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In Revelation
Concepts Relative to Initiation and Empowerment
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In Revelation
A\A\ Publication in Class C

ComRelatio, Magus
LightBlazer, Magister
Artemis, Magister

Shiva, Philosopher






I am Shiva the Destroyer . .I destroy illusion

From 1963 to 1972, I was associated with Solar Lodge of The Order of the Temple lineage, operating under the curriculum of The Great White Brotherhood known as the A\A\

From 1973 to 1976, I was associated with The Lighted Way, an outgrowth of the Transhimalayan White Brotherhood.

From 1977 to 2005, I undertook various additional mystical and magickal studies and adventures, including the public presentations of the Harmonic Convergence ceremony on August 16, 1987, and the Timeshift ceremony on July 26, 1992.

Many Initiates have been trained in only a single system. Sometimes their understanding of concepts and practices is limited. Sometimes they are actually stuck in misconceptions. The following Revelations are aimed, in alphabetical order, at the destruction of partial understanding and false concepts.


The Abyss


Abyss – Spiritually speaking, an Abyss is a veil, or a gap in consciousness, that separates two levels of consciousness. "The" Abyss is the gulf between the mind (Manas – the mental plane) and the intuition (Buddhi, or Buddhic Plane). This is also described as the negative state that lies between Chesed and Binah on The Tree of Life.

There is an Abyss between all the levels. Every significant level is separated from its neighbor by an Abyss.

Listed in ascending order (the order in which the initiate usually must pass), here is a review of the Veils:

The Veil of the Ashram - An "Ashram" is commonly known as a place or community of spiritual study. Actually, it is the energetic influence of the Master, or central figure, of a system. This Veil separates the common person from the knowledge and consciousness of the Outer Order. Internally, this Veil separates a person's mundane consciousness from the consciousness of their own, aligned Persona (the personality – the physical, emotional, and "lower" mental bodies).

The Veil of the Temple - This Veil separates the Probationer from the initiated Neophytes at Malkuth (Earth - the physical plane).

Internally, this Veil separates the questing mind from one's own reborn (re-awakened), spiritual connection. Probationers who are in the last month (or so) before completing their ±one-year probationary period, come into the "shadow" of this Veil. This is usually a disturbing and difficult time.

The Etheric Veil - This Veil separates the dense physical body (solid, liquid, & gas) from the etheric physical body (ultraviolet, electrical, x-ray, & radioactive). However, these are all still classified as physical levels. This veil must be pierced (opened or passed) in order to deliver physical healing energies.

The Astral Veil - The Astral Plane is located "beyond" the physical plane at Yesod on the Tree of Life. This Veil separates the physical/etheric body from the astral body. Internally, This Veil separates a person's physical consciousness from their astral consciousness. One is using the astral consciousness when performing astral projection or is similarly engaged in "real" or "lucid" dreams. Unless otherwise pierced or opened, this Veil prevents people from leaving their bodies and sailing around in the (their own internal) universe.

The Veil of Paroketh (The Veil of Illusion) - This Veil, a "major" gap in consciousness, separates the initiate of the Outer Order from the Adepts of the Inner Order. Internally, This Veil separates a person's Persona (personality – the physical, emotional, and "lower" mind) from their "higher mind" (the causal, or soul, plane) that is also the realm of the Holy Guardian Angel or Solar Angel. Only an aligned personality can penetrate this Veil; in fact, when one aligns their Persona, this Veil is automatically opened. "Aligned" means that the body, emotions, and intellect are all harmonized and focused on the same thing.

The internal view associated with this Veil is that of a kaleidoscopic vision, with the vision aligning along a central, vertical line as the Veil centers and begins to open.


The Veil of The Abyss - This Veil, a "very major" gap in consciousness, separates the initiate of the Inner Order from the Masters of the Supernal Order. Internally, This Veil separates an Adept's Causal Body (the Soul Body or "higher mind") from the Intuitional consciousness (Buddhi) that is the realm of the Master of The Temple (Magister). Only an empty causal body can cross this Abyss. "Empty" means that all personal karma has been burned off - This is often called "destroying the ego," but the ego is not necessarily "destroyed," but rather is "the elimination of that personality which limits and burdens the true self." Thus, there is something left, but that something is in harmony with one's "Higher Self."

The internal state associated with this Veil is that of desolation and undoing (it is a negative state, also called reversal). This process has also been called Crucifixion, as well as The Dark Night of the Soul.

The Planetary Ring-Pass-Not - This Veil, another "major" gap in consciousness, separates the Magician (Magus) at Chokmah on The Tree of Life from the Point (Ipsissimus) at Kether on The Tree of Life. The advanced initiate at Kether is also known as a Chohan, or Ray Lord. It has been said that "The Chohan discovers that he has unlimited access to extra-planetary levels of consciousness; of course, he always had this access, but now he becomes completely aware of it."


The Adept

Adept - An Adept is one who is a member of the "Inner Order" (Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major, & Adeptus Exemptus - Grades 5°, 6°, & 7° - of the inner A\ A\).

But an "Adept" in the Transhimalayan White Brotherhood is operating from the Buddhic Plane (Binah on The Tree of Life), and is thus equivalent to a Master of the Temple, 8° in the A\ A\ Therefore, this term, Adept, is often technically confusing. For our purposes, here in this consideration of Adept Consciousness, for "Adept," you may substitute any of the following terms: Initiate, Adeptus, Master, Magus, etc. Regardless of the title, this is the primary consideration:

An Adept is only an Adept when operating in the Light Body.

Many people experience higher states of consciousness, either through extensive meditation practices, or by overtaxing their mundane consciousness (as in mountain-climbing or in lengthy, physically-demanding ceremonies), or through the use of power plants (herbal or pharmaceutical, psychoactive substances). They then fit their experience into one spiritual system or another and proclaim, "I am an Adept!"

Well, in fact, they are an Adept – on that exalted level of consciousness in which they had the experience.

We are here discounting any claims to Adeptship based on simple, lower-level, astral experiences & visions that are merely ego-fed delusions of grandeur, imaginings of greatness and self-importance without actually entering expanded levels of consciousness.

They could not have perceived that state unless they already held the potential within their being. But this does not mean that they can operate at that level, at will, under varying circumstances. An Aikido sensei (teacher) once said, "Many people go to the desert and become enlightened. But when they return to the city, it all goes away."

The Light Body should not be confused with the Astral Body. The Astral Body is an emotional-plane construct in which a person's consciousness enters the astral realm of glamour and illusion. The Light Body is built by fusing elements of higher consciousness with the etheric body. The Light Body is built, step by step, as the initiate attains higher and higher (more expanded) states of being, and its construction tends to be of a permanent nature.

Even so, an Adept will often not be "operating" in (or through) his or her Light Body, especially if his or her consciousness is distracted by mundane tasks, such as worrying about money, physical illness, emotional confrontation, etc. The highest of Adepts (the ones with the greatest control) should be operating in the Light Body during such mundane episodes.

The point here is that temporary states of expanded consciousness do not create permanent Adeptship. A properly ordained Adept, created through meditation and inwardly "fixed" in place during an inner, initiatory crisis, possibly even recognized through outer initiatory ceremonies, is still not an "Adept" unless he or she is actively operating through their Light Body in the here-and-now.



Age – It is commonly known that if one is going to "tread the spiritual path," it is advantageous to start at the earliest age possible. In Ancient Aegypt, candidates were admitted to the Temple at age 13*, corresponding with puberty, an age that is also found among many other cultures. Tibetan lamaseries accept students at age 8 (sometimes earlier). Western schools usually require a candidate to be 18-years old, mainly due to legal, "age of consent," issues. These age figures apply only to external agencies.

* Of course, the average life-expectancy in Ancient Aegypt was 25 years, mainly due to diseases or accidents.

Internally, a person will start when the inner-prompting begins. In some cases, there appears to be a factor activated around 30-years of age (28 to 33), where many Masters (who started early in life) begin to display the fullness of their radiance.

When anyone progresses in life, their consciousness becomes more-and-more crystallized, and the process of un-doing subconscious programming becomes more difficult with each passing year. It has been said that after age 56, initial progress is no longer possible.


The Astral Realm

Astral Realm – The technical definition of the Astral Plane is that it is found at Yesod, the second emanation (up from the bottom) of consciousness on The Tree of Life. It is also defined as the emotional level of consciousness. It is composed of glamour and illusion. "Astral Projection," or "Out-of-Body" (OOB) experiences, consist of transferring one's consciousness into an "Astral Body" and temporarily "leaving" the physical body. It must be understood that we really don't go somewhere else. Astral visions are internal phenomena*, even though it appears as though we are travelling externally.

* Phenomenon = "An unusual happening or event."

The Seven Planes Chart displays seven subplanes of the astral realm, ranging from the demonic to the angelic. Now what does that mean? It means that the lower astral planes are filled with energies and visions of demons, fires, serpents, spiders, insects, and monstrous, threatening creatures. This is the level of the D.T.'s (delirium tremens) of the overloaded or withdrawing alcoholic. The higher astral planes are filled with energies and visions of angels, temples, gods, and closely depict a Christian or Moslem concept of heaven.

The astral plane is composed of images and forces that are all generated by DESIRE. Selfish desires, such as greed, jealousy, wishes to kill, etc. generate frightening visions. Unselfish desires, such as family togetherness, peace, wishing the best for one's grandchildren or friends, etc. generate visions of a lofty, and usually religiously-oriented, nature. Yet, this is all a form of illusion, for the astral visions are created by desire, hope, wishes, and other types of emotional wanting.

When most people fail to receive or achieve their desire(s), they have an emotional reaction. Oriental Medicine tells us that emotional actions and reactions affect the smooth flow of the five phases of transformation: Anger and Depression block the liver, excessive Joy damages the heart, prolonged Thinking depletes the spleen, Grief and Sorrow attack the lungs, and Fear and Worry drain the reserve energies of the kidneys. In particular, Fear and Anger are the primary culprits of the astral plane.

When the emotions are disturbed, the astral body is disturbed, and the lower astral plane is impressed with the disturbance. When the emotions are uplifted, as in a religious service or spiritual experience, or in a love affair, the astral body is uplifted (energized) and the higher astral plane is impressed with the glorious experience. In between the bottom-line "demonic" and the rarified "angelic" subplanes are all the other "in-between" desires of humanity. Every desire ever wished is floating around at some level of the astral plane. As humans, we inherit the astral plane and are either subject to its demands or are masters over it (partially or completely).

A tremendous amount of discipline and understanding is required when converting from "subject to" status to "mastery" status.

When the average individual first ventures out of the physical body, whether in a conscious ("lucid") dream state, in a controlled astral projection experiment, or by poisoning with psychedelic substances, the first thing he or she usually encounters is a dense fog or darkness. This is the Veil of the Astral Plane, and if penetrated, further leads to an almost overwhelming display of bright colors, visions, kaleidoscopic mandalas, and perhaps terrifying visions.

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

However, with continuing effort and practice the confusion and lack of control give way to order and the ability to move about at will upon the astral plane and subplanes.

The Most Popular Request that people make of metaphysical counselors, or of procedures such as Spiritual Acupuncture, is to get out of their body. This is a commonplace desire and an universal principle: People want to get out of their bodies; they want to be unlimited; they want to be free!

It is not necessary for one to be 100% totally out of the body in order to perform astral projection. We are thoroughly capable of sitting or lying still and entering into a daydream, a reverie, or a visualization. We are further capable of interacting with such visions, according to our ability and training, and even of transferring our consciousness into the vision so deeply that it appears that the reality of the vision is greater than the reality of the three-dimensional world.

In the tradition of the magician, we may project our consciousness into our own unconscious mind, we may travel to any of the planes or subplanes represented on the Seven Planes Chart, or to any sphere symbolized on The Tree of Life. And while all this is taking place, a certain percentage of our consciousness remains aware of the three-dimensional body; perhaps ten percent, perhaps ninety percent.

But is this what people want when they ask for astral projection? No!

People want the 100% separation experience, and we don't blame them. Everyone should have this experience at least once in their lifetime so that they will have direct knowledge of this portion of the death process (and will therefore not be surprised when the transition finally comes). Unfortunately, Spiritual Acupuncture can not offer 100% astral projection as one of its common results 100% projections are rare, but 80% is common.

One of the best representations of an astral projection experience can be seen in the television production of Shirley MacLaine's book, Out on a Limb. The manner in which the experience is portrayed is remarkably accurate.

Types of Astral Projection

1. Lucid Dreaming: This is a phenomenon that most of us have experienced. One is dreaming, yet one is aware that one is dreaming. The ability to exert control over the dream state varies from 'none' to 'some' to 'complete.' Purists might argue that this is not astral projection, but we include it, as it certainly is in the same category of processes, and some teachers of astral projection will get you to use the lucid dreaming experience as the first step in learning to project.

2. Penetration of the Subconscious: This appears to be an 'inward' journey rather than an 'outward' projection. A scene is set in one's mind by creative visualization, and then you step into the scene.

3. Floating or Hovering: Often reported by teenage girls and by people premedicated for surgery, this is the sensation of leaving one's physical body and floating around the room, usually near the ceiling, and then looking back upon one's body lying in bed.

4. Horizontal Projection: This is where you leave your body, walk through walls, and investigate the world around you, including your neighbor's house. When most people think of astral projection, this is the variety which comes most rapidly to mind. This is interaction with an astralized, three-dimensional world.

5. Vertical Projection: As seen in Out on a Limb, this is a vertical ascent which leads to other dimensions or to a position high above the Earth.

6. Rising on the Planes: This is a form of controlled, vertical (rocket-like) projection in which one does not stop or waiver from a straight-up ascent. The object is to reach the highest possible level of consciousness.

All of the methods listed above are forms of astral projection. Only numbers 5 (vertical projection) and 6 (rising on the planes) are of ultimate value to the initiate as a discipline or as a practice, although any of the varieties might occur as a 'result.'

All the Way Out

The full-blown, one hundred percent out-of-the-body astral projection is described as an "imprint" of the Monadic consciousness:

Some humans receive an "imprint" of the Monadic consciousness upon activating a proper trigger, that may include clinical death (dying on an operating table and then being revived), and other 100% out-of-the-body astral projections. The Monadic plane is known by some metaphysicians and parapsychologists as the Quantum Circuit.

Specifically, the monadic imprint confers the ability to Access all the information of the Universe. Accessing this level of consciousness often results in reports of extra-terrestrial contact, communication with a "galactic overmind," or conversations with angels. Monadic consciousness exists without a biological container. The monadic imprint is something we have in common with only one to two percent of humanity.

On The Tree of Life, the Monadic plane is the uppermost sphere (number One). It has little to do with the events taking place in the three-dimensional world, and is said to cause an obliteration of the perception of time and space. You may have heard mystics (or marbleheads) discoursing on being "beyond time and space;" this is the realm to which they referred.



The Aura

Aura - The human aura is egg-shaped. It radiates from the etheric network of the physical body and extends in all directions for approximately fifteen feet in the average person.


The Aura is actually composed of several concentric energy fields.


The individual energy fields and their correspondences are as follows:



In order to perceive the auric energy fields, you must see them or sense them in some manner with other than the physical senses. The etheric aura is particularly easy to see. The more expanded fields become increasingly difficult to see.

In order to see any of these fields, your vision must be "seeing" at the same level. Thus, to see the Causal aura, you must be in Causal consciousness; this might prove to be a little difficult.

It is possible to perceive these fields through sensations in your palm. This is not difficult to learn. Many people interpret the auric emanations through their feelings.



Choronzon – The Demon of The Abyss is called Choronzon.

The name, Choron-zon, can be said to derive from "Head-zone" (Corona = "head"). Buddhist monks refer to this phenomenon as Monkey-mind. Western metaphysicians and psychologists call it Roof-Brain Chatter.

Choronzon's function is dispersal. His nature is not that of a "common" demon, a simple, repressed, emotional trauma. No, his nature is conscious and universal.

This mighty, virtually uncontrollable, spirit is the voice in your head, your constant, never-ending, Internal Dialogue.

Constantly changing subjects, often uttering blasphemies and profanities, mutably commenting on both the mundane and the spiritual world, he is without mental focus or a fixed point of reference.

Choronzon is always with you daily in your head-zone. Oh well, it's only a little internal dialog. But, when you are attempting meditation practice (for example, Dharana – concentrating on only one thing), then he can really rear up and become a problem.

Formally, for the initiate, Choronzon is encountered after "jumping" into The Abyss.

The only way to part the Veil of The Abyss is to jump. There are no bridges, pathways, or ropes. Actually, the momentum of rising through the Grades, or Rising on the Planes, propels one's purified Soul into The Abyss.

This momentum, combined with an invisible, subtle "pull" from the other side, is what makes crossing The Abyss possible – assuming, of course, that the momentum (or the subtle connection) are not dispersed by the random, fragmentary consciousness of Choronzon, the monkey-mind.

If he be a magician, like our Great Grandfather Perdurabo, he will purposely evoke that demon to visible appearance inside a triangle placed just outside the magickal circle, and then he will withstand the efforts of Choronzon to distract his attention and disperse his resolve.

If he be a mystic, like our Great Ancestor Siddartha, he will attract that demon who produces internal visions of madness in his head, and then he will withstand the efforts of Mara to distract his attention and disperse his resolve.

By the time one reaches The Abyss, one's personal karma is supposed to have been worked off or burned away, but usually there is something left over. In fact, this "something," whether ideas, status, attachments, or preconceptions, will be rooted out and dispersed by Choronzon, for this is his function – to perform the final purification. This is called the Death of the Ego, but the Ego is not completely destroyed. What is destroyed is that portion of the personality that limits the true self.

What must not be dispersed (destroyed) is that [part of the] personality which expands and liberates the true self. This is the portion of consciousness that must stand fast against the ravages of the Demon of Dispersion.



Crystallization – The more we perform any action or reaction in the same manner, the more certain we are of its effects. The older we get, the more "set in our ways" we become. This is true of all the levels (physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual).

Metaphysically, this is called Crystallization. Crystallization is not good, for it implies that we are locked into a set pattern, and we are therefore precluded from changes and the mutable process of expansion.



Cycles – Everything in manifestation is subject to cycles, including individuals, groups, governments, civilizations, and the weather. The rate, duration, and precise timing of advance and decline, rise and fall, is tracked by numerous systems, including astrology, the I-Ching, numerology, farmer's almanacs, stock-market programs, and assorted calendars. The idea is to consult a system in order to determine one's present status, or more importantly, the future (refer to fortune telling).

Due to the complexity of cycles within cycles, most of these systems are actually not very precise – yet, sometimes they can astound us with their accuracy. The big cycles include:

One Breath - The exhalation and inhalation of a single breath of Brahma, said by Hindus to be ±429,000,000,000,000 years; this represents the overall creation and destruction timespan of the Universe.

Equinoxes - Western metaphysicians and scientists know that there is a Precession of the Equinoxes, wherein the stellar backdrop of Earth advances one degree every 72 years. A Grand Equinox, marking the return of the same degree in the stellar backdrop, takes 25,920 years. One-twelfth (there being 12 signs or divisions)* of a Grand Equinox is 2160 years.

* The 12 signs of astrology/astronomy, as well as the 12 hours of the clock, are a part of the Mesopotamian 12:60 ratio calendar, whose motto is "Time is Money."

An Aeon is roughly proclaimed to be 2000 years, with a little left over for a transition period, where both the outgoing sign and the incoming sign overlap. Transition periods are particularly confusing as the old, outgoing (dying) sign principles are mixed-up with the new, incoming (advancing) sign principles.

Transition periods are always identified by an increase in communication (less separateness). The previous Aeon transition was marked by the expansion of The Roman Empire that resulted in new, high-tech roads that extended throughout the known world.

At the same time, in the Orient, the emperor Chin unified China for the first time through "the use of fire and the sword."

We find ourselves, right now in the middle of a transition period. The astrologers tell us that the Piscean Age is ending and the Aquarian Age is beginning. There can be little doubt that communication is dramatically increasing (refer to satellites, cell phones, and instant messaging). The western magickal tradition (A\ A\ ) tells us that we are leaving behind the Age of Osiris (the dying and resurrected god), that we are entering the Age of Horus (the warlord of the galaxy), and that the transition formally started on March 21, 1904.

Note the rapid invention (and expansion) of automobiles, telephones, radio, airplanes, and atomic energy since ±1904.

The lesser cycles include:

One Lifetime – For humans, this is ±75 years, barring "accidental" deaths and early-developed, fatal diseases. Oriental medicine tells us that each individual is endowed, through inherited "destiny" (DNA programming) with a given amount of "Life Force" (Jing Qi, the essence of kidney yin substance). When it is depleted, death ensues. It is impossible to increase or replenish this Qi, although it may be "supplemented" through proper diet, herbs, energetic exercises (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, etc.), emotional moderation, and meditative lifestyles - This is the basis for Taoist immortality (actually "longevity") practices.

Western medicine tells us that each individual is endowed, through inherited DNA programming, with a death hormone that is contained in the pituitary gland. It is "covered over" by various, other, protective hormones. At a given point, a neuro-transmitter signals the over-lying hormones to disperse (see Choronzon), exposing the death hormone and allowing it to circulate and trigger the immune system to begin attacking normal physiological systems.

Oh, that's just great! We're all walking time-bombs!

The particular system attacked is determined by inherited DNA programming, with the following, common possibilities: Alzheimer's syndrome, aneurysm, arthritis, cancer, heart attack, stroke, and various degenerative conditions. Western doctors pay attention to our family medical history because it indicates what probably (but not certainly) will happen to us.

Unless one is properly insured, the western medical establishment will take every penny and every asset of a terminally-ill patient, in order to prolong life for a few years, months, weeks, and even days.

The Stages of Life – These include pre-natal, natal, infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood (known as "middle aged" - starting with physical decline), elderly ("retired" – the so-called "golden years,") and ancient ("terminal" or geriatric). The Nei-Ching* tells us that women's stages are governed by the number 7 (years) and men's stages are governed by the number 8 (years).

* The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (circa 2674 BC).

The Daily Grind – An assortment of passing years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The Magister is able to overcome the awareness of these cycles, but (remember) only when functioning in his or her Light Body.

All of the above classifications are merely introductory to one important characteristic that is inherent in cycles:

Demons that have been controlled will rise again in a cyclic manner.

People often deal with a problem (demon) and gain control. Then, later, the problem recurs and they say, "Hey! What is this? I thought I dealt with this a long time ago." Most problems tend to "come around again" in the average person. For the initiate, most (previously) controlled demons will re-surface at each Grade level.

In order to progress to a higher stage in life, or to the next-higher Grade of initiation, a person must first demonstrate control of the present level. For example, a Neophyte 1° (at Earth – the physical plane), must demonstrate internal control of his or her physical body. When that control is obtained, he or she automatically ascends to the next level (to Yesod, sphere of the Moon – the astral plane). Then the process starts over at a higher level, with control of the astral (emotional) plane being required to advance to the next higher level. This is repeated up through all the levels. Here is an important point:


Control means 51%

Control means that one's consciousness is in the majority (more than 50%), and that one's pre-dispositions and repressed demons (representing lack of control) are in the minority. Control does not imply 100% mastery, except at the highest level. See how it works:

< This pyramid represents the entire Path of Initiation in three levels, or three degrees. These levels are designated as the personality (the lowest level), the soul, and the spirit (at the highest level) – these are also the definitions of the outer order, the inner order, and the supernal order. (Several other degrees may be contained within each level, but that does not concern this example).

< First, one must gain control (51%+) over his or her personality; as shown in the gray area in the lowest level. Note that there is still a relatively large white (uncontrolled) area remaining in the bottom level. But this (51%+) control has been obtained, and he or she automatically ascends to the next level (to the Inner Order, sphere of the Soul – the causal plane, the realm of the Solar Angel).

Next, one must gain control (51%+) over the middle level, the causal plane, plus (so that the middle pyramid might be balanced) a certain amount of the uncontrolled remainder of the bottom level. This uncontrolled remainder is represented in blue.> The blue area is what makes the person say, "Hey! What is this? I thought I dealt with this a long time ago." Then the problem (demon) must be dealt with again.

< Finally, one must gain full control (100%) over the upper level, the spiritual plane, plus (so that the whole pyramid becomes balanced) the rest of the uncontrolled remainder of the bottom level and the uncontrolled remainder of the middle level. This uncontrolled remainder of both of these lower levels is represented in pink. The pink area is what makes the person say (again), "Hey! What is this? I thought I dealt with this a long, long time ago." Then the problems (demons) must be dealt with yet another time.

Upon reaching the apex of the pyramid, and controlling all the formerly uncontrolled (repressed) areas, one finally attains full (100%) control. This is mastery. Mastery is only exhibited when the Adept is operating in his or her Light Body. At other times, the Adept is subject to the usual human conditions.

It was mentioned (above), "When control is obtained, he or she automatically ascends to the next level." This is the natural, internal, course of events. Initiation into the next higher level is not dependent on an external guru or initiator (although such beings might be synchronized with the advancement process).

It has been said that "An external initiation ceremony should be a reflection of that which has already occurred within the candidate." The term, should, is emphasized, for few initiators today follow that suggestion.



The Four Elements

Elements, Four – The four elements are relegated to the four directions. The "usual" western correspondences are

  • earth-green-east
  • fire-red-south
  • air-yellow-west
  • water-blue-north

The number four is supposed to be solid, practical, and fixed. However, each culture seems to have its own version of these directions and correspondences,

for example: The Mayan arrangement, >

In fact, the four element system is slippery, malleable, and unstable due its ability to be manipulated. One may conveniently utilize the four directions, as long as one "agrees" with one's self about the correspondences.

Beware of the tendency to pick one set of correspondences, saying, "This is the true four-element configuration, and all others are in error."


The Five Elements

Elements, Five – The five elements are sometimes relegated to the four directions, plus one called Aethyr in the center. Aethyr is defined as "the matrix, or space, within which the four elements manifest."

The problem with this arrangement is the same instability we encountered with the four elements – nothing has changed, except a fifth "element" has been added to the center.

< The five elements can also be arranged in a pentagonal fashion. The problem with this arrangement is that it usually cannot be harnessed and used for practical purposes. The typical placement of the elements is arbitrary.

For efficient practicality, we must look to the Chinese version >

They call their system the five phases, implying that there is only one Qi, one energy, that undergoes five consecutive and recurring transformations (phases). The order of transformation is exact.

The five phases are :

This system stands supreme for interpreting phenomena in nature and in human beings, especially when used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

These are the basic, five-phase correspondences:



Overshadowing – The initiate (of the A\A\) is required to perform the practice known as Assumption of god-forms, that involves the building (visualization) of an (astral) image of an Ancient Aegyptian god.

This practice is not limited to Aegyptian gods – The image of a god-form of any deity from any culture may be used.

That image is then superimposed over the astral body of the initiate, resulting in the initiate "assuming" the god-form and thereby "assuming" the consciousness and powers of that particular god.

A similar result occurs from the proper design of an Invocation: In the first part of the invocation, the deity is described, verbally and through visualization; in the final part of the invocation, the initiate becomes the deity and thereby "assumes" the consciousness and powers of that particular god.

Both of these practices (assumption and invocation), if successful, are forms of overshadowing.

When a channel (medium) is "channeling," there are three distinct modes of delivery:

(1) The channel telepathically "hears" a message from a source and (verbally or by inscription) repeats the message; this is similar to repeating a conversation one is having on a telephone.

(2) The channel "transmits" a message and (verbally or by inscription) delivers it without "repeating" it, the message having been telepathically induced by the source directly into the channel's (speech or writing) brain circuit. The channel is often not aware of the content of the message - this is known as trance channeling, or the channel is known as a trance medium.

(3) The source temporarily "takes over" the channel's entire being and uses it to deliver a message or to perform a task. Bystanders will often notice a change in the voice and/or facial features of the channel, or sometimes the source will (visually) manifest as a subtle "surrounding" of the channel's etheric body. This last example (#3) is a true overshadowing of the channel.

Various sources of overshadowing include deities, masters, and gurus. It is assumed that any source has been invoked or invited by the channel.

The eminent psychologist, Karl G. Jung, MD, read the works of Alice Bailey ("channeled" from the Tibetan master, Djwhal Khul) and wrote that her writings were remarkable and informative, but that her source was probably not a Tibetan master, but rather a symbolic emanation of her inner Self. In response, Alice Bailey wrote, "Perhaps Dr. Jung can explain how my inner Self sends me packages of incense from India."

After all is said and done, and the quaint tales have been told, it appears as if Dr. Jung was correct. We have direct experience of the fact that all manifestations (masters, gurus, even our external reality) are internal phenomena, projected via the human energy field onto the external, three-dimensional, holographic Matrix.

Another form of overshadowing is when a demon overshadows a person. In this case, a demon is defined as "an elemental spirit, a blind force of nature, without sentient, holistic consciousness." This is usually accomplished without invitation or permission from the person; such an event is called a possession and many horror films have been made on the subject. Several films claim to be based on actual events.

An exorcist must usually be summoned in order to drive the demon out of the person. Before 500 BC, this was the standard medico-spiritual diagnosis (and treatment) of most illnesses, and still holds true in many indigenous cultures. It is also possible that such demonic possessions are simply what we have previously defined, that is, the "demon" is nothing more than a repressed, subconscious, traumatic, emotional complex that rises into "possession" of the person's consciousness - A psychologist must usually be summoned in order to resolve the issue.

Sometimes, only institutionalization will solve the problem, and that's not really a solution (see Psychosis in any dictionary).

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