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In Revelation
Concepts Relative to Initiation and Empowerment
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Pure White Magick

Pure White Magick – There are Three Styles of Magickal Motivation:

The Yellow Style is concerned with harmony and balance (the "Middle Way"). Yellow-style Adepts rarely engage in magickal intervention in the general order of things, but will exercise their ability to do so if they perceive that harmony and balance are being led astray. The classical text of This Style is the Tao Teh Ching.

The Black Style is concerned with benefiting oneself at the expense of other beings (a definition of "Black Magick"). Black-style Adepts frequently engage in magickal practices to enhance their energy, position, and wealth, usually through the confounding or destruction of "enemies." Although they are encased in White-style rhetoric, most contemporary schools of "prosperity" are a common example of The Black Style.

The White Style is concerned with benefiting the whole at the expense of one's self (of course, if the whole benefits, then so does it's parts, including the White magician"). White-style Adepts frequently engage in magickal practices to enhance the evolutionary process and bestow an expanded, higher level of consciousness upon the masses. The White-style is commonly referred to as High Magick. White-style Adepts often utilize external, ceremonial, magickal techniques.

Great Grandfather Crowley called these The Three Schools of Magick

When we refer to Pure White Magick, it is the term Pure that merits consideration. Pure means that the process is purely mental. That is, there are no external, ceremonial, magickal techniques utilized, including rituals, talismans, and/or links. Pure White Magick is engaged in the following manner.

However, there is always an element of astral motivation involved because any concrete thoughtform is automatically bound up with desire – The Hindus call it Kama-Manas ("desire-mind").



Secrets – The bottom line here is that There are no Secrets! As in The Secrets of Mystical Attainment. Of course, there are endless, secret documents, maps, passwords, rituals, rosters, signs, and symbols. These types of secrets are (supposed to be) entrusted to small or large groups. Why are they secret?

Secret documents – This includes initiation rituals as well as initiatory papers given to the initiate after an initiation ceremony has been completed. Since almost all initiations are "secret," these documents are to be withheld from exoteric (public) access. Of course, the secret rituals of Freemasonry have been published by renegade initiates. The Secret Rituals of the OTO were obtained and published by (the uninitiated) Francis King. The innermost workings of the Super-secret IX° were published by Louis Culling. Etcetera.

Secret Maps – Here, we refer specifically to locations of initiatory centers, as in "I solemnly swear not to reveal … the location of its [the Order's] camps."

Secret PasswordsPasswords are used by initiates to identify other initiates. This ancient practice reached its peak in the western world during, and shortly after, the European dark ages*, and also following certain political revolutions in China during the same time period, when belonging to a secret society carried a death penalty. The establishment particularly frowned upon members of the Templar, Rosicrucian, Alchemical, and Illuminati groups in Europe, and the Triad and Kung-Fu groups in China.

*The dark ages (400 AD – 1600 AD) were dark because the prevailing philosophy was "We don't want enlightenment, we don't want new thinking, we don't want to upset the current, religious order. We have it all figured out and in-place. New ideas must be discouraged by death, including the burning of witches and pagan healers, the burning of "renegade" politico-religious initiates, and the burning of scientists."

There is also evidence that a massive volcanic eruption created worldwide darkness (from airborne ashes) around 400 AD, causing a generalized dimming of sunlight for years at the beginning of the "dark" ages.

Secret Rituals – The nature of certain (initiatory, even political) ceremonies is supposed to be kept hidden from non-initiates. For one thing, a ceremony is said to lose its power if its workings are widely known.

All initiation ceremonies fall into a certain pattern: The candidate is symbolically slain and then resurrected into a new, mystical identity. This is, of course, exactly what happens to the individual, in their inner self, when they pass from one level of consciousness to the next. External ceremonies are merely reflections of internal processes.

Secret Rosters – This is a list of names of initiates. During the dark ages, such a list could lead to the death of entire memberships*. Today, such lists can lead to the alienation of families and friends. Membership identifications are usually prohibited by oaths such as "I solemnly swear not to reveal the name of any member of this Order."

* For an example, refer to your encyclopedia under Inquisition

Secret Signs – In addition to passwords, signs and grips (secret handshakes) are used by initiates to identify other initiates. See secret passwords, above.

Secret SymbolsSymbols, through the agency of sympathetic magick, are said to have the same power as the process or concept that they represent. Symbols are used on talismans, for generating Empowerment energies, and in esoteric teachings.

Symbols used on talismans include the Enochian alphabet and assorted, energetic diagrams. Such symbols are hardly secret, having been published everywhere. A talisman is a "storehouse of energy" and may take various forms, including parchment or paper designs, metallic objects, statues, icons, etc. Certain paper diagrams, used in Empowerment systems like Reiki and Sirius, are just as efficient as ancient Abramelin parchment talismans.

Empowerment Symbols are known and used only by authorized "Masters," "Trainers," or "Initiators." These symbols are used to permanently "lock-in" the Empowerment energy capability. Formal, "locked-in" Empowerment capabilities are permanent and last for a lifetime.

When anyone "gives away" an Empowerment symbol, their capacity to utilize the energies is diminished or, in some cases, rendered null and void. This is an universal principle and not merely scare tactics or arbitrary rule-making.

Symbols used in esoteric teachings include various alchemical and talismanic concepts. These are mostly well-known, but their interpretation varies according to the degree of initiation. Examples of such symbols include the Circle and the Cross (combined), and the Lion, Eagle, Egg, and Serpent of the Order of the Temple.

Inner Secrets – Dr. Jung indicated that there can be no individuation (his term for the initiatory process) without a person having "a secret that they will not, or can not, disclose to anyone else."

Also, there are personal secrets, such as the infidelity or illegal actions of friends; trade and professional secrets, like manufacturing processes; proprietary secrets, as in "secret herbal remedies" and financial secrets, including "insider information" in the stock market, how to get rich schemes, or cheating on one's taxes. Such personal secrets, when disclosed to others, may lead to interpersonal or legal difficulties, but they have nothing to do with the path of initiation.


The Solar Angel

Solar Angel – The Solar Angel is also known as the Holy Guardian Angel, the Augoides, the Superior Man, and many other terms that vary with the times and the culture. The concept is laden, for many people, with illusion and glamour. Who or what is this mysterious entity?

The Solar Angel is an independent being that is a member of the Deva evolution*.

* The Devas are a parallel evolution to humanity. They include archangels, angels, elementals, and similar spirits. The group consciousness of a school of fish, a herd of animals, or a flock of birds, is presided over by a single devic entity. Mountains, energy centers, forests, etc. are similar in this regard.

He (we use the masculine term) is assigned to "guide and protect" the causal consciousness of the individual human "soul." He "guides" the person as in "The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel," for humans will purposely invoke this entity for guidance along their life path. The Angel actually "guides" the initiate of the inner order along his or her sequential overcoming of accumulated cause-and-effect (karma). He "protects" the person by maintaining the integrity of their causal body.*

Compare the early works of Carlos Castañeda, where Mescalito (the spirit of the peyote cactus) is said to "Guide and Protect."

* The causal plane contains the causal body, also called the Soul, the Ego, or the Reincarnating Ego. Emanations of the causal body can be seen in the causal aura.

The Solar Angel is said to lead (guide) the initiate through the expiation of his or her karma unto a lofty place, even unto the brink of The Abyss, where the Angel then abandons the initiate. "My God, my God! Why hast thou forsaken me?" This is because (1) All personal karma has been balanced and there is no "debt" left to be protected, and (2) The initiate must make it to the next level by himself or herself, without guidance or support.

For a classical example of the Solar Angel, refer to Dante's Divine Comedy.


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