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Secret Information

Spiritual Recognition Guidelines


The Initiatory Emblems of expanded consciousness
How to discriminate between
Antimatrix Avatars and Damp-heat Swamis


You really should know that there are only three major degrees for human beings :

There are members of the Outer Order; members of the Inner Order; and members of the Supernal (higher) Order.


These "Orders" are not a reference to any group or race or nation or religion. These "Orders" refer to the three concentric divisions of consciousness in a human being:

The Outer Order is the world of the "outer" personality (including the physical body).

The Inner Order is the realm of the "concealed" person (the Soul).

The Supernal Order is the "higher" person (the Spirit or Monad).



The Outer Order

The Outer Order is composed of those men and women who have commenced walking the Path; they are usually associated with a group, an order, a tribe, a circle, a dojo, a church, a temple, a lodge, or some other designation of the place where initiates get together to practice escaping from the Matrix.


But mostly, Outer Orders are places where people are pretending to escape from the Matrix while they are secretly running around doing Matrix-stuff to their fellow initiates. It's all very confusing because hardly anybody's personality is aligned.

Aligned ?

A member of an Outer Order should be primarily concerned with aligning his or her Personality. Persona means "Mask" - so it's the outer person (personality) that requires alignment. . - There are three elements in the persona.: The physical body, the emotional (astral) body, and the mental unit or lower mind.

Until these three units (body, emotions, mind) are aligned, the individual will be unable to pass the veil that forever protects the sanctum of the Inner Order from the disordered personas of the Outer Courtyard.



Zia Initiation Ceremony


. .
. . .Passing through . . . the veil of Illusion


. . . .. . . .

The Inner Order

The Inner Order is composed of those men and women who have aligned their personas, and have passed through the veil of illusion to link with their own Solar essence.

Although these adepts may be affiliated with the "inner circle" of a group, order, tribe, dojo, church, temple, monastery, or lodge, such membership is meaningless -

The true definition of Adept is that individually they are linked to their own Spirit or Solar Angel (Guardian Angel or Soul) and by virtue of that link, he or she is united through their Heart with all the other adepts of the Inner Order.

The part that most people don't understand is that

There is only One Inner Order

It is not a membership or a building. It is a network of consciousness that includes everyone who has passed beyond Paroketh, the Veil of Illusion. Anyone openly claiming in the marketplace to be a member of this Inner Order is to be closely examined -

preferably via their energetic field (aura).

Adepts of the Inner Order are concerned with maintaining the inner contact with their Soul (as exemplified by the Solar Angel) and following out the instructions received therefrom; they are operating directly in conjunction with their Inner Self. They are actually en route - Escaping from the Matrix; they are "working off their Karma" from all their prior lifetimes - even from the beginning of time and space.




The Supernal Order

The Supernal (higher) Order is composed of individuals who have erased their personal history.
They have "crossed the Abyss" to link with their Mnad or "Higher Self."
They are known as Masters. Among the Shamans of the Americas, the term, Nagual, is used.

It is generally thought that people who reach this rarified consciousness have destroyed their Ego.

This is both true and untrue - because Masters still have Egos, and they still have personalities; sometimes we don't like their personalities. It is usually better to Judge them by their Work and knock off the personality assessments.

Their essential Attainment is the perfect annihilation of that part of the ego that limits and opposes the true self. Only certain imperfections, the Adept's accidents (karma) have burned off - The Master still has an Ego, but it is an Ego that offers no resistance to his or her higher nature.

Masters of the Supernal Order are concerned with training their students and with attaining a perfect understanding of the Universe. Such beings have actually Escaped from the Matrix and have returned for the sake of others. They have "worked off their personal Karma" but they have taken up a higher, more expanded, universal Karma.

So What ?

Well, it can be very difficult to tell who is what or where, because people almost always delude themselves as to their initiatory status . . . and others just make it all up in order to appear important or to get your Money.

Most people claiming to be Initiates, Adepts, or Masters are not!
It is that simple! . 99% of them are well- meaning or mal- intentioned phonies. Every now and then you may encounter the real thing.

.Then how can I tell the difference ?

Keep it Simple:

There are mundane people who are not on the Path. They believe in the Matrix.

Do not discuss these matters with them unless you want to stir up a lot of trouble.



There are Initiates of the Outer Order. They are practicing Escape from the Matrix techniques. They are attempting to move their Assemblage Point. They more or less have a long way to go.

These are your associates. Love them, but do not trust them with your essence as they still have confused (un-aligned) personalities.


There are also the Adepts of the Inner Order. They are able to (temporarily) align their personalities.

They are able to move their Assemblage Point either at will or under certain circumstances. They are actively Escaping from the Matrix.

These people usually demonstrate superior insight or magical powers. They can be trusted in spiritual matters, but with caution, for they are still balancing their own karma and from time-to-time (being still in human form) they might exhibit errors in judgement.

Some Adepts have aligned with their Evil Genius and gone insane.

It happens.



Then there are the Masters of the Supernal Order. They have Escaped from the Matrix and they have returned.

They can move their Assemblage Point and they can cause your Assemblage Point to move when you are in their presence or within their energy field (via magnetic polarization) . . .

. . . or (in some cases) even when they simply look at you from a distance, or when they concentrate upon you from another country - or even from another dimension.

Only a Master is capable of properly guiding others.

Adepts and Initiates merely assist a Master in this task.


Please note :

There are levels of consciousness and beings beyond (more expanded than) the three degrees of this esoteric Path we have just reviewed.

These forces do not inhabit physical bodies, but they do have substance. They include the non-local Avatars and the Archetypes; the Angels and the Asuras - ancient peoples called them gods.


These are powerful, conscious forces - They control their realms in the Matrix from an expanded, universal viewpoint.


In the final analysis synthesis even these deities are Illusions.


Eagleman freed from the Illusions



How to Tell the Difference



Initiates of the Outer Order carry the Star of their Ordeal within their Aura.

A blazing Star is seen in the paraconscious aura of anyone who has received the "first degree".

The "first degree" is an event (usually brief and sometimes frightening - a flash in the dark, so to speak), defined as a Conscious, direct contact with one's higher consciousness (Higher Self, Spirit, God, etc.).

There is always a brilliant Light involved, and afterward the person always holds an unshakable realization that the experience was more real than their "ordinary reality." This is called a "knowing faith," and family & friends are quick to squelch and deny the reality of such nonsense. The Initiate learns quickly to keep Silent.

Note: The paraconscious aura is the fourth emanation of the seven-layered human energy field. Further, complete, detailed info on the Aura is available without paying Money . . . but ask later ! .. Right now you better stay focused right here.


How to Tell the Difference

Adepts of the Inner Order radiate the Imprint of their Holistic consciousness from their Causal Body.

A radiant golden glow is seen in the Causal aura of anyone who has received the "second degree". This produces a feeling of euphoria and upliftment in other persons - if the Adept is "connected" in that particular moment. (It comes and goes, you see).

The "second degree" is an event (usually prolonged and ecstatic), defined as a willed conscious direct contact and two-way communication and conversation with one's solar (Soul or Solar Angel) consciousness. Adepts tread the Path of Karma-balancing as they follow out the instructions from the "Higher Self". The golden glow is a radiant, energetic fire that gradually consumes the causal (Soul) body as Karma is burned away.

Note: The causal aura is the fifth emanation of the seven-layered human energy field. . .


How to Tell the Difference


Masters of the Supernal Order carry the Imprint of Cosmic consciousness upon their brow.


But only another Master can see it. A cosmic principle says, "The lesser can never comprehend the greater; but the greater always encompasses the lesser." - We can always recognize people who are moving within our own range of consciousness ("birds of a feather").

Also, we always recognize people who are slower and denser than our own range of consciousness.

Just what do you mean by that ?


Well, we can often recognize that someone is at a level "higher" than our own, but we cannot tell how much higher.

The rule here is: You can only read at levels you can reach.

Certain Masters move undetected throughout the human realm. An engulfing darkness with a hidden or revealed monadic essence characterizes the Buddhic-plane aura of anyone who has received the "third degree." .These are called (in some circles) the Masters of the Temple - sometimes they appear to be scary, but only because of their unfathomable nature.

Don't get carried away now with visions of Utopia, where everyone is a Master. One (Tibetan) stream of the White Brotherhood allows for 3 Mahachohans (Great Ray Lords), 7 Chohans (Ray Lords), and 49 Department Heads (Ashram Abbots or Masters of the Temple), all of whom supervise a few hundred Adepts of the Inner Order and no more than a few thousand Initiates of the Outer Order.

The rest of humanity is either on the Probationary Path (seriously trying things out for themselves) or wrapped up in some spiral arm of the ever present Matrix.

The "third degree" is an event (usually prolonged and painful), defined as the "destruction" of the ego, resulting in a complete identification with one's higher consciousness. This process is sometimes referred to as "crucifixion" and/or "ascension".

Astrologically, this "degree" represents the candidate's abandonment of the Fixed cross of the individual Soul (in the crossing of the Abyss) and the ascension of the Cardinal cross of Cosmic Consciousness.

The engulfing darkness that is seen or sensed in the Buddhic (Intuitional) energy field is the "Indigo of a moonless midnight, dimly illuminated by a radioactive background of silver essence." That's fairly obscure language - but it's as close as we can get.

Another (more advanced) version of the third degree is very active. The Master casts aside his dark cloak and exposes his fiery nature to the world at large. Such a being reveals the brilliance of the Atmic (Spiritual) energy field and is known as a Prophet or a Magus or a big-time Troublemaker. These guys usually appear in the world at intervals of several hundred years .*

* See Lao-tzu, Siddhartha, Tahuti, Moshe, Osiris, Jesu, Mohamet, Therion, etc.
But anyone can "make this grade" on an individual basis at any time.

And when they do appear, things change in a major way (but maybe not until after they are long gone from physical manifestation). They are always Antimatrix Avatars, but their followers inevitably turn the changes into some kind of Matrix thing that tries to control your life.

The buddhic and atmic auras are the two outermost emanations of the human energy field.


These Guidelines (all of the above) are presented in order to Assist you in Relating to "spiritual" people in a discerning manner.

Why, you ask, would you want to be discerning ?

Because :

Association with Troglodytes pulls your Spirit down. . .

Troglo . . . what ?

Trog-lo-dyte = "A Remnant from a previous age; a Caveman"


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Association with Initiates tends to produce more Initiates
and you can practice escaping from the Matrix..

Association with Adepts energizes your Spirit
and together you work toward freedom from the Matrix.

Association with Masters is pretty difficult except under certain conditions. If such conditions allow you to make a linkage with a genuine Master, you probably should do it

- Unless you're ready to move on to your own Mastery

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