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Welcome to AL-BPM

This Essay examines certain psychological foundations relative to

Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law
wherein the Comment says

"Those who discuss the contents of this Book ..
are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence. "

Fine! But before you start shunning, you might want to investigate the following discussion.


Basic Perinatal Matrices


This Essay examines the phenomena related to physical, emotional, and/or mental trauma experienced by a (any) fetus during intrauterine development or during the birth process. This trauma directly influences the individual's basic character and general outlook on life, and determines their psychological reactions to stress-producing events.

Various visions associated with these traumas are also examined, as well as documents written under the influence of such visions, specifically Liber AL vel Legis - The Book of the Law.

References herein are continually made to BPMs, or Basic Perinatal Matrices, a term coined by the psychiatrist, Stanislav Grof, MD.

Please refer to the Appendix for biographical information on Dr. Grof, et al.

This essay is mainly composed of direct quotes and paraphrases from Dr. Grof's works and is intended to summarize and simplify his concepts.


Each BPM refers to a stage of prenatal or natal development, including:

BPM I is in the womb before the start of the birth process.

BPM II starts when the birth contractions begin.

BPM III starts when the birth canal opens.

BPM IV is the birth experience.

Each perinatal matrix has its specific biological, psychological, archetypal, and spiritual aspects that are associated chains of emotional reactions that extend from the present, back along a track of the same response, to the imprint that generated the knot in the first place.



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