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1994 by Sirius Star System, San Diego, California




Shortly after completing the Solar Angel operation, the spell of Tiphereth was broken and I passed out into service unto the ashram of the Tibetan Master wherein I grew in stature and power as I approached the sixth initiation. In 1977, I expressed it like this:

I stood upon the Mountain top
and there became all things.
The first man I was, not an Angel,
for I had not yet my wings.

I looked upon the Face of God,
masked by cloud and Sun,
and was admitted by the Rod
as a new-born Child of Light.

I have gazed upon Taptharath
with his army straight from hell.
I have gazed directly at his face
and raised the wand and bell.

The elements subdued, I went my way
seeking the Light within,
and behold: The face of the Sun
shining without Sin.

He and I became as One, and I,
walked away from Astral holes,
and left the mysteries on high,
entering into the Palace of Souls.

Beholding again the face of Grace
standing upon a ridge. He said:
Go now from before my face
and shed my Light into the dark.

He is who he is, a Soul thrice-born:

on Earth by woman mother.
Then again in the Lodge,
and thrice by no other
than the Lady of the Stars

... And so the higher path was entered.

Now walking well upon the way,
the goal seems high formidable.
The supreme task of the adept-elect:
bringing order to chaos inhospitable.



Having set this all down, I must now be forthright and declare that these methods are demonstrations of the so-called Patriarchal system. That is, they are authored by men. Nowhere in the Literature does a woman stand forth and proclaim that she has accomplished the Art as described by Abramelin or through the directions of the 8th Aethyr.

In fact, I have never known, nor know of, any woman who has contacted her Solar Angel by extended ceremonial activity. The dynamic Capricornus - head mistress of Solar Lodge of the Order of the Temple, and Muriel Isis - the Matrix of The Lighted Way, were both women who were my teachers, and they both demonstrated higher consciousness - but they were channels who made their conscious inner connections through the agency of some male force* that gave them power or directed messages through them.**

* Capricornus carried on the work of Frater Aquarius; and Isis was contacted by Djwhal Khul.

** It must be noted that both Capricornus & Isis eventually fell from their "positions" and degenerated into dictatorship and muddledness, respectively.

We also note that in 1999, shortly before her death, Muriel Isis had full control of her magickal powers.

This does not mean (from my viewpoint) that women do not contact their Angel, but they do appear to make the connection through means other than ceremonial retirement.

H.P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey both went through modified retirements and various ordeals, and they did not appear to take the Big Fall; but the ceremonial aspect did not appear to be their method. Also, they were the instruments of the Masters Morya and Djwhal Khul, respectively.

So now, if you are setting your sights on feminine adeptship, you may be the first to do it in the ancient, male-oriented way. If you succeed in some other manner, I stand equally ready to listen to your tale.

When it comes time to Verify your results, there are certain ways to determine if you are fooling yourself. When one experiences a true and permanent contact with higher forces, there is a reluctance to speak about it for some time - Those who have an insight, and then rush about proclaiming "the truth" in a fanatical manner, have merely had their ego inflated or knocked off balance.

A contact made by a balanced personality is so overwhelming to the ego that it takes a long time to assimilate the energy and import of the event, and one's expression regarding the matter is held in Silence until the Light can be absorbed in a balanced manner by the lower self, and radiated without egoic influence to the world.

I also caution you strongly to not speak of your operation during its preparation or during its enactment. You do not need to waste any of your focused energy explaining your acts to anyone; and you certainly do not need anyone else's thoughtforms directed toward your efforts. In addition, no-one should be permitted to enter your Temple; this is for the protection of your Art as well as for their protection. We have heard of bystanders being blasted by the accumulated voltage, and in my rite, this truly occurred. In my absence, a lady entered my Temple to observe, and when I met her seven hours after her brief "peek," she was almost mindless and totally obsessed. Over and over, she repeated similar phrases such as, "That room! There was nothing in it, nothing special, but ... Oh! That room!"

She recovered within 24 hours and never mentioned the event again.

Now I have said that which must be said. I wish you well in your venture, and may the Angel be swift to respond to your call.

I Am ... yours in the Great Work,




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