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This is an
Epilogal Insertion

Summons to the Light ©1984 by Star System, Estes Park, CO
Commentary ©2007 by Star System, Tomé, NM








. April 10, 1984

. . ..Star System

Under Impress of the
Avatar of Synthesis

The Rider on the White Horse

Supreme Commander of The
Galactic Federation of Light Forces




ComRelatio, Magus unto Arcania

Peace, Tolerance, Truth; Salutation on all points of the Triangle; Respect to the Order. To all whom it may concern: Greeting and Health. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

According to the game-plan called Armageddon, and by virtue of the Grace of Cosmic Overdrive, in my turn I Am the Karmic stream and focus of the arcane schools upon planet Earth; under impress of the Rider on the White Horse, I proclaim that the Word of the Law is:

Unconditional Love

I hereby summon the Seven Secret Chiefs to the Grand Council Chamber, and call upon all the Hierophants, Adepts, and Initiates of all the sacred, secret, ancient, arcane, spiritual, and metaphysical schools of the Great White Brotherhood to rally to this vibration for unification and alignment under the banner of the Lord of Light, that the Ultimate Purpose of Arcania be fulfilled. Love is the Law, Love under Will.

I Am The Lightning Flash of God
The Master P\

Lord of the Seventh Ray
of Ceremonial Order and Magick

The Olive Branch or the Lightning.
Take your choice!

I Am The Voice of Arcania



Summons to The Light .was issued on April 10, 1984. It was sent to 51 major metaphysical organizations and individual initiates. Exactly seven "Secret Chiefs" did indeed respond, and they (plus several of their disciples) participated in the first Star System Flashance ceremony that was held in the Manor House (Masonic Temple) of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado at dawn on September 26, 1984. This, in turn, set in motion several, subsequent ceremonies aimed at promoting worldwide, evolutionary progress.

§ According to the principles of The Great White Brotherhood known as the A\A\, "A man can make personal progress equivalent to that of a "Word of an Aeon"; but he will identify himself with the current word, and exert his will to establish it, lest he conflict with the work of the Magus who uttered the Word of the Aeon in which He is living." - One Star in Sight

The general Thelemic concept is that a primary Magus appears every 2,000 years or so, with secondary Magi showing up at intervals of approximately 500 years. Yet, we find various Magi revealing themselves from time to time, more often than five centuries apart - several, in fact, within the past few decades - They have either made personal progress equivalant to that grade or they are deluded.

It is the curse of the grade of Magus that he must reveal (proclaim) himself, and thus come under public scrutiny where he risks exposure to the throwing of stones and having his name and work misinterpreted in the newspaper. Interestingly, several people who have proclaimed themselves Magister or Magus soon found themselves to be dead or insane! One is always free to claim the grade, but then the Universe takes him (or her) seriously and delivers the corresponding karma associated with that level of consciousness. Death or insanity soon follows the deluded as the responsibility of their claim descends upon their overwhelmed awareness.

Let us contrast these concepts with certain parallel streams :

§ According to the principles of the Transhimalayan School known as The White Brotherhood or the Planetary Hierarchy, a Master of Wisdom (equivalent to the term, Magus) is the head of an Ashram, and there may be up to forty-nine of them that are active at any given time. Above these Masters are seven Chohans or Ray Lords (equivalent to the term, Ipsissimus). And above the Ray Lords is one Bodhisattva, the "teacher of angels and men," the singular head of the Planetary Hierarchy.

The general Transhimalayan concept is that there many Masters operating at any given time, and that they have attained to Wisdom as a fifth-degree initiate.

A Master of Wisdom correlates with residence at Chokmah (Wisdom) on the Tree of Life - which is also called the Atmic plane.

There is no Transhimalayan "curse of the grade of Magus" for a Master of Wisdom. His burden is to undertake some major project that leads to the evolutionary advancement of humanity. He may, or may not, reveal (proclaim) himself. Many Masters work quietly behind the scenes and many do not even take students.

The Avatar of Synthesis is a being of cosmic scope whose mental body is associated with the star Sirius, from whence he influences and overshadows the workings of the Great White Lodge, which in turn is the "parent" of our Planetary Hierarchy.

§ According to the principles of the Galactic Federation of Light Forces, a Star Commander is the administrator of a Cubit, and there are [practically-speaking] up to one hundred and forty-four of them that are active at any given time. An Intergalactic Liaison Officer is the administrator of a Council (Stream), and there are [practically- speaking] up to twelve of them that are active at any given time, and the Supreme Commander impresses the entire cube. But theoretically-speaking, any of these numbers are infinite.

The term Commander refers to self elected tasks wherein one is in charge of themselves. The term Liaison Officer refers to an 11.12 official appointment, wherein one is responsible for their position of confidence.

Cubit 11.8 gives rise to the Seven Secret Chiefs of Arcania, each of whom is the head of an Ashram.

Megatron is a Game . . .

. Megatron is a Serious Study . . .

. . Megatron is a technique for Divining Cosmic Job Descriptions
. . . - and is thus equivalent to "determining one's Will."

§ ComRelatio, Magus, fits in somewhere amongst the above descriptions. His number is said to be 300 (KMRLAT), which is, in Qabalistic corresponce, "The Spirit of the Primal Fire." In mundane numerology, 300 is reduced to 3, the mystic number of Chokmah. The name ComRelatio, in Latin, means "with relation" and is known to us in English as the single word "correlation."

Like all the entities who dwell in these rarified spheres, he is so far beyond the normal level of consciousness of his temporal vehicle (even if that vehicle is an experienced initiate) that his radiance and communication is limited to rare contacts and overshadowing appearances. Yet, in several instances, his presence has been perceived and acknowledged by initiates in magical, group formation. He generally works "behind the scenes" and has only a few students.

He is known by the motto, I Am The Lightning Flash of God, due to his sudden appearances and rapid bursts of symbolically-coded sources of information and illumination.

In Transhimalayan documents he is referred to as The Master P\

"The Master P. works under the Master R. [Rakoczi - "St. Germaine" ] in North America. He it is Who has had much to do esoterically with the various mental sciences ... "
. . . . . . . . . . . . - Initiation Human and Solar

"... another Master also who works, relatively unknown, in North America ... referred to before as the Master P - though that is not, in reality, His initial."
. . . . . . . . . . . . - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

The pseudonymic initial "P" is the first letter of the word Phoenix, but this is simply used as a metaphor that describes his influence upon his students and upon mental thoughtforms that he chooses to modify and upgrade to higher levels.

He is the Lord of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic due to recent, 20th-century, shifts in the personnel of the Planetary Hierarchy :

The Bodhisattva, Lord Maitreya, ascended to the rank of Nirmankaya, and was succeeded by the 2nd-ray Chohan, Kuthumi (Koot Hoomi). As this succession took place, the position of Mahachohan or "Lord of Civilization'" was taken over by the Master R, who previously was overseeing the 7th-ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic. Supervision of the Ashrams of the 7th-ray was then transferred the Master P.. . . . . . . . . . . . - The Rising Phoenix

In an attempt to define the Star System straight-line, hierarchical transmission, Frater Shiva wishes it to be known that: "I am not the Magus. He is a dweller of realms far beyond my rather ordinary consciousness, but he has seen fit to "use" me on occasions. The Grand Architect of the Universe, known by some as Genitor or God, is ultimately the guy in charge. Emanations of his being manifest as angels (devas) and avatars. The line of succession then goes something like this :

Avatar of Synthesis (on Sirius) ---> Lord of the World (the Planetary Logos) (9th degree) ---> Nirmankaya Buddhas (8th degree) ---> Bodhisattva (Kuthumi) (7th degree) ---> The Master R (6th degree, 10=1) ---> The Master P (ComRelatio, Magus) (5th degree, 9=2) ---> Magister A\M\D\(Star System Ashram) (4th degree, 8=3) ---> Frater Shiva (the Pawn).

'Thus ye have star and star, system & system; let not one know well the other!' - Liber AL, I-50

Oh! So that's why it seems to be so difficult to understand at times?"


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