mr. White had recently attained his 33rd birthday. Their prophecies stated that he would come into his full power on his 33rd birthday, and soon thereafter his first official act would be to meet with the representatives of Arcania (The White Brotherhood). Shiva, Mont and Stanley constituted this triad of representatives.

Shortly after this meeting, back in Denver, Shiva performed a ceremony that correlated Megatron with Arcania. And then he issued "Summons to the Light," which is reproduced later in these True Tales of Initiation and High Adventure.


Back to Colorado

In July of 1984, Shiva and Lightblazer packed up all of their worldly goods and drove to Denver. Mont and his wife, Melba, Stanley, Sidney and his wife, Lightblazer and Shiva were all headed for Estes Park, Colorado, where it was planned to perform a Flashdance, a symbolic rite celebrating the Cosmic Changeover

You know.: Bringing in the New Age, ushering in the New Aeon, etc.

Although nobody amongst our adventurers knew it at the time, Soror Capricornus died in July, 1984. The details of her demise are discussed later on.


The Stanley Hotel - Site of the Flashdance Ceremony

Stanley Manor House - The Flashdance Temple

Ten days later, the Council adjourned on October 5, 1984.



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