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This is

1990 by Star System, Jamul, CA



Star System Publication in Class B



ComRelatio, Magus
LightBlazer, Magister
Artemis, Magister

Shiva, Philosopher


From the Autumn Equinox of 1980, until the beginning of November in 1982, the Magickal Record was subtitled, This is the Book of the Crossing of the Abyss. For our amusement, we will now look at this tale from its beginning during the time of residence in a garage in Pasadena, California and ending upon departure from the Magickal Island; a total of 26 months of internal distress.

There are not many records available wherein the candidate dutifully writes down an ongoing, detailed description of the adventures encountered in the Abyss. Some elements of these passages are quite disturbing. We trust that this will be informative:


This is the Book of the Crossing of the Abyss

Sept 23, 1980: Autumn Equinox. Energy rising. I performed a Tarot divination on the 8 . It is "All go," but the 'result' card is indolence. This is 'laziness.' More Jupiter energy is needed. My Thesis must first be completed.

Oct 18, 1980: Tarot says "Go to Binah, the Princess of Cups." The pull of the Abyss is getting stronger. Completion of the Thesis now becomes imperative. I am being forced by momentum to the great destruction. I yield to the Universal Initiator. The Thesis, the Oath, the Jump.

Dec 11, 1980: The Thesis ("Treatise" as I called it) was completed in November. Now, another New Mexico trip is planned. In preparation for that journey, scheduled for the last week in December (15 days from now), I re-affirm and re-align the Oath of the Abyss that I took so long ago (1965):

I hereby surrender all that I am, and all that I have unto the Spiritual Planetary Hierarchy forever.

Dec 12, 1980: My "normal" consciousness has engaged in no joy for days. There is involvement and participation in events, and a flowing with time, yet underneath is the cavern of emptiness. Periodic feelings of depression sweep in and out like the tide. Yet, when I am alone, I recognize these to be pulsations of the Trance of Sorrow.

There is no Light to focus upon, the Sun has burned out. This is the theory of the Black Hole as recognized by modern science, and it is that of the mystic. The magician, borne aloft from the ashes of the personality, lifted skyward from the ruins of the Temple of Truth, ascending as the Son of the Sun upon the wings of the Solar Angel, breaks forth as a light and a beacon for a greater or lesser period of time. But the phoenix does not burn in an eternal flame. There comes an end to life and joy. Death and sorrow – these are the culmination of ambition and aspiration.

Has it ever been any different? No, it has not. All things end in the negation of Power and Authority.

There is the cool, clear Light of the Silver Star overhead. This star, golden for ages (1976-80) as a symbol for the Angel, has now turned Silver. It is my only real focal point, yet it is a great distance away. I have crossed to it previously by rising on the planes, only to be immediately (upon contacting it) injected back into my physical vehicle or cast out into the Akashik Records.

Daily tasks are accomplished, but only with intense focus, and there is increasing clumsiness. No, that is not correct: There is, to put it more accurately, an increasing awareness of defects.

The task is to maintain Ki* by reflex, and to maintain the awareness of intuition; thus shall understanding be availed, and the Key of Sorrow be revealed.

* Ki = Qi = Chi = Life force, or Universal energy.

  • As a pile of sand you shall sit once more with them at the edge of night.

    In the Silence, a light develops. Sparks from the wand of Tahuti. A fore-shadowing of the coming of the Lord, the Avatar of __________* (This is a key to the nature and name of a member of higher status, and cannot be heard).

  • * It later turned out the word was: Avatar of Synthesis.

    "Must it come to this?" I say. Is there no other path but the destruction of that which is like Sodom and Gomorrah?

    And he who is appointed says: Reach forth with your Light from the heights, and those who perceive the call will seek you out. There is a fourth set of petals in the Lotus of the Heart. It responds to the Light of the Silver Star. The multi-colored facets of the jeweled rainbow secures the Path to Astralia – The Realm of the Star.

    Do nothing. Let the path grow out of you. Ponder the Star in the Black Hole.

    Dec 15, 1980: Today I am a little weak, but feeling somewhat productive. Yet, doubts are lingering underneath it all. Doubts about the Path as it reflects in the world; doubts about everything.

    Yesterday I was shut down with what appeared to be the 24-hour flu. Indolence in its highest state of sleeping combined with pain and the dispersing visions and experiences of the madness of Choronzon.

    Choronzon = Dispersion. The name of the Demon of the Abyss.

    The day before yesterday, my right arm was trembling, my left arm twittering, and my coordination such that I was continually dropping things.

    Suffice it to say that everything is shifting and re-adjusting: Plans, emotions, ideas, even physical-matter manipulation. Yet, I maintain! I teach classes at the appointed hours, and I remain properly groomed (except for the recent flu bout – when I went to the store; I had the dress, appearance, and outlook of a drunk or heroin-addict – I felt like a demon crawling up out of the abyss).

    There remains naught but the vision of the Star and the performance of daily tasks. This is harmony. However, there remain traces of discord. Somewhere on the trip to Taos I will engage in the self-initiation ceremony of the crucifixion.

    The "Crucifixion" is the title of The Transhimalayan initiation into Binah. Crucifixion = "To be fixed on a Cross."

    On my last New Mexico journey (1966 - Las Cruces, of all places!), I consciously entered the Abyss and was "crucified" by the police of Globe, Arizona. That was imposed by the "World Globe." I was consciously held at the planetary ring-pass-not.. The experience was accurate, but not a crossing of the Abyss. It was the "Ritual of the Passing through the Tuat.."

    The Tuat is the Aegyptian underworld.

    This time I go willingly to orient "my" consciousness with the cosmic cross, crucified, so that my deeds, feelings, thoughts, and creations shall show forth the Universal Will. I ask now that the ritual and circumstances be revealed as is fitting to the self-crucifixion of the Sanyasin:

    Sanyasin = A Transhimalayan term for the "Initiate" – Equivalent to the Adeptus Grades of the A\ A\

    The Sanyasin is free: He is the Exempt Adept who has accepted his Exemptus (freedom); he has fulfilled his duty, he has proclaimed the Way; he is the Hierophant and the Warrior in the Chariot; he looks to the Star and the way of Love; he bows down to Asi and enters the darkness.

    Asi = The Aegyptian "Priestess of the Silver Star."

    Let there be a Circle prepared:

    Facing East: The Banishing Ritual of Force and Fire. The Warrior.

    Facing South: The Invocation of Thoth. The Hierophant.

    Facing West: The Invocation of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. The Star.

    Facing North: The Affirmation of the Disciple. The Lovers.

    Facing Up: Extend the arms in the sign of the Cross.

    Dec 20, 1980: The Path is composed of three crosses: (1) The mutable cross = Humanity. (2) The fixed cross = The Initiate. (3) The cardinal cross = Cosmic.

    The 4th Transhimalayan Initiation (= Magister Templi, A\A\) is the climbing down from the fixed cross and the transferring to, and ascension of, the cardinal cross. Therefore, let another cross be erected, larger, to the North of the first circle/cross, and let there be an abyss between the two.

    After equilibrating the fixed cross, pass over to the cardinal cross and behold the Avatar.

    Dec 21, 1980: Winter Solstice.

    Dec 22, 1980: Spirits up a bit today. I am designating the New Mexico venture as the physical basis of the 8 ceremony – The ascending of the cardinal cross. I will not necessarily be claiming the 8 if the journey survives, but merely attempting to establish the physical basis for the ceremony to be "grounded upon." The inner plane workings must also be accomplished before the "claiming" of the Grade may be established. This may, or may not, be coincidental with the venture.

    Estar plans to accompany me, thus fulfilling the requirement for "Mastery" that states: He who would aspire to Mastery, to accomplish the task, must approach as an Adept to the Holy Place, leading the hand of the Neophyte.

    And also: He who would accomplish the Great Work must climb the mountain twice, once by day (Magic) and once by night (mystic), and the second time he must bring someone with him.

    Dec 27, 1980: Albuquerque. Muffler fell on my nose. The blood sacrifice is always extracted one way or another.

    Dec 28, 1980: Albuquerque to Taos. Target Taos reached over the "Old Taos Trail" and the "Kit Carson Trail" up the Rio Grande Valley. Taos: No property found. Everything in New Mexico is nice and quaint and deep, but it is a desert!

    I am split in three directions (Choronzon dispersion): Colorado City, San Luis Valley, or Durango. Intense pressure calls for a decision. I eliminate the north-east (Colorado City) as being too close to big cities and military bases. I hope for Durango, and do not want to go north to Monte Vista in San Luis Valley, which is, of course, the "middle path" (Durango being north-west).

    This is the trident of Shiva, and the Phoenix-wand. My inner sense says "Go to Monte Vista." I go to Monte Vista with a sense of failure, loss, and even a little dread. I am severely scrambled! It is dark. Upon lying down to sleep. I am congested in my sore and swollen nose. I cannot breathe well. I am restless. I see astral kaleidoscopes until 3:00 or 4:00 AM. I am not well.

    Dec 29, 1980: I awake in hell. My head is splitting. My back is spasmed. I am nauseated. I am dizzy. I just drive around town to try to come in focus while the Bufferin does its work.

    We go to a real estate office and, with virtually no expectations, ask for a land deal. Something sounds potential. We drive to see the land and a gate is locked. We expect to walk -mile, but it becomes closer to 3 miles at 8500 feet. The ordeal begins. We persevere only at my insistence. We are picked up by an old man, a trapper/hunter with dead animals in the back of his 4x4 truck, and he drives us the last half-mile or so. Estar says, "I didn't know people like him still existed!"

    We arrive: Bingo! Trees, a spring, rocks, plains, hot energy. I say this is it. The hunter drives us back to our car. We return to town. I call Mont and recommend the land. The (potential) deal is set in motion.

    This part of the task is over, and now I look forward to the symbolic ritual, but tonight I hope to give repose to the physical vehicle.

    Dec 30, 1980: Down from the mountains after crossing the Continental Divide at 10,000+ feet. Upon reaching Four Corners, the Monument is used as the fixed cross.

    The banishing and invocations are performed in the four directions. The area around the Monument is restricted: A symbolic ring-pass-not. I escape to the west, circle around to the north and aim at the massive, cresent-shaped shield that rises to the east of the Monument. Upon entering this Abyss, a definite effect is felt: A lightness and electricity.

    Physically, the crossing is harder than I expected; yet I finally arrive on the drest of the high ground. And that which passes there is not here recorded in intimate detail, but an outline is given:

    1. At the Brow: A sarcophagus. I enter and become One with the sleeping Avatar.

    2. At the Base: Surrendering all to the Great Mother.

    3. At the Heart: A re-alignment and this message/vision:

    I enter a Temple between two columns. A King with a beard allows me entrance. I pass out of the Temple and soar above the mesas. Then, shooting up, I behold a city above the clouds. The city is a black Temple with white trim and ancient letters. I enter and stand in the Temple.

    A priestess says: You are to be the Spear-bearer. You are but a child now. Grow, and take the place of your Father. Survive by maintaining Silence.

    I ask for a (my) name. The reply asks, "Who was it that destroyed the Temple in Atlantis?"

    Apontius Maximus Duo

    Apontius Maximus Duo = A.M.D. - "The great, two-way bridge."

    Thus the information is given. I solemnly swear to interpret all phenomena as a particular dealing of the Universal Spirit with my consciousness. It is finished!


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