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This is the Short Version

Books III & IV
Beyond the Veil & Return of the Mysteries



Abbreviated for the Busy Reader
with all photographs removed


The Anti-Tong

One Day in 1977, Shiva was driving to his home in Los Angeles. A block and a half from his abode, he saw someone who looked like Frater Mont. He parked at home and walked back down the street. He peered through a hedge to see this person more closely, and said, "Mont – Is that you?" It was.

Thus, Shiva was re-united with Mont, who previously was a close friend. Mont was also still associated (in 1977) with Frater John.

They formed a loose network of magicians, and their association was referred to as the Anti-Tong. That is, it was a free association of like-minded individuals. There was no dictator and there was no dictation.

Revisiting the Tong

Anubis (the tong's Grand Treasurer General) showed up in 1981.

The tong had moved from Los Angeles and purchased a farm in Livingstone, California, where they started the whole pig-cow-chicken thing all over again: They had a large pig farm, huge alfalfa fields, and a nearby restaurant (Mom's Cafe). They still owned the Los Angeles properties and ran the Los Angeles catering trucks. After a while, they sold the Livingstone properties and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to which they transferred their catering truck business. Anubis's last task was to sell the six Los Angeles properties (for an even one million dollars!), and then he, in his turn, packed it in. He went out the back door, sneaking away in the middle of the night while "borrowing" a tong automobile. He had no funds and contacted Mont for assistance in returning to his native State of Washington.

Anubis related the current state of the tong: A very large catering truck business, with an attendant "catering house" base, in Las Vegas; a normal residential house in North Las Vegas, and a pig farm way out in the sticks about 1½ hours north of Las Vegas. As usual, the tongolites worked 18 hours a day for no wages and slept on the floor of the catering house from 11 PM to 5 AM (more or less) each night. There was virtually no spiritual activity. They (the tong) were filthy rich; they had a cash room where they counted the daily take and stored large amounts of money – no bank accounts, not much in the way of taxes.

Somewhere around this time, Capricornus discovered that her "Link" was missing (the Crowley Talisman she had received from Aquarius). She had all the tongolites search everywhere, but it was not to be found. So the original basis of "authority" upon which Solar Lodge was based had been removed. However, this certainly didn't stop the forward momentum of the money-making machine.

Based on what Mont and Shiva heard from Anubis, they decided it would be a good idea to rescue Isis from the tong. This adventure ended up being their final contact with the tong.

Anubis, Mont's wife, and Shiva set out for Las Vegas one evening in early September, 1981. They arrived at the catering house around 2:00 AM. Anubis had a key and they entered the premises. Tongolites were spread out sleeping on the floor and on food preparation tables. One of theme woke up, saw Anubis and Shiva, and said, "What are you doing here?" Anubis replied, "We're looking for Isis!" And he proceeded to look everywhere for her. By now everyone was awake and Shiva was surprised to see that Tamara was there - she was the older sister of Saul, the famous "boy in the box." The boy’s parents had long ago departed, but Tamara had apparently been adopted by the tong.

Within three minutes of their entry, Shiva was handed a telephone. "Capricornus wants to talk to you!" "Hi," he said. She replied, "I thought I got rid of you a long time ago." He stated, "We want to talk to Isis!" Capricornus said, "She's not there. You know you're trespassing, and I want you out of there." Shiva replied, "I'm here as the guest of one of the officers of your corporation, and he has a key. That's not trespassing." (Silence on the line). Anubis had completed his search – no Isis. "Anyway," Shiva said, "we're leaving now." And they left.

Anubis knew that if Isis was not at the catering house, she most likely would be found at the remote pig farm. So they drove north to the pig farm in the wilderness, where they arrived at 4:00 AM.

Anubis said that Frater S was the most unstable and potentially dangerous member of the group.

Sure enough, there was S, brandishing a shotgun and screaming, "You better get out of here you mother-fucking black brothers!" A Black Brother is technically a high-ranking initiate who sells out to the material world for ego, profit, or power. In the tong, a "Black Brother" is anyone with magickal inclination who thinks differently than the tong, especially those who have escaped.

This was a nighttime version of High Noon, a potential Gunfight at the Pig Farm Corral. Mont's wife intervened as a "neutral" party. She told S that we just wanted to talk to Isis for a minute. Amazingly, he relented, summoned Isis, and allowed Mont's wife to speak in whispers to Isis through the locked gate, while he stood nearby cradling his shotgun. In the star-lit darkness of a cold, Nevada night, Mont's wife told Isis that if she wanted to leave, they would help her escape, and she slipped Isis a small scrap of paper with a phone number on it that Isis palmed and slipped into her pocket.

Then they left without further gunplay. This was the final tong adventure for any of them. They never heard from Isis. The rescue attempt was a total failure. Isis was, of course, totally dependent on the tong. She was an extreme introvert, probably to the point of psychological diagnosis. Capricornus was always concerned about Isis’ psychological presentation to outsiders and Isis was usually confined to the farm or other inside tong facilities.


The Magickal Island

In 1982, Shiva went to live with Shem for a few months on San Juan Island. He also visited the Island in 1986.

This was a true "survival" camp. All the surrounding neighbors firmly resisted the intrusion of the telephone, electricity, any type of utilities, and tourists. They paid their taxes and otherwise requested that the Establishment keep its nose out of their affairs.

One day, Shem was in a confessional mood. He told Shiva about several issues./events in his life that he had not heard before. In particular, he dwelled on an event in 1966 wherein he was part of a small group that performed a seizure of the books from the OTO library in West Point, California.

When Capricornus and Sol returned from their 1966, six-month journey to Europe, they had stopped by West Point to visit Sacha Germer (wife of the deceased Karl Germer, Frater Saturnus). Sacha ran them off, being in an apparently demented state. So they returned to Los Angeles, where Capricornus conferred with Shem. She told him the library was under the care of an insane person and that she wanted the books "soon."

Shem had one of the nicest, kindest, most benevolent personalities that you could possibly ever encounter, but underneath, his basic character was sadistic. One day, in 1965, Capricornus went to Shem for some dental procedure. Shem medicated her with the strongest stuff in his pharmaceutical arsenal: Demerol, Seconal, Vistaril, & Scopalomine - a heavy sedative mixture and "truth serum." It worked for the dentistry, but Capricornus was in a semi-hypnotic state for over 24 hours. The point is, Shem enjoyed mixing and administering intravenous sedation cocktails (sometimes even to himself).

So it came to pass that Shem and a few of his students went to West Point, grabbed the old lady, and Shem administered one of his famous mixtures. Shem sat holding Sacha's hand while the others loaded up many of the books. Although there had been reports of how Mrs. Germer had been beaten, Shem insisted that she had been treated in a very gentle manner. Regardless of his viewpoint, the administration of unwanted, potent drugs is considered to be battery.

Shem described to Shiva, in great detail, how Sacha reacted, for this was the crux of his tale, the thing that had impressed and haunted him for many years. "She thought I was Karl Germer," he said. "She kept calling me 'Karl,' and I felt as if I actually was her husband."

And so the books quietly made their way into the Solar Lodge library, along with piles of other books that were bought, begged, borrowed, or liberated from other sources. We have given this subject some length as it is a key point in the overall story. Other groups always felt that Solar Lodge was the group that plundered the library, and it turns out that they were right. Unfortunately, virtually all this material was destroyed in the fiery destruction of Solar Ranch in 1969.

A few items survived; for example, Anubis said (in 1981) that he had a copy of the Crowley-Germer correspondence. It has recently become well known that the son of Anubis had joined the "Caliphate." As a token of his sincerity (?) importance (?), lineage (?) [choose the appropriate word], he gave them this correspondence that really isn't so exotic – several other groups also had/have copies of the same material.

It turned out that Shem had become an alcoholic. Deprived of his wide collection of pharmaceuticals, he turned to strong (20% alcohol) wine. Each day after working, he always had to visit the market where he would get a bottle of the cheapest and most powerful wine. One day he said, "I'm not even hungry any more. All I want is this stuff." This was an ominous omen, as nothing is more ruinous to the mystic than a constant intake of alcohol. Well, perhaps methamphetamine is just as bad, or worse, as we shall see further on in this tale.

The Resurfacing of Frater Kuat

Mont and his wife and their three children were living in San Diego.

Mont took it into his mind to contact Frater Kuat, who was known to also be living in San Diego, where he had lived all of his life.

Kuat became affiliated with Solar Lodge in 1967, when they hosted "A Night on the Nile," a grand party in the Aegyptian style, complete with food, drink, and rituals. In celebration of the restoration of the new tong-house Mansion on Menlo Avenue, they invited everyone they knew who remotely had an interest in metaphysics. About seventy people – the members, their friends, and their family members - showed up for the metaphysical meeting of the decade. Shiva put vodka into the communal punch bowl, and Shem (in his usual mad-poisoner mode) put a heavy dose of LSD into the same Paroketh. Paroketh = (Hebrew - A "Bowl" or "Covering"). Essentially it went quite well. However:

Kuat had been washing dishes in his parent's skilled-nursing facility since was three years old (please refer to child labor laws). He fell in rapport with Capricornus right away – after all, she was a dishwasher! He eventually became the only member of Solar Lodge who came and went on a regular basis. He would visit the Lodge (in Los Angeles, the Desert, Mexico, Livingstone, Las Vegas, and Texas) for a while, then return to his adventures at the family home base in San Diego.

His adventures were pharmaceutically-based. As a child, he promoted friendship with other children by offering various substances, a gesture that he continued throughout his life. At the age of 8, he organized and presented the first of his famous Grand Parties. Entertainers were hired, food was prepared, and most of the little kiddies attending had their consciousness altered with one gift or another from child Kuat.

Kuat was particularly close to Capricornus, essentially acting as her "personal servant." In 1989, and thereafter, he became the source of information on the workings and history of the tong since. Hold on to your hat - here are some of his amazing reports:

And then the day came when Capricornus "took her seat in the East." This bizarre tale is related in detail as follows:

The Strange Death of Capricornus

One day in July of 1984, Capricornus was not feeling well and Kuat drove her in her Cadillac to see an Oriental acupuncturist in town. The acupuncturist treated her and said that she needed some herbal potassium mixture that he would prepare.

"But," he said, "You cannot come to the office. Meet me in the alley behind the office in two hours."

Kuat and Capricornus pulled into the alley two hours later, and the acupuncturist delivered a black, liquid mixture in a bottle, the exact nature of which was never determined. Capricornus drank the liquid. Then they went home.

Shortly after arriving home, Capricornus began to complain of various, severe symptoms. She wanted to go to the hospital. Several members got her into the Cadillac and started driving toward the hospital. Kuat knew immediately what was happening, and he didn't want to go along on this trip. Kuat was raised in a skilled-nursing facility. He had seen many deaths.

On the way to the hospital, Capricornus said, "I can't breathe. Open the windows!" The windows were rolled down, but to no avail. When they arrived at the hospital, Capricornus was DOA.

After the death of Capricornus, Sol was drunk most of the time as he cavorted around town in his newly-purchased, flashy convertible, accompanied by various "girlfriends" who appeared to be "professionals." Sol died four years after Capricornus.


The New Tong(s)

Over the years, Artemis had a few mild, wild adventures with Shiva and his associates, but she needed some real hair-raising experiences. Let us see what she got into, and to what it led:

In 1992, with Shiva’s blessing, she enrolled in The Temple of Thelema, a break-away tong derived from a Solar Lodge degeneration, Ordo Thelema, led by one Frater M. He was a III° Master Magician of Solar Lodge who took an "opportunity" when the Lodge was dispersed and hiding under the radar of the F.B.I.

M gained unauthorized access to the Solar Lodge document repository, grabbed copies of the Initiation and Information papers (all of them, including the IX°), jumped into his Karman Ghia, and drove down to his hometown - where he promptly ran into the back of a truck and lost all of his front teeth! - An interesting example of instant karma.

Upon recovery, he opened a bookstore, where he sold books, promoted and administered initiations through Ordo of Thelema, collected money, bought land, and made the acolytes work long hours for free. He had learned all this by example from Capricornus.

In 1993, M told Shiva on the phone, "You know, I have my own order. But, I assure you, it's pretty tame compared to the experiences that we had. Give me a call, and maybe we can get together for coffee some day."

Being III°, he knew about, and was able to administer, the first three degrees. But, even though he had the papers for the higher degrees, he was unable to use them or to communicate their essence.

According to Frater Kuat, who was observing all this from a distance, people said, "Okay. What's next?" There was nothing next, that's what! People came, saw the show, and then left. But they kept doing this in a stream for many years.

Some of M's students did the same thing to him. They took the papers and went off and formed The Temple of Thelema, where they promoted and administered initiations, collected money, bought land, and made the acolytes work long hours for free.

Artemis joined this horribly-degenerated tong Temple and received the 0°. She was then told to report every weekend to perform gardening tasks. After a few weeks of this, Artemis confronted the tongolites and said, "Hey! When are we going to do some Magick? You know, rituals and other spiritual activities?" She was told, "You're not ready for that yet." Artemis quit.

These organizations are still in existence and their names have been altered to protect the innocent and the guilty alike.

After that adventure, Artemis took three journeys to study with the Shamans of the Amazon River, completed her formal initiation into Peruvian Shamanism, studied under a 93 year old Hopi Elder Medicine Man, and attended numerous "secret" North American rituals, including the infamous Sun Dance (remember when you saw Richard Harris suspended in A Man Called Horse?).


.The Last Spin around L.A.

In mid-2004, Shiva was in Los Angeles for a Karate tournament. He was no longer a competitor (tournament competion is not permitted after 50 years of age), but had been trained as a tournament judge. With some free time on his hands, he took a drive through the old neighborhoods – all of them.

The original Solar Lodge properties on 30th Street had been demolished to make way for new apartment buildings. The Grand Solar Lodge, and adjacent mansions, on Menlo Avenue had been demolished to make way for new apartment buildings. The Acupuncture College in Los Angeles, that he had attended and eventually directed, had been demolished to make way for a hotel. The Acupuncture College in Santa Monica, that he had administered, had been demolished to make way for new office buildings. Well, there would certainly be no more slumming around, visiting the sites of his earlier endeavors.

Summarium Est
This is the Summary

In Memoriam

D Frater Christopher, student extraordinaire, the first casualty in the infamous Solar Lodge, had, over his years before Solar Lodge, consumed too much Stramonium (Datura) herbal tea. His father, a physician, had warned him (after his 7th – almost fatal – episode) that the next dose would probably kill him. He was a probationer and was given his final dose of this horrible brew by Frater R, when they were both on guard duty at Solar Ranch following the arrest of thirteen members for "child abuse" in the famous Boy in the Box phenomenon. Frater Christopher wandered off into the desert, in an altered state of consciousness, and his body was discovered two days later.

D Frater Rona, member of the II°, was asleep one evening in the passenger seat of a tong vehicle that was travelling at a moderately high speed. When the car negotiated a long curve, Rona woke up, perceived (wrongly) that the vehicle was out of control, opened the car door, and stepped out at 50 miles per hour.

D Soror Sekhmet, member of the IX°, high priestess of the Gnostic Mass, went out the "back door" one evening. Her body was found months later in a remote desert location and she had left a note vaguely referring to "Doing her Will." Circumstances suggested suicide, and there was no evidence of foul play.

D Frater Shem, member of the VIII°, engineer (who was the discoverer of airborne radiation from Soviet Union nuclear testing), dental surgeon, grand architect of the Solar Ranch facility, and fugitive from the underworld, died peacefully in 1986 during an afternoon nap at his home in a remote location on San Juan Island, Washington. He was 56 years old.

D Soror Capricornus, Grand Master of Solar Lodge, known by some as Ma Barker and her Gang, the Guru who turned to materialism and (virtual) slavery, died in 1984, apparently from lung disorders. She was survived by a small group of six members who faded into obscurity somewhere in Texas.

D Frater Sol, V°, retired high school-teacher (civics), the Court Jester and the Great Embarrassment of Solar Lodge, the run-around husband of Capricornus, passed away 4 years after his wife.

D The infamous Dr. A, Master Mason, dental surgeon, potential restorer of the Nazi party - based on new, metaphysical insights, but on old, separatist, ideologies, passed away in ~2000.

In Honorarium or Dishonorarium

I Frater Taurus, member of the I°, supporter of Solar Lodge in its formative years of 1965-66, was the first member to go out the "front door" (even though he physically exited via the back door) by confronting the Guru. He told Capricornus that, " I love everyone, but I won't be coming around any more." Capricornus said, "You can't quit!" Taurus replied, "Oh no? Watch me." He walked out, and went on to become an administrator for a large city. He is now retired and living in a nice, rural location with his wife, a dog pack, and some chickens.

I Frater Mont, member of the III°, member of the 8th level of Star System, empowered at Level 3 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), Lord of the Aegyptian Armory, is (presumably) still living in Mexico, his native country. A devoted supporter and sustainer of Solar Lodge, he became the right-hand-man of the Lodge when Frater Shiva surrendered this position. A devoted supporter and sustainer of The Order of the Phoenix, the "inner order" of Star System, he went on to take the Oath of Magister, but refused to accept any students. A devoted supporter and sustainer of his family, he will do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling.

I Frater Kuat, member of the III°, empowered at Level 3 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), the eternal party-maker, suffered certain physical vehicle disorders, continued exuberant pharmaceuticalism, and was finally diagnosed as psychotic (a condition that has been supplanted by chronic depression after total withdrawal from pharmaceutical dependence). He lives in a nursing home.

I Frater Shiva, member of the IX°, former Grand Secretary General of Solar Lodge, member of the 9th level of Star System, empowered at Level 9 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), The Voice of Arcania, is retired and living in New Mexico. He currently offers powerful, healing energy Empowerments to individual seekers, either in person or telepathically-induced, and provides physical and spiritual consultation via the agency of a client's energy field (aura).


Sure. Why not?

The original Tong has faded into secluded obscurity.

We hope you have enjoyed this True Tale of Initiation and High Adventure.
Reduced considerably in size from the original manuscripts

We now return full control of consciousness to your mind.


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