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The Remnants of SOLAR LODGE

Book III
Beyond the Veil


The Story Continues

The Tale of Frater Shem

Somewhere around 1973, Frater Shem resurfaced. This is his tale of woe: Because of his unreliability due to excessive drug use, Shem had been left behind with the members who stayed in Rockland when they learned that the FBI was looking for them, and the "leadership" left for Mexico. Rockland was a working flagstone quarry near Prescott, purchased for the members to work it and have an income.

After a couple months at Rockland, Shem gave up. He ran out of drugs, sobered up, returned to California, engaged an attorney, and gave himself up to the Establishment. Because the publicity and foul-play was still rampant in Riverside County, he got a change of venue to San Bernardino County where he appeared before a judge. As he had rapidly obtained employment again as a dentist, the judge sentenced him to 30 days – to be served on weekends! He did his time in jail (for a crime in which he never participated).

Now, way back when he was in dental school (1961-65), he borrowed money from some person that was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church to which he had previously belonged. Shem always wanted to be the "rich man on the hill" (he knew of one when he was a child) - this was his preoccupation and his obsession. So he borrowed the money, several times over the course of his dental school training, paid his tuition and fees, and lavished the remainder on his friends - thus playing out the "rich man" syndrome. After graduation, his dental practice produced the majority of the funds that were funneled into the Order – but he never repaid his loans. He was the tong's "Rich Man from the West."

Somewhere along the line, the lender of the funds died and the promissory notes were bought by unknown persons. After his term in the Order, and after his jail-time, people started coming by who wanted to collect on his debt. Unusual people. Tough guys. Men in three-piece suits who drove black Cadillacs. So Shem bailed out. Why didn't he simply strike a deal to repay his loans? After all, he was a practicing dentist with a healthy income. Instead, he took his dental assistant and went to live in a cabin, owned by a psychologist friend from his earlier days, on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. They, and their chickens, goats, dogs, and horse lived through a winter where the temperature was -60° F. Brrr!

When the winter passed, they returned to stay with the psychologist in San Bernardino, California. Shortly after they arrived, Shem called the infamous Dr. A at the dental school. Dr. A told him that Shiva was working there, and one day Shem just showed up. So Shem and Shiva were re-united and Shiva often visited him in San Bernardino on weekends over a period of several months.

Unfortunately, the psychologist with whom he was staying had recently been busted for fraudulent activities (he was billing government-sponsored clients for his professional services, but they were actually counseled by unlicensed assistants). The psychologist was undergoing disciplinary proceedings related to keeping his license (or not). The Doc lost, his license was revoked, and he was faced with selling his palatial estate. Shem could not remain. Shiva was there the day he loaded up his pickup truck and tiny 13' travel trailer with his dental assistant, some chickens and goats, and a dog.

They drove north, looking for a place to settle. They ended up camping on San Juan Island, the most northwest portion (island) of the continental United States, where they met a merchant marine and his brothers, who collectively owned 80 acres in the remote center of the island. They gave Shem an old woodcutter's cabin to live in as compensation for his becoming the estate's caretaker while they were away at sea. We will revisit Shem further on in this Tale of Initiation and High Adventure.

The Anti-Tong

One Day in 1977, Shiva was driving to his home in Los Angeles. A block and a half from his abode, he saw someone who looked like Frater Mont. He parked at home and walked back down the street. He peered through a hedge to see this person more closely, and said, "Mont – Is that you?" It was.

Thus, Shiva was re-united with Mont, who previously was a close friend. When Shiva (inwardly) quit the tong in March of 1972, in Canada, he felt his "position" in the Order flow to Mont. Mont thereafter took up the place of the "right-hand man" and continued to build the group's income through a huge catering business. Eventually, Mont tired of the restrictive paranoia and unrelenting dictatorship, and he confronted the guru before he resigned and walked out the "front door."

Mont was also still associated (in 1977) with Frater John, who slipped out the "back door" in the middle of the night (no confrontation or resignation).

So they all started performing the old ceremonies in a small group. There is no record of those days. They merely formed a loose network of magicians, and their association was referred to as the Anti-Tong. That is, it was a free association of like-minded individuals. There was no dictator and there was no dictation.

Let's Do it Again!

The Book of the Law has a certain passage wherein Horus tells us, "I am the warrior Lord of the Forties: the Eighties cower before me, & are abased…" At the Winter Solstice in 1979, on the "Eve of the Eighties", in Ensenada, Mexico, Shiva and Mont initiated The Order of The Phoenix, maintaining the tradition of the R.C. fused with the philosophy of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood.

Around this time, Shiva became the "Seer of Ensenada." He would drive to Ensenada, and Mont would have clients signed up. Shiva performed consultations, healings and Tarot readings, and Mont would be the translator. The fee was only $10 per session, but it helped to pay for the gas.

One of their clients was the "Coca Cola lady." Her husband was the Coca Cola® distributor for all of Baja California del Norte, and they lived in the biggest and most prominent house on the top of the hill that overlooked the city. Through her metaphysical contacts, she referred a student to Shiva. Thus the talented Estar entered The Order of The Phoenix. Estar was a Master Mason, a yogi, an astrologer, and the head of the Outer Order for The Supreme Order of Aquarius, a Mexico-based esoteric organization. All of this was immediately behind him. He was ready for some serious magick and he had come to the right place. The whole story of their adventures is told in the book, Heart of the Serpent. It is now out of print, but if you see a used copy, grab it!

Why was the Infamous Dr.A referred to as "infamous?" Because he was trying to revive the Nazi party. The details don't concern us here. Again, find a copy of (the out-of-print) Heart of the Serpent by Frater Estar, where enough detail is reported to convince you of Dr. A's insanity.

The Rising Phoenix

The Rising Phoenix was written by Shiva in 1979. It was a synthetic thesis that correlated various streams of the White Brotherhood. Here follows a summary:

The (Great) White Brotherhood is the spiritual hierarchy of the planet, overshadowing and infusing itself into all 'lesser' systems. The western manifestation is best known to us as the A\ A\ . Although it includes full training and practices in mysticism (specifically Raja Yoga), it is nonetheless presented and viewed by most people as a magickal (outwardly-directed) curriculum. It has a strong Egyptian-Hindu foundation. In recent times, proponents included MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley (see photo >), and Israel Regardie. It is the Yang stream of the White Brotherhood.

The Oriental manifestation is best known to us as the Transhimalayan White Brotherhood. Although it includes training and practices in magic (White Magic - enacted non-ceremonially on the mental plane), it is nonetheless presented and viewed by most people as a mystical (inwardly-directed) curriculum. It has a strong Tibetan-Hindu foundation. In recent times, proponents included the "B" Women: Blavatsky, Besant, and Bailey (< see photo), plus Muriel Isis Dorner. It is the Yin stream of the White Brotherhood.

The A\ A\ system is composed of 10 grades, plus 2 preliminary levels and 2 links. The grades are attributed directly to the Tree of Life. The lower grades (the outer order) are usually conferred by an Initiator in a ceremonial rite; The middle grades (the inner order) may be conferred or may be self-initiated. The higher grades (the supernal order) are usually self-proclaimed. The Master Therion revised this curriculum and presented it as a system of self-initiation.

The Transhimalayan system is composed of 9 degrees, but only 6 degrees correlate to the Tree of Life. The 3 higher degrees – not listed on the chart - (Mahachohan, Nirmankaya, and Adi) correlate with the 3 negative states that surround, and give rise to, the Tree of Life. There are 2 preliminary levels and various 'links' that are referred to as "gaps in consciousness." The grades are self-earned. When the candidate completes his or her task(s), the initiations are conferred on the inner planes by various hierarchical entities, either in dreams or in full waking consciousness.

Star System is composed of 10 grades, plus 2 preliminary levels and 2 links. The grades are attributed directly to the Tree of Life. It is a correlation and synthesis of the above two streams.

The Rising Phoenix correlated these two streams of Initiation, and included further correlation including the 10 (or 12) degrees of the OTO and the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. The 'bottom line' was that the A\ A\ presented the most practical approach to the path of initiation, but that the Transhimalayan system presented extremely valuable details and concepts that are simply not treated or addressed in the A\ A\ training and texts.

It must be said that Crowley's texts are pretty straightforward, even if there are a lot of footnotes saying, "See Liber 418," etc., thus producing a gigantic, literary, jigsaw puzzle. Some of Bailey's texts are straightforward, especially her first book, Initiation - Human and Solar, and her final offering, The Rays and the Initiations. Other Bailey books are moderately informative, and many are (as Jack Schwarz put it) "totally incomprehensible."

The Rising Phoenix included a little poem that summarized the path:

The Rising Phoenix

BEHOLD the Textbooks, Rising High, Piled to the Roof.
See the Mystic: Detached, Alert, from the World aloof!
Wielding the Dagger and the Disk, bearing Cup and Rod;
Sitting in Silence, trying to risk, the Subtleties of God!

The Lamp is Lit, the Circle Banished, the Mind held Steady Still.
The Angel called; the ego vanished; naught remains but Will!
She struck the Bell; He lit the Flame; we uttered the Mysterious Name.
The Lord of Light heard our Plea, The Divine Plan was ours to see.

All is Gone; it is All Done; there comes an end to All the Fun.
The Lofty Phoenix has burned this day, leaving soot and ashes from his play.
From the Ashes in the Nest, the Bird rises up anew.
It is not me, nor of the Rest; The Phoenix-Bird is YOU!

Rise up Bright Phoenix, and in rising, Spread your Paragon Wings;
Break Forth in Song, and show us how, The Solar Angel sings!
For from the Flame, and from the Ash, and from the Light Above,
The Phoenix is no more than Man . . . raised on the Wings of Love!



Revisiting the Tong

Anubis (the tong's Grand Treasurer General) showed up in 1981.

The tong had moved from Los Angeles and purchased a farm in Livingstone, California, where they started the whole pig-cow-chicken thing all over again: They had a large pig farm, huge alfalfa fields, and a nearby restaurant (Mom's Cafe). They still owned the Los Angeles properties and ran the Los Angeles catering trucks. After a while, they sold the Livingstone properties and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to which they transferred their catering truck business. Anubis's last task was to sell the six Los Angeles properties (for an even one million dollars!), and then he, in his turn, packed it in. He went out the back door, sneaking away in the middle of the night while "borrowing" a tong automobile. He had no funds and contacted Mont for assistance in returning to his native State of Washington.

Anubis related the current state of the tong: A very large catering truck business, with an attendant "catering house" base, in Las Vegas; a normal residential house in North Las Vegas, and a pig farm way out in the sticks about 1½ hours north of Las Vegas. As usual, the tongolites worked 18 hours a day for no wages and slept on the floor of the catering house from 11 PM to 5 AM (more or less) each night. There was virtually no spiritual activity. They (the tong) were filthy rich; they had a cash room where they counted the daily take and stored large amounts of money – no bank accounts, not much in the way of taxes.

Somewhere around this time, Capricornus discovered that her "Link" was missing (the Crowley Talisman she had received from Aquarius). She had all the tongolites search everywhere, but it was not to be found. So the original basis of "authority" upon which Solar Lodge was based had been removed. However, this certainly didn't stop the forward momentum of the money-making machine.

Based on what Mont and Shiva heard from Anubis, they decided it would be a good idea to rescue Isis from the tong. This adventure ended up being their final contact with the tong.

Anubis, Mont's wife, and Shiva set out for Las Vegas one evening in early September, 1981. They arrived at the catering house around 2:00 AM. Anubis had a key and they entered the premises. Tongolites were spread out sleeping on the floor and on food preparation tables. One of theme woke up, saw Anubis and Shiva, and said, "What are you doing here?" Anubis replied, "We're looking for Isis!" And he proceeded to look everywhere for her. By now everyone was awake and Shiva was surprised to see that Tamara was there - she was the older sister of Saul, the famous "boy in the box." The boy’s parents had long ago departed, but Tamara had apparently been adopted by the tong.

Within three minutes of their entry, Shiva was handed a telephone. "Capricornus wants to talk to you!" "Hi," he said. She replied, "I thought I got rid of you a long time ago." He stated, "We want to talk to Isis!" Capricornus said, "She's not there. You know you're trespassing, and I want you out of there." Shiva replied, "I'm here as the guest of one of the officers of your corporation, and he has a key. That's not trespassing." (Silence on the line). Anubis had completed his search – no Isis. "Anyway," Shiva said, "we're leaving now." And they left.

Anubis knew that if Isis was not at the catering house, she most likely would be found at the remote pig farm. So they drove north to the pig farm in the wilderness, where they arrived at 4:00 AM.

Anubis said that Frater S was the most unstable and potentially dangerous member of the group.

Sure enough, there was S, brandishing a shotgun and screaming, "You better get out of here you mother-fucking black brothers!" A Black Brother is technically a high-ranking initiate who sells out to the material world for ego, profit, or power. In the tong, a "Black Brother" is anyone with magickal inclination who thinks differently than the tong, especially those who have escaped.

This was a nighttime version of High Noon, a potential Gunfight at the Pig Farm Corral. Mont's wife intervened as a "neutral" party. She told S that we just wanted to talk to Isis for a minute. Amazingly, he relented, summoned Isis, and allowed Mont's wife to speak in whispers to Isis through the locked gate, while he stood nearby cradling his shotgun. In the star-lit darkness of a cold, Nevada night, Mont's wife told Isis that if she wanted to leave, they would help her escape, and she slipped Isis a small scrap of paper with a phone number on it that Isis palmed and slipped into her pocket.

Then they left without further gunplay. This was the final tong adventure for any of them. They never heard from Isis. The rescue attempt was a total failure. Isis was, of course, totally dependent on the tong. She was an extreme introvert, probably to the point of psychological diagnosis. Capricornus was always concerned about Isis’ psychological presentation to outsiders and Isis was usually confined to the farm or other inside tong facilities.

Mont gave some funds to Anubis, and he left for Washington.

The Magickal Island

In 1982, Shiva went to live with Shem for a few months on San Juan Island. He also visited the Island in 1986.

Things had changed. The property owners had granted Shem lifetime access to two acres of forest in the middle of their 80-acre, wooded estate. He had abandoned the woodcutter's cabin and built a new house. Now you must understand that this was a true "survival" camp. All the surrounding neighbors firmly resisted the intrusion of the telephone, electricity, any type of utilities, and tourists. They paid their taxes and otherwise requested that the Establishment keep its nose out of their affairs.

For "facilities," there was an outhouse. For power there were batteries with a solar charger and a backup, gasoline-powered, battery-charging generator. Rainwater was collected from the roof and stored in barrels. For heat, there were wood-burning stoves - there was certainly no shortage of wood. There were vegetable and flower gardens. Most food came from the market in town (6 miles away), and Shem earned money as a wood-worker and cabinet-maker.

It took six days to cut a path and bring in Shiva’s huge trailer. Then, he settled in and became a hermit among hermits on the magickal island.

Shiva’s trailer on the Magickal Island >

One day, Shem was in a confessional mood. He told Shiva about several issues/events in his life that he had not heard before. In particular, he dwelled on an event in 1966 wherein he was part of a small group that performed a seizure of the books from the OTO library in West Point, California:

When Capricornus and Sol returned from their 1966, six-month journey to Europe, they had stopped by West Point to visit Sacha Germer (wife of the deceased Karl Germer, Frater Saturnus). Sacha ran them off, being in an apparently demented state. So they returned to Los Angeles, where Capricornus conferred with Shem. She told him the library was under the care of an insane person and that she wanted the books "soon."

Shem had one of the nicest, kindest, most benevolent personalities that you could possibly ever encounter, but underneath, his basic character was sadistic. One day, in 1965, Capricornus went to Shem for some dental procedure. Shem medicated her with the strongest stuff in his pharmaceutical arsenal: Demerol, Seconal, Vistaril, & Scopalomine - a heavy sedative mixture and "truth serum." It worked for the dentistry, but Capricornus was in a semi-hypnotic state for over 24 hours. The point is, Shem enjoyed mixing and administering intravenous sedation cocktails (sometimes even to himself).

So it came to pass that Shem and a few of his students went to West Point, grabbed the old lady, and Shem administered one of his famous mixtures. Shem sat holding Sacha's hand while the others loaded up many of the books. Although there had been reports of how Mrs. Germer had been beaten, Shem insisted that she had been treated in a very gentle manner. Regardless of his viewpoint, the administration of unwanted, potent drugs is considered to be battery.

Shem described to Shiva, in great detail, how Sacha reacted, for this was the crux of his tale, the thing that had impressed and haunted him for many years. "She thought I was Karl Germer," he said. "She kept calling me 'Karl,' and I felt as if I actually was her husband."

And so the books quietly made their way into the Solar Lodge library, along with piles of other books that were bought, begged, borrowed, or liberated from other sources. We have given this subject some length as it is a key point in the overall story. Other groups always felt that Solar Lodge was the group that plundered the library, and it turns out that they were right. Unfortunately, virtually all this material was destroyed in the fiery destruction of Solar Ranch in 1969.

A few items survived; for example, Anubis said (in 1981) that he had a copy of the Crowley-Germer correspondence. It has recently become well known that the son of Anubis had joined the "Caliphate." As a token of his sincerity (?) importance (?), lineage (?) [choose the appropriate word], he gave them this correspondence that really isn't so exotic – several other groups also had/have copies of the same material.

It turned out that Shem had become an alcoholic. Deprived of his wide collection of pharmaceuticals, he turned to strong (20% alcohol) wine. Each day after working, he always had to visit the market where he would get a bottle of the cheapest and most powerful wine. One day he said, "I'm not even hungry any more. All I want is this stuff." This was an ominous omen, as nothing is more ruinous to the mystic than a constant intake of alcohol. Well, perhaps methamphetamine is just as bad, or worse, as we shall see further on in this tale.

The Avatar

In 1983, Mont had moved to Colorado for the second time, to do it all over again. He and his wife opened a catering house in Denver with three of the large-sized catering trucks in operation. They were making good money, but they were also (in the finest tong tradition) working 18 hours a day. During this time they started using cocaine, a slow-growing addiction that was, years later, to disorient their lives. His wife had met a lady named Melba. Melba was associated with the Institute of Applied Metaphysics. Here is their brief history:

In Canada, a lady named Winifred had a series of spiritual experiences (we're talking pre-1950 or thereabouts). She formed a group, wrote some books, and essentially started her own tong. One of the children, born to two of her members, was unusually gifted; at age 8 he was uttering prophecies and describing activities on the other side of buildings (they called it "x-ray vision"). When this child grew up, he started writing his own documents, and was generally recognized within the group as a full-blown messiah/prophet.

Mont sent Shiva some of these writings. They addressed all of the religious and spiritual streams, but were heavily laced with White Brotherhood and (especially) Thelemic terminology. When Mont asked Shiva on the phone what he thought, Shiva said, "He's saying all the right things." Mont agreed.

So, it came to pass that Shiva wrote a letter to Mr. White (as he was so called), identifying himself and his background, and asking if they could possibly carry on a correspondence. The letter went to Mont and was passed through Melba to Mr. White. In return, they received an invitation to meet with him on April 9, 1984, somewhere on the eastern seaboard. This, they later learned, was extremely unusual - he simply did not give audiences.

This date was also synchronized with April 8, 9, & 10, the three days of the writing of The Book of the Law, three of the Thelemic Holy Days.

Mont had some airline credit, so he sprung for Shiva’s roundtrip to Denver (and back). In Denver, Mont, Stanley (Melba's husband), Sidney (their driver), and Shiva entered a borrowed van and drove east. Mont and Shiva had no idea where they were going, and nobody was saying (It turned out that the destination was North Carolina). They drove for thee days. Shiva was ill during the entire drive, keeping himself under minimal control by inserting acupuncture needles in himself on a regular basis.

Eventually, on April 8, they arrived at the Sunset Motel, a location reserved by the group they were to visit. Before they were cleared to their final destination, they had to undergo three separate screening meetings with eight different people, the last one being held at the Sunset Motel. During the night of April 8-9, Shiva could not sleep. He had recovered from the cold/flu that had affected me, but his consciousness was now undergoing an intense purification. He sat in meditation while a fire burned inside and a continuous stream of phoenixes arose from his crown chakra. He was consciously aware that he was being purified for the imminent audience with Mr. White. It had already been determined that Mr. White was the agent of the Avatar of Synthesis (a cosmic being in the Transhimalayan tradition), if not the Avatar himself.

The next morning, Shiva was normal - perhaps a bit tired. They entered the van and proceeded to drive out into the countryside. Shiva kept saying aloud to the others that he hoped they would drive by one of those old plantation mansions (he had never been in the deep South before). Eventually, after diving for many miles through deep woods, they came to an open valley. And there, about a half-mile to the south, sitting up on a hill, was a magnificent, plantation mansion. "Will you look at that," Shiva said. Stanley replied, "That's where we're going!" Well, well, well … how about that!

They entered the mansion at the appointed hour of 10:00 AM. Mr. White was not in attendance, but was expected shortly. The mansion was magnificent; perhaps the finest and most highly-appointed structure that any of them had ever seen. His attendants (students? disciples?) spoke with them at length, describing their huge plantation that raised cash crops of cotton and tobacco, with a large vegetable garden for in-house food production. The atmosphere was "heavenly," but with a tinge of depression. Why were the attendants pleasant but morose? The visitors were to find out later.

After half an hour, Mr. White drove up in his White Plymouth Charger. He was indeed the Rider on the White Horse, a biblical designation, and an esoteric title for the Avatar of Synthesis.

Mr. White entered the room and everyone instantly rose to a standing position. Introductions were made; then they all sat. About nine or ten people were in the room. The Record of that meeting indicates that:

O Mr. White, had dark brown hair and black eyes, and was wearing a white-cream colored jacket with a red rose, a brown turtleneck shirt, slacks, and highly-polished shoes.

He simply began by talking about God and His personal relation to man. It seemed to Shiva that he was rambling. Shiva finally interrupted him and said, "We understand that you have broken the code in The Book of the Law. Is that true?"

See Liber AL, Chapter II, lines 75 & 76, where it says, "Aye! listen to the numbers &the words: 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it…"

He ignored Shiva and continued rambling. Shiva interrupted him a second time and said, "Is it true that you have broken the code in The Book of the Law?" He ignored Shiva again and continued rambling. Shiva interrupted him a third time and said in a bold and direct manner, "Look! We've traveled a long way to see you because we've heard that you have broken the code in The Book of the Law. Are we wasting our time, or what?"

Mr. White looked directly at Shiva and said in a correspondingly bold and direct manner, "Who cares? The Book says Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law! What else do you want?"

Shiva knew that He had him there. Shiva said, "The Book actually means nothing to me. I have a copy right here with me. I can easily go outside and burn it to ashes."

Stanley rose, walked over to Shiva, and extended his hand that was holding a cigarette lighter. Shiva waved him off, saying, "I'll do it later, thank you. Right now we're still talking."

And the spell was broken. The rambling stopped and Mr. White continued in a more understandable manner. Shiva had undergone some kind of intense purification through illness on the trip and by internal fire the night before, so he was experiencing a natural high. Mont had not been so purified, and by now he was seized with trembling from a rising Kundalini.

The Record further indicates that:

O In a pre-civil war plantation mansion in North Carolina, on April 9, 1984, we met with the Avatar of Synthesis in full physical manifestation. In his presence, Shiva did utterly burn in the sacred censer the most holy document of contemporary Arcania: This was Font/Pitch 1,10 - Off.Liber AL vel Legis - The Book of the Law ... and in so doing was catapulted into the next grade.

Whoa! what's this all about? Well, let's take it step-by-step. Everything anyone could remember was written down right after the meeting. The following list of subjects was in the Record:

O He discoursed and answered questions on the following: (way-after-the-fact-notes are in Italics):

Mont then got his nerve up (he could hardly speak) and asked about UFOs:

Mont then asked him why we had traveled 3,000 miles for this meeting. Mr. White replied, "I brought you here! - Well, not me, for there are many spirits (forces) operating on the planes."

Then, after a couple of hours, the audience was over. Stanley looked expectantly at Shiva. Shiva said, "It's OK. I have my own lighter." And true to his words, he went out on the porch and placed a copy of The Book of the Law in a (conveniently available) clay flower pot (the "sacred censer") that was set upon a small table. He torched the Book, and as it burned, people were taking photographs. It turned out that this meeting and this little fire ceremony was a big deal to them. They then spent a casual afternoon, and when darkness fell, they were served dinner.

O Dinner was set at a long table lit by candles with a centerpiece of floating roses, and included iced water, tomato juice, Chablis, lettuce, chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, & coffee.

During dinner, they talked of many things. Shiva was sitting on Mr. White's right side. At one point he turned to Shiva and said, "I hope you burned that book really well." Shiva assured him that there was nothing left but ashes.

Finally, it came time to leave. They were standing in the anteroom next to the front door. Mr. White's penultimate words were, "All we ask you to do is go out and do just what we are doing." Shiva then mentioned something about the "Rod of Initiation" and "Polarization." Mr. White said, "Polarization is like iron and a magnet: Yes, but opposite. Man builds up to God. I am working downward, and am only recently here from the other side."

He then reached and shook hands with Mont and Shiva. That's when he did it – He applied the Rod of Initiation, and they both felt a tremendously powerful current flow from him to them. This caused a radical alteration of consciousness.

The next day, Stanley related what he had learned during their "casual afternoon." The night before the visit (when Shiva was undergoing purification by fire), Mr. White had attained his 33rd birthday. Their prophecies stated that he would come into his full power on his 33rd birthday, and immediately thereafter his first official act would be to meet with the representatives of Arcania (The White Brotherhood).

Also, on that same evening (his birthday), there was a confrontation. Winifred was still the teacher and leader of the group. Winifred and Mr. White were talking (actually arguing). Essentially, Winifred said that the students had to be ruled with an iron fist and told what to do. Mr. White disagreed and said, "No. You're wrong. It's all about free will." This disagreement rose to great heights, and Mr. White expelled Winifred. Thus, he came into his full power. And that's why the attendants were depressed. Their teacher had been banished.

Back to Colorado

In July of 1984, Shiva and Lightblazer packed up all of their worldly goods and drove to Denver. Mont and his wife, Melba, Stanley, Lightblazer, and Shiva were all headed for Estes Park, Colorado, where it was planned to perform a Flashdance, a symbolic rite celebrating the Cosmic Changeover – You know: Bringing in the New Age, ushering in the New Aeon, etc.

Although nobody knew it, Capricornus died in July, 1984. The details of her demise are expounded later on.


Ten days later, the Council adjourned on October 5, 1984.

After the ceremony, we learned that Winifred had caused a bit of a problem. The Institute of Applied Metaphysics apparently held many properties. We assume that when Mr. White banished her, she was not simply thrown out on her own, but that she probably went back to their Holdings in Canada.

And, you see, the Pope then visited Canada and Winifred somehow slipped through his security lines and got to the Pope himself. She raved to the Pope about Mr. White, proclaiming him as the now-present-on-Earth Messiah, giving details about him (including his photograph).

Then the security forces hauled her away. After that, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the secret service equivalent) started tracing down Mr. White. Mr. White therefore removed himself from the plantation and disappeared. He was never heard from again by our adventurers.

Winifred’s beautiful and extensive book, including a description of Mr. White and his pronouncements, entitled The Book of Life, remain posted today on the www at



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