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In Revelation
Concepts Relative to Initiation and Empowerment
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Star System Publication in Class C



ComRelatio, Magus
LightBlazer, Magister
Artemis, Magister

Shiva, Philosopher



I Am Shiva the Destroyer . .I destroy illusion

From 1963 to 1972, I was the Grand Secretary General of Solar Lodge of The Order of the Temple lineage, operating under the curriculum of The Great White Brotherhood known as the A\A\

From 1973 to 1977, I was a member of The Lighted Way, an Order associated with the lineage known as The Transhimalayan White Brotherhood.

From 1977 to 2005, I undertook various additional mystical and magickal adventures, including the public presentations of the Harmonic Convergence ceremony on August 16, 1987, and the Timeshift ceremony on July 26, 1992.

Many Initiates have been trained in only a single system. Sometimes their understanding of concepts and practices is limited. Sometimes they are actually stuck in misconceptions. The following Revelations are aimed, in alphabetical order, at the destruction of partial understanding and false concepts.



The Abyss


Abyss – Spiritually speaking, an Abyss is a veil, or a gap in consciousness, that separates two levels of consciousness. "The" Abyss is the gulf between the mind (Manas – the mental plane) and the intuition (Buddhi, or Buddhic Plane). This is also described as the negative state that lies between Chesed and Binah on The Tree of Life.

There is an Abyss between all the levels. Every significant level is separated from its neighbor by an Abyss.

Listed in ascending order (the order in which the initiate usually must pass), here is a review of the Veils:

The Veil of the Ashram - An "Ashram" is commonly known as a place or community of spiritual study. Actually, it is the energetic influence of the Master, or central figure, of a system. This Veil separates the common person from the knowledge and consciousness of the Outer Order. Internally, this Veil separates a person's mundane consciousness from the consciousness of their own, aligned Persona (the personality – the physical, emotional, and "lower" mental bodies).

The Veil of the Temple - This Veil separates the Probationer from the initiated Neophytes at Malkuth (Earth - the physical plane).

Internally, this Veil separates the questing mind from one's own reborn (re-awakened), spiritual connection. Probationers who are in the last month (or so) before completing their ±one-year probationary period, come into the "shadow" of this Veil. This is usually a disturbing and difficult time.

The Etheric Veil - This Veil separates the dense physical body (solid, liquid, & gas) from the etheric physical body (ultraviolet, electrical, x-ray, & radioactive). However, these are all still classified as physical levels. This veil must be pierced (opened or passed) in order to deliver physical healing energies.

The Astral Veil - The Astral Plane is located "beyond" the physical plane at Yesod on the Tree of Life. This Veil separates the physical/etheric body from the astral body. Internally, This Veil separates a person's physical consciousness from their astral consciousness. One is using the astral consciousness when performing astral projection or is similarly engaged in "real" or "lucid" dreams. Unless otherwise pierced or opened, this Veil prevents people from leaving their bodies and sailing around in the (their own internal) universe.

The Veil of Paroketh (The Veil of Illusion) - This Veil, a "major" gap in consciousness, separates the initiate of the Outer Order from the Adepts of the Inner Order. Internally, This Veil separates a person's Persona (personality – the physical, emotional, and "lower" mind) from their "higher mind" (the causal, or soul, plane) that is also the realm of the Holy Guardian Angel or Solar Angel. Only an aligned personality can penetrate this Veil; in fact, when one aligns their Persona, this Veil is automatically opened. "Aligned" means that the body, emotions, and intellect are all harmonized and focused on the same thing.

The internal view associated with this Veil is that of a kaleidoscopic vision, with the vision aligning along a central, vertical line as the Veil centers and begins to open.


The Veil of The Abyss - This Veil, a "very major" gap in consciousness, separates the initiate of the Inner Order from the Masters of the Supernal Order. Internally, This Veil separates an Adept's Causal Body (the Soul Body or "higher mind") from the Intuitional consciousness (Buddhi) that is the realm of the Master of The Temple (Magister). Only an empty causal body can cross this Abyss. "Empty" means that all personal karma has been burned off - This is often called "destroying the ego," but the ego is not necessarily "destroyed," but rather is "the elimination of that personality which limits and burdens the true self." Thus, there is something left, but that something is in harmony with one's "Higher Self."

The internal state associated with this Veil is that of desolation and undoing (it is a negative state, also called reversal). This process has also been called Crucifixion, as well as The Dark Night of the Soul.

The Planetary Ring-Pass-Not - This Veil, another "major" gap in consciousness, separates the Magician (Magus) at Chokmah on The Tree of Life from the Point (Ipsissimus) at Kether on The Tree of Life. The advanced initiate at Kether is also known as a Chohan, or Ray Lord. It has been said that "The Chohan discovers that he has unlimited access to extra-planetary levels of consciousness; of course, he always had this access, but now he becomes completely aware of it."


The Adept

Adept - An Adept is one who is a member of the "Inner Order" (Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major, & Adeptus Exemptus - Grades 5°, 6°, & 7° - of the inner A\ A\).

But an "Adept" in the Transhimalayan White Brotherhood is operating from the Buddhic Plane (Binah on The Tree of Life), and is thus equivalent to a Master of the Temple, 8° in the A\ A\ Therefore, this term, Adept, is often technically confusing. For our purposes, here in this consideration of Adept Consciousness, for "Adept," you may substitute any of the following terms: Initiate, Adeptus, Master, Magus, etc. Regardless of the title, this is the primary consideration:

An Adept is only an Adept when operating in the Light Body.

Many people experience higher states of consciousness, either through extensive meditation practices, or by overtaxing their mundane consciousness (as in mountain-climbing or in lengthy, physically-demanding ceremonies), or through the use of power plants (herbal or pharmaceutical, psychoactive substances). They then fit their experience into one spiritual system or another and proclaim, "I am an Adept!"

Well, in fact, they are an Adept – on that exalted level of consciousness in which they had the experience.

We are here discounting any claims to Adeptship based on simple, lower-level, astral experiences & visions that are merely ego-fed delusions of grandeur, imaginings of greatness and self-importance without actually entering expanded levels of consciousness.

They could not have perceived that state unless they already held the potential within their being. But this does not mean that they can operate at that level, at will, under varying circumstances. An Aikido sensei (teacher) once said, "Many people go to the desert and become enlightened. But when they return to the city, it all goes away."

The Light Body should not be confused with the Astral Body. The Astral Body is an emotional-plane construct in which a person's consciousness enters the astral realm of glamour and illusion. The Light Body is built by fusing elements of higher consciousness with the etheric body. The Light Body is built, step by step, as the initiate attains higher and higher (more expanded) states of being, and its construction tends to be of a permanent nature.

Even so, an Adept will often not be "operating" in (or through) his or her Light Body, especially if his or her consciousness is distracted by mundane tasks, such as worrying about money, physical illness, emotional confrontation, etc. The highest of Adepts (the ones with the greatest control) should be operating in the Light Body during such mundane episodes.

The point here is that temporary states of expanded consciousness do not create permanent Adeptship. A properly ordained Adept, created through meditation and inwardly "fixed" in place during an inner, initiatory crisis, possibly even recognized through outer initiatory ceremonies, is still not an "Adept" unless he or she is actively operating through their Light Body in the here-and-now.


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