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.Privately issued by the T.O.T....................Give me the Sign of the Open Eye
Temple of Truth........................................................................................

.Illustrated & Adjusted (Completely Rewritten) in Taurus of 2009 e.v.. .



The Plain.

Here I Am: .This dreadful place is vast, foggy, dark and damp.

Too bad for me who am too much drugged to know or care !

I have no idea who I am. I know that I am a soldier - But of what war ? .I have a dim memory of some disaster long ago - some leader who failed, some plan that was broken.

Behind me, in the West . . . is that a black pyramid ?

Beyond that rise, rings out a call:



..............The Call.

A voice cries: ..."Look, a Star in the West!"


Then comes silence.

I hear a three-worded murmur: "The Zero Hour."

Next comes a whisper: "Zero is Two."


I hear other voices:

..."A Star in the West. What foolishness!"

......"That is the Star called Wormwood." ..............
........."For Christ’s sake - don’t look at that damned Star!"

............"We’re lost," another squeeks.

..............."The Beast!" cries another maniac.



At the peak of the dark Pyramid is a figure, standing out before the sphere of the Sun.

I know that he is the one for whom we have waited.

His voice breaks into Song:

The Word of the law is qelhma.

Then the heavens are ablaze with a blasting horn; and the Earth is lit with a flash that brands this Sign upon everyone:




And now everyhing is absorbed into
The Heart of the Matter.









It is not for you, until you be purged, to dwell in the Heart of the Matter.


The Ten Secret Joys of the Matter

.000. Nothing only exists

00. There is no limit.

0. The Sum of All is Boundless Light.


.1. You are that which you choose to think yourself.

2. Your Name, which is your Word, is the substance of your Will.

3. That which you created is your Understanding.

4. The Necessity of the Universe is the Measure of your Righteousness.

5. The Movement of the Universe is the Fulfillment of your Energy.

6. The Order of the Universe is the Expression of your Rapture.

7. The Sensibility of the Universe is the Triumph of your Imagination.

8. The Mutability of the Universe is the Splendor of your Ingenuity.

9. The Stability of the Universe is Change, the Assurance of your Truth.

10. The Perfection of the Universe is the Realization of the Ideal of your Passion.

And then there was no more writing on the Heavens.




The Initiation.

I saw this Vision and heard this Voice upon a hill in the desert.

Having wandered around for a really long time, I finally came into a Temple of Light where I met an aged man (it was written that he would be 120 years).

He pointed to a big chart, and above this parchment was a square tablet of white marble, on which, inlaid in gold, I read these characters about the Image of an Eye within a radiant Triangle:



and this, being interpreted, is
"The Great White Brotherhood."

Below was written:


Then he told me that the Brotherhood sends forth a fellow every two thousand years who brings one Word to serve humanity as a new Formula of Magick,
so that it may take another step on thepath to perfection.

Also, at intervals of more that three, and less than seven, centuries, they send a lesser fellow to prepare the Way for the next Word, or to maintain or restore the virtue of the current Word.


Don't get confused by these timelines. Anybody can show up at any time, as you can clearly see from the list below:



And on the chart I saw the names of some of these fellows. Some I could not read, because the letters were foreign and weird. Thus:

After a long time with very few names:



These fellows showed up about the same time to help out six different cultures that were soon to be linked together by the increased communications brought about by the Roman empire.

After these guys, was the solitary name: APOLLON.

But above his name, across the whole chart, was the word I A O.


Then everything got really dark, for the Brotherhood had been almost completely destroyed by the Black Lodge, bringing with it the confusion of Truth.

In these Dark Ages, I saw but one name barely visible:


But at the end of the blackness, amongst many names that I could not clearly see,
was One with his name written in fiery letters:

For The Order of the Temple prepared the Renaissance by joining the East and the West .


Don't get confused by these timelines. DeMolay died in 1314, while Mohammed died in 632: So, you see, the continuity of the chart does not necessarily correlate with known history.


Then burst out a sudden light on the timeline by the slash of steel:

Next came a blurred name : SIR EDWARD KELLY, along with one in funny letters ...

and in the center of all was engraved: CHRISTIAN ROSENCRUTZ.

Then came three terrible names that I do not write here,
and finally the hieroglyph of the Lion,
with the name of that fellow hidden from me.



Then was I shown that, in the first period of our recorded history, men thought that life came only from Women.

Then, later, men worshipped Man, thinking him subject to Death and his victory dependent upon Resurrection.


They even thought the Sun was slain and reborn every day.

Now, this formula of death being fulfilled and turned into abomination, the Lion shows up to announce the Aeon of Horus, the child who does not die, nor is he reborn, but he goes radiating upon his way.

So goes the Sun - for now we know that night is merely the shadow of the Earth, and Death is but the shadow of the Body.


The Word of this fellow is Thelema


I hereby declare the mystery of this word:

"Love is the law, love under will."

The chart was then rolled up and my attention was called to this Proclamation:


Then the aged man said,
"The Work of our Sister Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was inaugurated in 1875.

For it was needful to prepare the Lion's way so that he could proclaim his Law in every land.


"This work has been done by the Theosophical Society founded by her.


"This Law of Thelema, Do what thou wilt, is the first Law ever given to man that is a true Law for all men in every place and time. All earlier Laws have been partial, according to the faith of the hearer, or the customs of a people, or the philosophy of their sages.

"Nor is there need, with this Law of Thelema, of threats and promises: for the Law fulfills itself, so that the one reward is Freedom for him who does his Will, and the one punishment is Restriction for him that goes astray.

"To deny the Law of Thelema is a restriction in oneself, affirming conflict in the Universe as necessary. It is blasphemy against the Self, assuming that its Will is not a necessary (and therefore a noble) part of the Whole. In a word, he who accepts not the Law of Thelema is divided against himself: that is, he is insane, and the upshot shall be the ruin of the Unity of his Godhead.

"To this end hath the Lion proclaimed his Law; so also do you add your little strength to His great might.

"As it is written: Blessing and worship to the Prophet of the lovely Star!

"In truth, O Ali Kahn, O child of the dawn of the Aeon, you have divined aright and profited in your being by the Law of Thelema. For the Law is a just Law: it demands not the crooked knee of slavery, and the bowed head of shame.

"Nay, should you speak even to the God of gods, stand erect, that you may be one with Him by Love, as He most surely wills."

With that word, the walls of the little chamber in the Temple upon the Mountain-top fell suddenly away from about me, and I found myself alone in a desert place, strange and remote.

... And of that which befell me there may I not now speak

For there is a Beauty which hath no
fitter ornament than Silence.