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Book IV - Return of the Mysteries
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.Jack Schwarz Revisited

One of the Sirius empowerees, a psychologist who lived in Oregon, (one of many) who had flown in to San Diego to receive his Empowerment, offered to sponsor Shiva for a 5-day Consultation & Empowerment series. So, Artemis and Shiva drove up to Portland, Oregon, where they gave lectures, treated patients, and performed Empowerments.

On the way back, as they approached Grants Pass, Oregon, Shiva took a chance and called the Aletheia Institute, asking if Jack Schwarz was available for a consultation. They said, "Sure. Come right over! The fee will be $350." This was very unusual, as the waiting list for consultations was always six months long.

Shiva had known and studied with Jack Schwarz since 1972. According to Elmer Green, PhD, of the Menninger Foundation, Jack was one of the best (if not the best) "talents" in the world.

Thus, Artemis got her chance to meet, and consult with, the "legendary" Jack Schwarz. This was a very high-energy meeting.

Please note that a one-hour meeting with Jack provides information that lasts a lifetime – One can listen to the taped recording of the consultation many years later - and still learn something new.

During this consultation, he reminded Shiva of two things:

NOTE: Each person receives consciousness via an incoming Ray that descends from above to the crown through the causal body. Most people receive on dual Rays (one inside another) – the inner ray is operating when one is at home and relaxed, the outer ray is "used" when one is dealing with the outer world. Anyone displaying a dual-nature personality is almost always receiving on a dual-Ray. Some (very few) people operate only on a single Ray.

The Ray is seen descending into the Crown Chakra in the Causal (soul) auric field. It is the Key to our nature, a general indication of the nature of our Will. In determining our "purpose," this is possibly the single, most-important, piece of information that we can have.

There are seven distinct Rays: During this consultation, he addressed Artemis with the following information:

Jack had previously consulted with Frater Mont, Frater Jon, Katherine, Shiva, and Frater Estar. He was quite familiar with the works of Great Grandfather Crowley and Alice Bailey. Information on Jack can be found at:


The Black Helicopter

Shiva had never seen an Unidentified Flying Object (Except on the inner planes - There was a visionary astral encounter with a MotherShip during the marriage of Megatron and Arcania). He had heard many tales, including some first-hand encounters, and he had read about the mysterious "Black Helicopters" that were often associated with UFOs.

One day, Artemis and Shiva took a trip out into the remote desert east of El Centro. After performing the usual ceremonies, they were sitting in meditation. Then, off in the distance, they saw a helicopter. It was landing on mesa tops and taking off again. Slowly but surely, it came closer to them. Eventually it was right overhead, circling at about 200 feet, and definitely looking them over.

It was a small, two-person helicopter, shining with a highly-glossed, jet-black radiance; it had absolutely no identifying numbers or symbols (isn't that illegal?). They could clearly see the pilot, who was looking directly at them while circling. He was dressed in a camouflaged flight suit with a hard flight helmet and dark sunglasses. After a few circles, the mysterious machine flew back toward the eastern direction from which it had first appeared. Note that there is a military base located several miles directly east of where they were camped. There were no UFOs associated with this event.

Shiva’s assessment of this appearance is that it was simply a secret, military, flying machine.


Flashdance III

In early 1992, José Arguelles, the founder of the popular Earth Day and the primary proponent of the Harmonic Convergence (1987), came out with a whole new paradigm. It was called Dreamspell, and it announced and celebrated the up-and-coming Timeshift (1992).

Dreamspell was a book, a concept, and an elaborate, complex, board game. Ten thousand copies of this "game in a box" were printed in Hong Kong; it was labeled, "Educational Gift – Not For Resale." Bookstores everywhere grabbed them for free and sold them for $20. But anyone could get a Dreamspell just by sending for it. Shiva received six sets and gave four of them away. Dreamspell, based on the Mayan Calendar, was an exposé of historical treachery and the evils of our modern calendar.

Dreamspell announced the coming Timeshift of July 26, 1992, an extremely rare date when the Mayan Calendar synchronized completely with the Gregorian Calendar, allowing a shift from one calendar to the other.

Dreamspell was terribly complex, but Shiva finally mastered the material and issued the following summary:



Time - History and the current cycle

TIME IS RELATIVE. Time flies when having fun or when engrossed in a project; Time drags when one is bored, anxious, or impatient. Timebound awareness pertains to the lower self. Timeless awareness is of the higher self.

A GRAND CYCLE (the Grand Equinox) is 26,000 years. It was just about that long ago that our current Grand Cycle had its beginning. The current Dreamspell of planet Earth is now approaching the finalé of this Grand Cycle.

Each Grand Cycle is divided into five cycles of 5200 years each.

.23987 BC to 18787 BC = Ancient Atlantis in the beginning of its decline - no recorded history .

.18787 BC to 13587 BC = Ancient Atlantis in the midst of its decline - no recorded history.

.13587 BC to 8387 BC = Ancient Atlantis at the end of its era - no recorded history.

.8387 BC to 3187 BC = Transition from Atlantis to the beginning of history - no recorded history.

.3187 BC to 2013 AD = Start of recorded history to the end of Time. The Green Central Castle.

Only 52 centuries through the Green Central Castle of Enchantment and the incredible voyage of Timeship Earth 2013 will be complete.

@ In the magic flight from Cosmic Star 208 to Magnetic Moon 209 [3187 BC], a theft occurred.

Impostors, male warrior-priests, usurped the power of the 13 moons. The priests of the calendar of Mesopotamia banished the power of the 13 moons and introduced the 12-month calendar. Hiding the power of the 13 among themselves, they attempted to banish all memory of the matrix Dreamspell of magic. To this day the number 13 is exoterically associated with Bad Luck, Witches, Marijuana, and Evil. For Example: "Friday the 13th" - It was on a Friday the 13th that Jacques de Molay and the Templars were arrested.

Magnetic Moon 209 was intended to bestow the gift of the 13:260 ratio upon the planetary kin. The 13:260 ratio unlocks the vast powers of magical flight held by the Central Castle of Enchantment. Instead, the planetary kin had imposed upon them the diminishing power ratio of 12:60. No longer the magic of 13 moons, but a 12 month calendar of uncertain meaning. No longer the timeless gyre of magical flight, but a 60 minute hour to earn one’s bread. 12:60 = The 12-hour clock and the 60-minute hour, whose motto is: "Time is Money!"

Time was compressed into a flat circle. The power of the 20 solar tribes was reduced and slowly the kin gave their power away to the priests, and the priests cast the Dreamspell of History.

Despite the male priest corporate takeover of the third-dimensional Earth, the fourth-dimensional timeship matrix continued to be woven. However, the 52 steps of the Central Castle came to be covered with an increasingly dense overlay, the Dreamspell of History.

@ During the opening moon wavespell of the Central Castle [3187 to 2147 BC], the priests successfully diverted the power of universal water and established civilization through irrigation, writing, warfare, and the calendar of twelve. A seeming increase in power occurred, but only on the flat plane of third-dimensional time.

@ Through the second wind wavespell [2147 to 1107 BC], the power of spirit was channeled through metallurgy, horse and chariot warfare, and the building of imperial cities. The domain of the warrior priests was extended through 26 centuries of the Central Castle that had been captured by the male priesthood.

@ During the third eagle wavespell [1107 to 67 BC], teachers, philosophers, and visionaries called for a recollection of the original order. But the minds and memory of the kin had already become dim and were growing dimmer.

The 12:60 ratio continued to spread around the planet in mechanized victory. Yet, the secret dreamers continued to weave the true vision of time according to the invisible demands of the mighty Earth. Only in Central America and Mexico, far from the priests of Babylon, did the calendar of 13 flourish. However, 500 years ago the 12:60 priests destroyed as much as they could of the Mayan 13:260 ratio.

Operating in disregard of the natural 13:260 ratio, civilization increasingly took on the quality of a time warp. Now blind and without coherent recollection, the human crew of third-dimensional Earth steers its ship of civilization into the self-created walls of its own undoing.

Operating exclusively by its own power, third-dimensional time is flat - like a phonograph record. The time warp of the third dimension is but a thin slice of the total holosphere of fourth-dimensional time. This time warp is limited in size and duration. No more than 5200 years are available to be recorded in the grooves of the record - then no more can be recorded. Naturally, the priests of third-dimensional time are blind to the limits of the record. Fourth-dimensional time is radial, shooting out in every direction simultaneously from the ever-present Now.

So it happened that the Dreamspell of History completed itself on August 16, 1987 [The Harmonic Convergence] by the calendar of twelve. The needle of the phonograph is now skipping wildly over the record as the priests try to continue the recording. Remember when Mr. White said, "Prophecy dates in the past could be accurate; now, this is not possible." Strange sounds, dissonances, and Déjà Vus began to occur with wild insistence. The Great Awakening had begun.

From the ending of the Dreamspell of History in 1987, to the intended Dreamspell launching of Timeship Earth in 2013, there are only 26 years. Five years to unravel the Dreamspell of History [to 1992]. Eight years to recover the Dreamspell of Magic [in 2000]. Thirteen years to test drive the mighty Timeship Earth through the Central Castle of Enchantment. Then on to the launching point 2013.

With the ongoing shattering of the Dreamspell of History, the 13:260 ratio returned once again on July 26, 1992 with Timeshift and the 13 moon calendar. Thirteen perfect moons of 28 days each, plus one cosmic green day (July 25 of each year) = one perfect wavespell.

The Ancient Mayan Calendar of 13 moons has been successfully translated and is the source of the above description of history and its cycles.



Dreamspell contained a Galactic Compass that had six rotating wheels that would give you any Gregorian Calendar date in terms of Mayan chronology.

Everywhere, everyone was unable to work the Compass. So Shiva gave a series of lectures on Dreamspell and a demonstration of the use of the Galactic Compass. In San Diego, He ended up training over 200 people during four, different, free lectures.

As July 25th approached (the "free day" or Cosmic Green Day before the Timeshift), Shiva sent out flyers and ads announcing the Timeshift Ceremony on the 25th, to be held in a remote, mountain location that was 45 minutes east of San Diego. This was also to be the third, and final, Flashdance.

Banners in the four Dreamspell colors tttt were erected at the four cardinal points of a circle. A green t altar cloth was in the center. Four, or more, people were assigned to each banner. A contingent had arrived from Mexico and they were the blue-banner team, standing at attention and taking the whole affair very seriously.

There was a banishing, an invocation, and then Lightblazer channeled an appropriate message. Shiva read a Timeshift declaration, and then they burned a copy of the book, The Timetables of History. All things considered, it was a fine ceremony.

"Since the end-date of the current Great Cycle of the Mayan calendar is in the year 2012, in order to survive the worst, humanity must make a shift to natural time - and soon. According to Argüelles, the time for this shift is from July 26, 2004 through July 26, 2012, the Great Calendar Change, when he is calling upon humanity to reject the current calendar and adopt the natural-time Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar." - José Arguelles - posted on the www.



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