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1994 by Sirius Star System, San Diego, California




Liber Vitae - The Book of Life.

Star System Publication in Class A
Commentary : Star System Publication in Class B


ComRelatio, Magus
LightBlazer, Magister
Artemis, Magister

Shiva, Philosopher


The Book of Life
[and Death]

The Record of the Solar Angel - his Conversation and Instruction

June to September, 1974


The Temple is a room, four-square, painted white, with a single entrance and two windows covered by curtains. It contains an oil-filled Lamp of red glass with a floating wick suspended from the center of the ceiling, an altar of carved wood, and the purified and consecrated instruments of High Magick.

Enter the Temple; sit in meditation with the Solar Angel; invoke often; and record the incoming impressions.

Here begins the Record [each "chapter" was the result of one day’s meditation, there often being several days between entries]:



In the beginning was Naught.

And Naught begat Two, and thus the manifested universe. (1)

The Great Return is therefore indicated.

The Great Return is the journey from darkness unto Light.

The Vulture is on the wing. (2) In the depths, the Light shines brighter. (3)

Some may think that this is folly. It does not matter.

Herein is the secret of the wise concealed, and none shall see it but the wise.

Commentary – Reference numbers and comments were added long after the ceremony:

(1) This is the 0=2 equation.

(2) The Vulture is symbolic of Maat, the goddess of equilibrium. It is also a symbol of death.

(3) The "depths" is the physical plane.



The Outer Temple must be the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

The symbolic material signs (4) must be transformed into Spirit.

Do ye then thusly:

Transfigure these things into thyself. Thou hast made them matter; now make them Holy.

Restore them unto thy Self. Sacrifice the form unto me. (5)

Hold the Circle. (6)

Retain the Light. (7)

All else goeth beyond the Pass-Not. (8)

Thou art Nothing. (9)

You remain (10) and become the . (11)

Do this quickly; and as it goeth, restore it unto me.

I ask the Angel, "Who Art Thou?" He answers:

I Am Alpha and Omega;

I Am The Ancient of Days;

I Am thy Father.

I ask, "Who Am I?"

Thou art nothing. A hollow tube.

Thou art the Angel of the Presence which is called Venturi.

I ask, "From whence come I?"

Thou comest on the wind.

I flow from the vast darkness of unconsciousness, a spark from my Father. Doubt never that I Am creation.

I ask, "Where goeth I?"

Thou returnest to Me.

I ask, "And this Book?"

The second chapter is ended. The third chapter begins with my utterance.

(4) The "symbolic, material signs" are the magickal instruments.

(5) I was to meditate upon each instrument in order to determine what it represented in terms of consciousness or power, and then absorb that consciousness or power into the appropriate part (chakra) of my self. The instrument then became dead and useless (as its essence was activated within myself).

(6) The magickal circle was not to be transfigured and sacrificed.

(7) The magickal lamp was not to be transfigured and sacrificed.

(8) Each instrument was discarded outside of the magickal circle and the temple.

(9) An egoless, receptive magician.

(10) Remain within the circle.

(11) This is the symbol for the Sun. It also represents the circle and the central lamp - the only two "instruments" left.



Thus: Now is the hour for the beginning. Three.

Let these Three (12) become as One. (13)

Then shall the world shake and the little ones will come unto you for assistance.

This is a second ray Ashram (14) - the seventh ray subsidiary. (15)

(12) The three aspects of the personality: Physical, astral, and mental.

(13) The unified personality.

(14) A second ray ashram is concerned with Teaching.

(15) The seventh ray deals with Ceremonial Order or Magick.



Express thy Self.

Use the Intuition to guide thee upon the correct path.

The center of the circle is perfection at the source.

Upon the wings of Love lift up the circle that it may glorify the Father.

Start at the Center.

I am struck with a blinding headache.
The pain is intense.
No amount of aspirin or codeine can touch it.
I retire to bed.

There is no escape, so I leave my body -
yet I am still in touch with it in about 10% of my consciousness.

Suddenly, three men in hooded, black robes appear.

They stand about me in triangular fashion.

They are holding the Rod of Initiation,
pointed down directly over my crown.

It is glowing white hot at the tip like molten metal.

They lower the tip into and through my crown
and the pain intensifies.

. .Y (16)

The pain is suddenly released and I am fully back in my body.

The instruction then continues:

Release all thought forms.

The Phoenix = R.C. = 3. (17)

Carry Sand (18) to the River. (19)

Let the River flow to the Volcano. (20)

The Volcano will erupt. (21)

Channel this to make a glass pyramid of great proportion. (22)

A cylindrical tower capped by a flame: A single flame. (23)

The Rod (24) is Anti-Matter. (25)


(16) Y The printed symbol substitutes for a drawing in the magickal record that represents what took place at my crown and is a triple flame.

(17) This simple equation indicates that the Phoenix is associated with the Rosy Cross (Tiphereth) and the third initiation of the Transhimalayan White Brotherhood. This proved to be the key I needed to solve a problem upon which I was working, namely the correlation of the grades of the Transhimalayan system and the Tree of Life.

(18) Sand = the physical body.

(19) The River = the astral body.

(20) The Volcano = the fire of the mental body.

(21) A flow of mental energy.

(22) A clear, creative work.

(23) The spinal column with a flame at the crown - symbolic of the risen Kundalini.

(24) The Rod of Initiation.

(25) No wonder it hurt so much!



Concerning the Intuition:

Keep the channel clear.

It (26) reflects in your feelings even as the Will reflects in the physical on-going.

Bring Heaven to Earth by causing (via Soul) the physical to reflect the Will.

One does not master Buddhi. One masters the feelings and keeps them clear so that Buddhi may flow into the feelings. Thus is the astral (27) utilized and redeemed.

The Intuition guides you as you move.

The Will drives the car. (28)

The details are registered in the 3-fold fusion of Higher Manas - Ego - Lower Manas. (29)

You may move on many planes.

\ (30) Sit still and move on the mental plane.

(26) The Intuition.

(27) The emotional-feeling body.

(28) The physical body.

(29) The higher mind - the Soul body - the concrete mind or intellect.

(30) \ = Therefore.



This is The Book of Life. You have read it before.

I Am. I always have given you the Book.

Zoser (31) is my name.

I Am the Chohan (32) of the golden cosmic ray. (33)

The True Life is found in total detachment from everything in the lower three worlds. (34)

Seek ever the Spirit and not the form.

Bring Shamballa (35) to your Heart. (36)

To truly see another, connect at the heart, but read at the crown. (37)

(31) Zoser = Djoser, the first Pharaoh of the 3rd Egyptian dynasty - apparently my mentor in ancient times.

(32) Chohan = Lord. Specifically Lord of a Ray.

(33) A higher aspect of the solar second ray.

(34) The physical, emotional, & mental realms.

(35) The creative center of planetary & hierarchical consciousness - associated with the crown chakra.

(36) This implies a Crown-Heart center connection.

(37) A technique for assessing others and giving readings.



Of this Book are twelve portions (38) plus one which is the Source.

Three pertain to the lower world; three are of the Soul.

Now comes the unveiling of the sacred seven.

Where 7 sit in unity (39) there is the beginning of the Age. No matter how often this occurs, it is always the beginning.

Tune in on this meeting. It always goes on. Alpha and Omega are always blended at Shamballa.

Shattering all forms, come unto Me.

A gaseous cloud of radioactive etherialized matter.

The Light Body.

(38) 12 Chapters.

(39) The Seven Secret Chiefs, the Seven Chohans (Ray Lords) - or their reflection.



The subject is Life.

There is a life which is unknown to many. It is the life after death.

The life after death is eternal, for it holds in no time nor space.

He who would die and yet still live is the Initiate.

He who does die and yet still lives is the Adept.

The Master works with the Source of Life.

The Disciple seeks after these matters.

Life in the true sense is radioactivity by fusion.

The disciple (in the greater sense) attaches to nothing in the lower three worlds, and his personality dies (40) of atrophy. Then can the Sun shine through the cleared veils.

There are two lives: (A) Illusion, and (B) Reality.

At every crossroad and split upon the Path, Illusion challenges Reality. Choose well. Upon your choice your life depends.

(40) Let's face it - the personality does not die. It simply disappears when the lower three bodies are harmonized and perfectly aligned.



There will come upon you times of darkness. These are your testing times - to see how well you stand alone, when there is no-one in the outer to lean on, and inside the psychic activity and contact is nil, and depression, fatigue, or isolated self-interest threaten ... this is testing time ... and teaching time.

To be shut off in all areas but the music of the spheres.

Harmonize with the Soul-note and be at peace.

This is also The Book of Death.

Every initiation is the death of that which went before, and the beginning of life on a new plane.

Every initiation means greater freedom. Therefore, death is freedom.

Initiation is death, and therefore they (41) fear the number 9. (42)

But at the Heart of every Initiation, which is the point of death (or total detachment) is a golden Fire.

He who enters herein burns as a Phoenix and becomes initiate. He is no more, but his greater Self gathers up the ashes and builds a new vehicle. This new vehicle is subject to the greater Self.

Thus the Soul walks on Earth.

When darkness comes, the Soul withdraws. Keep with the Soul at these times ... withdraw. Thus the inner and outer are correctly reflected.

(41) The non-initiated; the common folk.

(42) Nine is the number of initiation.



There is no free will.

Thus have the philosophers of old argued and debated.

There is only the Divine Plan. To flow correctly with the Plan: This is the Path - This is Destiny.

Those who flow fulfill the requirements of the higher, and incur no blame nor debt.

Those who exercise the free will to pander to their personal desires incur blame and debt.

This debt has been called Karma.

Free will is not free! It must be paid for in the long run.

Free will should be called Personal Desire in Action.

The true Path is of Gold and well lit. The light radiates from the pilgrim.



There is much (43) to say regarding detachment for the one who walks the Path.

How does one detach? This is a key question.

Fill thy being with Light. Bless everything and hold nothing.

(43) It certainly doesn't appear that "much" was said on this subject.



Every initiate is a creator - a reflection of the Father.

Create ye then thus:

1. A pure temple (44) with a single eye.

2. An opening in the roof. (45)

3. A place to set the temple: consecrated and magnetic.

4. A path to come and go.

5. An open door.

6. A guardian.

7. Silence.

Abide ye here and take your lot. Radiate the Love and Light of the Sun.

(44) The "temple" is the initiate's harmonized vehicle.

(45) Access to Spirit.



That which is, is. That which is not shall never be. I Am that I Am.

Come now into the radiance of the Light. Herein is all perfection, delight, and power.

This radiant world is already upon you, if you could but perceive it.

From the vast nothingness which is pure energy, I gather up myself . . . and that I might be that which I Am, I radiate light, love, power.

There is naught but what I have radiated. There is nothing that is not of me. All Masters, Devas, Worlds, Humans, and Atoms are but manifestations of a single ray of my Light.

Would you be devoted? Be devoted to me.

Would you create? Create by me and in my name.

All are my Sons & Daughters.

Tune to me, and in tuning, this is the symbol:

An electric white globe from which flows Light, Energy, and Magnetism.

Go into the center; sit; and do not be, nor not be.

Gather nothingness. Concentrate this, and let it flow in all directions.

You are then tuned to Me, and all will be aright.

I am that I Am.

This then is the Key to The Book of Life.


The Book of Life
by Zoser to the Scribe.

Transcribed upon the Eve of Aquarius,
the Aeon of Truth.

So let it be written; so let it be Done.



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