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1994 by Sirius Star System, San Diego, California



Star System Publication in Class C



ComRelatio, Magus
LightBlazer, Magister
Artemis, Magister

Shiva, Philosopher


This Book was written as a guide to the Solar Angel operation for an initiate who had recently received the 5 (Magician) and was preparing to commence the central working of that grade.

Given under the Seal of the Level 5 Magician


Now the time has come for you to perform that Great Experiment known as the Invocation of the Solar Angel. Herein you may use all or part of each and every Magickal or Yogic Art you have mastered. There is no rule, procedure, or direct guidance from your teacher, guru, or link in this matter, yet general guidelines appear in the literature for your review and benefit.

Having found such published guidelines to be excessively demanding and overly intricate, I herewith set forth my own observations, experiences, and suggestions for your use, but even as I do, I call your attention to the fact that you have passed into a sphere where your operational directions must come from within.

An Introduction

Throughout the centuries, various cultures and societies have presented concepts relative to direct Soul-contact. The Soul has been given many names, including those we know as the Solar Angel and the Holy Guardian Angel. Many persons call this Angel by the term "Higher Self," and from a certain perspective this is true, for the Angel represents a "higher" aspect of our "lower," three-dimensional self.

From the initiatory viewpoint, the Higher Self is that part of us which resides beyond the great abyss - the Supernal Triad it has been called, and the Spiritual Triad as well. From an even higher perspective, the Higher Self is the Monad, the Star-essence of our being from which the Triad comes forth. Correlation to the upper three spheres of the Tree of Life is here implied, and it is this Triad that projects a part of itself into matter.

Descending level by level, our Higher Self sets a guardian at each rung on the ladder of consciousness and empowers that sentry with a secret word. When we come climbing back up, the guard at each level will let us pass only when we can reproduce the original word. And, of course, if we sound the word, then we become the guardian (again) and re-enter the realm (well, at least one of them) from whence we came.

But as to the nature and location of the Soul. Is it a higher aspect of our persona? Or is it an independent, angelic being? Perhaps it is merely one of the guardians mentioned above? Hopefully, you will not become faint and airy as I tell you, "It is all three!"

When our original descent toward matter reached the midway point, we established a reference point at the sphere of the Sun upon the higher mental plane. This was (and is) the Causal body, the Soul - an energetic field that is maintained by an independent devic entity whose function is solely to "Guide and Protect." Thus the title, "Holy Guardian Angel."

From this Causal realm our Soul sends forth a projection of itself into matter, and we are incarnated. We then live a life-time, essentially separated in consciousness from Angels and Monads. Upon the demise of the physical body, the sum-total of the life-time experience is absorbed back into the Soul. Additional projections into matter create more life-times; the subsequent deaths donate ever more experience into the Causal body. This is the process of evolution.

Somewhere in this ongoing cycle of life and death, the Soul comes to the point where it has absorbed enough experience to sound the Call to Return and we come to that life-time in which we dimly remember something about the nature of the Soul and set out to consciously re-unite with it. Thus begins the process of initiation.

Many incarnations pass as we tread the path of return. The search for the Soul winds through the temples of many false gods. Yet, piece by piece we build a true temple. We receive instruction from teachers and associate with other Soul-seekers. We polish and refine our outer vehicle so that it will become capable of re-union. This refinement is the work of what we call the Outer Order, and when it is complete we are ready to perform the Great Work.

The Great Work is the attainment of the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. The Great Work is the invocation of the Solar Angel. The Great Work is the harmonization of above and below, of inner and outer, of personality and Soul.

Review of the Literature

There is a multitude of text available that deals with spiritual matters, but only a few selections bear directly on this issue of Solar invocation. Philosophy, inspiration, and theory have their place, but what we want is the direct line, the How-to-do-it material.

In your training in the outer order, surely you heard tales and read biographical material relative to the Solar Angel operation. Stories of the Saints have given you an overview of the art. Now comes the hour of opening the final books, for with the exception of two additional books, your reading is almost complete. These two additional books are (1) Your own Solar operation, and (2) The message your Angel will deliver unto you.

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is the classical western text of the Holy Guardian Angel operation. Its lengthy and detailed instructions have proven to be overly complex in the light of current information, yet the review of this book is appropriate for an understanding of the ancient method of attainment upon which our relatively more-efficient, contemporary rites are based.

It has been said (and, based on my own observations, I deny it not), that unless one is determined and prepared to undertake this holy operation, that it is foolish and dangerous to even have this book in your environment. And if it does come into your possession, it is wise to keep it tightly wrapped in wool at all times except when you are actually reading it. This is due to the presence of the talismans in the last part of the book - They are potent to cause physical and psychic disturbances, and you must never utilize them unless you have actually contacted your Angel and subsequently subjugated the demonic forces that activate and animate these storehouses of power.

The Vision and the Voice, specifically the 8th Aethyr, gives instruction for invoking the Angel. Similar in style to Abramelin's system, this method requires less time and bypasses the talismanic aspect.

In The Rays and the Initiations, as well as other texts by The Tibetan, you will find several excellent discourses on the nature and invocation of the Solar Angel. I highly recommend them for your study, for they provide insight and balance that might be lacking if you solely pursue Abramelin or the 8th Aethyr.

It has also been said that one should have received admission to the Inner Order on the physical plane through a representative of an ancient and viable lineage before one commences this operation. And to me, this makes sense, but I cannot say if it is absolutely necessary. In your case, this has already been accomplished and thus, for you, the matter is merely academic.

The Essence of the Art

Each text and instruction of this sacred Art varies somewhat from its companions, yet there are common elements - the study of which will benefit us all in getting to the Heart of the matter:

First, there is a period of Preliminary Training. Whether this is yoga, meditation, mental discipline, or some other science, the point is that one is capable of following through with the invocation of the Angel only when sufficient capacity for prolonged concentration has been developed.

Next comes the Selection of the Temple. The various texts describe small cottages and/or special rooms complete with windows in specified directions or in the roof. The details matter less than the fact that one obtains a house or room which is used solely for this Art.

The Labor of Preparation involves the cleaning, painting, and arrangement of the Temple and its purification (banishing), as well as the gathering of the instruments, garments, furniture, and other items to be used in the rite. A blank book or magickal record is to be included. An attentive magician will ensure that each item is purified by water and fire before it is placed in the Temple. Regardless of the style of the Temple, once it is prepared no other person should be allowed to enter - although a menial is sometimes permitted to enter in order to clean it.

An Oath to commence and complete this invocation is written out and perhaps placed in the magickal record, and when the operation commences this Oath is uttered and signed.

Guided by meditation, An Invocation of the Solar Angel is written.

Eventually one begins The Ongoing Rite which typically includes performing the invocation a few times each day, increasing to the point where it is virtually continual. The secret is to Invoke Often.

The operation continues, for six months, or ninety-one days, or some other time-based figure, until the day of The Final Rite arrives. On this day, it is promised by the various authors, the Angel will appear and the magician will write down the ensuing conversation.

Variations of the Rite

Since various experts set forth different styles of temple, procedures, and time factors, we must conclude that the specifics are not as important as the overall outline, and each magician must design his or her own Ritual.

My Experience in this Matter

For your benefit, I will now set forth my own story of Invocation, complete with comments, notes, explanations, and addendum, for I am neither Abraham nor Abramelin; I am not the Angel of the 8th Aethyr, nor am I Perdurabo, a Bailey-person, or a Tibetan Master.

I Am a Magician of the latter portion of the 20th century who has performed that which is written above, and my experience in this matter may assist you in determining your own course of action in a more efficient manner.


At the age of twenty-three years, in the city of Los Angeles, I found myself having survived military training in the United States Army, five and one-half years of college, and two years of intensive martial arts training.

I also found myself investigating the outer edges of the metaphysical realm.

In the Summer of 1964, I performed my probationary ritual of ceremonial self-initiation, being the Application for initiation on the inner plane.

I Am The Neophyte

One year later, in a remote area of the Mojave desert appropriately called Last Chance Canyon, I was entered into the Ritual of the Neophyte, being the first actual initiation on the inner. After a series of unending ordeals in hell, a Samadhi occurred. In this I came to understand the true nature of Adam, the first man. But I was wandering in the wasteland, apart from the fabled garden.

Shortly thereafter, I was granted initiation into the Minerval and Man of Earth (1) degrees of the ancient Order of The Temple, a fraternal organization which purported to reveal the secrets of practical Magick through ceremonial initiation and rigorous training in nine degrees.

I Am The Metaphysician

My second initiation on the inner planes was at the Spring Equinox of 1966. Deep in the Mojave desert, I made a ceremonial invocation of the Aegyptian sky goddess, Nuit. The following few months saw magical wars of a severe nature and I was eventually forced into the classical walk with bleeding feet across the wild, barren wasteland on the physical plane, which incidentally included the Magician and Master Magician degrees of the Order of The Temple, received under extreme duress and in extremely dangerous conditions.

At the end of that dreadful ordeal, the work of building the Temple began. First as a tent, then as a mobile home, and finally as a permanent structure.

By 1966, I had passed through the remaining degrees of the Order of The Temple, up to and including the reception, in full ceremonial ordeal, of the initiation and the secret of the Sanctuary of The Gnosis (IX). For several years, I was the Grand Secretary General of the Order.

I Am The Scientist

By 1969, my third initiation on the inner planes had occurred. Fire, hostile and deadly confrontations, fleeing the destroyed temple; high adventure indeed, but an end to what had been. In September of 1969, I moved to Mexico, where I worked High Magick and labored on a pig farm.

I Am The Philosopher

In March of 1971, I left Mexico and entered Canada where my fourth initiation on the inner planes took place. I contacted, and spoke with, my Solar Angel; it was only a brief encounter, but enough for me to receive the message that I must leave the Outer Order (The Order of The Temple) in order to truly enter the one Inner Order.

I determined that it was time to undertake the Solar Angel operation, and began to gather the necessary instruments. But it was not to be that easy. The Labor of Preparation eventually consumed three years!

In March of 1972, I returned to the United States, officially left the Order of the Temple, and by September 23 of that year, in Los Angeles, I stood at the crossroads of my life.

I Am The Magician

Tiphereth is so beautiful. It means "beauty and harmony". For the initiate, it indicates the ideal time to perform the ceremony of the invocation of the Solar Angel. What happened in my life, mystics call the Beautific Vision. Harmony prevailed throughout my personal associations, my workplace environment, and in my consciousness.

In June of 1974, I was searching for a suitable Temple. Through interesting and synchronistic circumstances I was led to a large, well-maintained, and inexpensive apartment that contained a newly painted room that was suitable for the ritual. It took much labor to purify the Temple and furnish it with the consecrated implements. I essentially followed the directions of the 8th Aethyr, but took many liberties in modifying the specifics contained in that instruction.

At the same time, I was attracted to an advanced (beyond my level by one degree) teacher of magic. She was an initiate of the Ashram of the Tibetan Master and she taught and trained students in the art of channeling. It took me but a short time to develop this ability, and one evening the Master contacted me strongly and directly. He indicated that I should work with her, and he gave me information by word and picture on the energetics of group instruction - I was to assist her in her public and private meetings.

Now this presented no difficulty to me in terms of what she represented and taught, for this was a line of the Great White Brotherhood and was compatible with my previous studies. The only conflict was in time management - I could not pour my focus into her work and into my Solar operation. I knew that such a dual approach would surely divide my energy and lead to inefficiency and failure in both arenas. So, I increased my Solar efforts in an attempt to complete this rite that was the culmination of eleven years of training ... then I would turn my full attention to assisting in the development of the Ashram.

And that is exactly the way it went down.

I worked in the market-place as a teacher for five hours each day, and devoted the rest of my time to the Great Work.

By September 23 of 1974, the Solar Angel operation was completed. Venturi, the Phoenix, arose in the fifth ceremonial initiation, and that which follows herewith is the Magickal Record of that Rite . . .

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