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Book IV
Return of the Mysteries
Page 2


The Story Continues . . .


An Internal Aegyptian Adventure

Shiva had been experiencing a slight pain, a chronic ache, in his left mid-abdominal region. With no physical basis for this ailment, he decided to go within and seek its source. What he found was rooted in Ancient Aegypt; a "past life" presented in amazing clarity and wonder.

However, before we get into the details of this drama, let's define the "reincarnation" phenomenon. The subject of "Past Lives" (reincarnation, previous existences, etc.) always surfaces with students Here is how we explain the concept:

"There is no doubt that many people have historical, inner experiences that they often interpret as a past life. These experiences have several, possible explanations:

  1. They are direct memories, stored in the causal body (soul) of the person, and 'remembered' here and now in their present 'incarnation. Such memories imply unfinished business or karma.
  2. They are racial memories, transmitted in the DNA from ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc.), and brought to the surface of consciousness in the here and now. Such memories also imply unfinished (family, tribal, or racial) business or karma.
  3. They are universal memories, inscribed upon the etheric fabric of time and space (the so-called Akashik Record) by historical persons. They are not linked directly to any person, but merely 'picked up' (envisioned or experienced) by a person, just as if one were involved in an attention-grabbing movie. Such memories also imply unfinished (universal) business or karma – because if you can perceive it, then it's part of your consciousness, and (sorry about this) you are responsible for it!
  4. They are repressed complexes, (usually) gained during childhood traumas, wherein the issue was never resolved, but just faded away to be stored (repressed) in the subconscious mind. Later in life, the complex arises into the conscious mind, overlaid and mixed with "memories," of historical settings or the personas of figures from myths and fairy tales. Such memories also imply unfinished (psychological) business or karma.
  5. They are hallucinations and illusions. People who have these experiences are dangerous and are to be avoided. They are often associated with the Devil, and they are actually evil. They are to be reported to the office, and any means can be used to discredit them. If such 'memories' are hallucinatory, then a visit to the psychologist is indicated. Such 'reactions' (as cited) to this concept imply the presence of a religious fundamentalist with the mind of a brick; they too have to deal with their own karma.

It really doesn't matter which explanation you choose to believe, because the general metaphysical theory is that past lives are recapitulated in succeeding lifetimes. Thus, the karma (cause & effect) of a previous existence (Direct, DNA, or Akashik) gives rise to similar experiences that transfer the effect to the present person, usually in childhood, that unravel over a lifetime. Spiritual or Psychological – take your choice!"

Now, Shiva’s spiritual recollection is Aegyptian. Its "memory" is long, detailed and documented.

It is auspicious when one has "memories" of prior circumstances, and then those events can be found (confirmed) in historical records. See Great Grandfather Crowley's identification with Ankh-af-na-Khonsu, the Priest of the Princes, circa 500 BC, and his synchronistic confirmation ("proof") via artifacts mysteriously found by him in the Cairo Museum.

Shiva's memory was that of a very high-ranking soldier, and Vizier (Wazir or Viceroy) under several Pharaohs during a time of Cosmic Changeover from dynasties XVII to XVIII. This was also the source of the pain in his abdomen. Here is a brief historical review:

Intermediate Period II (Dynasties XIII to XVII: 1650-1550 BC)
Ruled by the Pharaohs, Sobekemsaf, Intef VII, Tao I, Tao II, and Kamose.

With the decline of the 13th Dynasty, Egypt lost its military power. Asian nomads had free entrance into a country which they considered a land of wealth and abundance.

Most of these Asians settled and became traders, farmers or craftsmen, but at least one of them, Khendjer, became a King. By the end of the 13th Dynasty, the Eastern Delta was populated with mostly Asians.

During the early 2nd Intermediate Period, a group of Asians, known as the Hyksos, established their own dynasties in Egypt. Little is known about their origins, or about the way they gained control over large parts of Egypt. It is commonly assumed that they invaded Egypt and overtook it by force.

By whatever means the Hyksos came into power in Egypt, they were largely accepted throughout the country as the ruling dynasty. They did, however, tolerate other dynasties to coexist with their own. At the end of the second Intermediate Period, the 17th Dynasty was ruled by an Egyptian house in Thebes. These were "The Lords of Thebes."

Around 1550 BC, the 17th Dynasty first started opposing the dominion of the Hyksos kings. A battle is dated to the reign of Kamose (son of Seqenenre – Tao II). Two stelae commemorate Kamose's struggle against the Hyksos and their vassals. But, it would be Kamose's younger brother and successor, Amosis, who would finally succeed in overthrowing the Hyksos. With his reign, a new period of prosperity and wealth would begin: the New Kingdom.


Now it was Shiva’s intention, in his little book, to relate the details of his unearthed "memory." But even as he was writing his book, even as he was merely looking at <SEARCH: Egypt "17th Dynasty"> that the following posted history made the top of the results list. And this despite the fact that he had researched the same material for years without sighting a single, historical reference that would back-up or confirm that "memory" he had experienced. He reviewed this document and he found that it would be convenient for him to say, "Hey! Look! They wrote (inscribed) this story about me!". **

** Do not purchase securities on the stock exchange based solely on this information.

The Beginning of the XVIIIth Dynasty and The New Kingdom

Details of the fall of Avaris are given in an inscription engraved on the wall of a tomb at El-Kab belonging to a warrior named 'Ahmose, Son of Abana.' Early in life, this person replaced his father Baba (Abana), who had served under Sekenenre (Seqenenre or Tao II, the penultimate pharaoh of the XVIIth Dynasty).

His own long military career started under pharaoh Amosis, when the king sailed north to attack the enemy. Promoted from one ship to another on account of his bravery, he fought on foot in the presence of his sovereign. On several occasions he received as a reward not only his male and female captives, but also the decoration known as the "Gold of Valor." The siege of the Hyksos fortress appears to have been no easy matter. This was followed by another siege, lasting no less than three years, at Sharuhen, a place in the south-west of Palestine mentioned in the Book of Joshua. This appears to have been the limit of Amosis's campaign in the Palestinian direction, for he had still to cope with usurpers in Nubia.

His brave henchman from El-Kab accompanied him everywhere, and he records a great slaughter in all the battles, plus further rewards to himself, including some fields in his own city.

Amosis's son and successor Amenophis I continued his father's policy, but with a difference. Up to this time the aim had been merely to restore Egypt within its legitimate borders, but now sprang up the desire 'to extend the boundaries.' The preoccupation of Amenophis was mainly with Nubia, in the campaign against which the warrior from El-Kab again took a distinguished part. Ahmose, the son of Abana, claims to have convoyed the king upstream and later, after the capture of the enemy chieftain, brought his royal master back to Egypt in two days. If this was true, the king himself could not have ventured very far afield. In this reign we encounter for the first time the title "King's Son of Cush." Already under Amosis, the future viceroy Turi is found as "Commandant of Wady Halfa." Under Amenophis he is described as "King's Son," an epithet to which was subsequently added "Overseer of Southern Lands."

Though his real name was 'Ahmose' (and 'Turi' only a nickname), there is no reason to think that either he or any other holder of the title was really a son of the reigning Pharaoh.

The Hyksos episode was not without effecting certain changes in the material civilization of Egypt. The most important of these was the adoption of the strong compound Asiatic bow, and the introduction of the horse and the horse-drawn chariot which played so large a part in the later history of the country.

At the death of Amenophis I (c. 1528 BC), the New Kingdom was well set on its course, and there followed more than a century and a half of unbroken prosperity. Thebes was paramount among the cities of Egypt, and Amen-Re, the principal deity at Karnak, at last vindicated his right to the title 'King of the Gods' which he had borne for so long.

The first official act of the next pharaoh, Tuthmosis I, was to send a prescript announcing his accession to Turi, who was still Viceroy in Nubia; in this he set forth at length the titulary by which he wished to be known, and which was to be used in connection with all offerings Turi might make to the gods, as well as in oaths to be sworn in his name.

A sober account to the campaign is given by our friend 'Ahmose of El-Kab' (Turi) himself, who related how he navigated the king's fleet over the rough Nile water when His Majesty, raging like a panther, transfixed the enemy chief's breast with his first arrow and carried him off to Thebes hung head downwards at the prow of the royal ship. A greater feat of arms was the expedition which penetrated across the Euphrates into Nahrin, the territory of the king of Mitanni, where a commemorative stelê was set up. A great slaughter was made and many prisoners taken. Turi, the veteran from El-Kab again took part, receiving a handsome reward in return for the horse and chariot which he had captured. On the journey back the king celebrated his success with an elephant hunt in the swampy region of Niy, near Apamea in Syria.

What a great story! Almost the proportion of myth. Now, according to Shiva’s memory, let's fill in the details:


Artis and Turi were brother and sister, born into a noble house of one of the Lords of Thebes. Their father was stern and efficient. Turi inherited those qualities. He grew up and became the right-hand man of the pharaoh. Turi’s forces (led in his name and often under his direction) defeated many of the invaders and made possible the beginning of the new age (Dynasty XVIII – The New Kingdom), in which Turi was a popular and honored dignitary.

Turi’s noble house, as well as the rest of the Lords of Thebes, were patrons of the Temple of Amoun-Ra (Amen-Re).

Amoun-Ra is basically a Jupiterian deity. It was the Priests of Jupiter who were the Chaldean imposters who stole the 13-day calendar and substituted the 12:60 ratio in 3187 BC – at the beginning of recorded history.

His sister, however, left the fold and became a Priestess in the Temple of Isis. Now Isis, although held in high regard, was a competitor of Amoun-Ra. This became a big problem when it was discovered that Turi was visiting (and later living with) his sister over in Isis's territory.

This was normal Aegyptian (as well as European) procedure. The bloodlines must be kept pure, so one married one's relatives.

This was unthinkable, but they (the Amoun-Ra priests - the tong masters) couldn't do much to him as he was very powerful, and a buddy of the pharaoh no less.

Eventually, all of the invaders were defeated, the New Age began, and things got quieter. Political bondings shifted, and the priests of Amoun-Ra decided it was time to teach Turi a lesson for consorting with the (religious) enemy. He was summoned to the Temple. As he entered, the doors were sealed behind him. He knew then what was coming, for he had witnessed it many times. It was their intention to seize and castrate him.

Tough luck for them, but he had his ever-present sword with him. He cut down or disabled the perpetrators, unsealed the door, and left the Temple.

As he was walking away, down near the river, a soldier appeared. Turi was getting older, and the soldier was faster, his sword penetrating Turi’s left, mid-abdominal region. Nonetheless, Turi’s sword found the soldier’s neck, and he did not survive. Severely wounded, Turi lay in the muddy bank of the Nile until he was discovered and taken home. He lasted about three days with his weeping sister/wife holding his hand most of the time.

As his life force gradually ebbed away, Turi rose up from his body. Before him the timeline of Aegypt stretched away in two directions. He looked down upon the Pylons of Maat, present, past, and future, and then their illusion faded completely as he was absorbed into an energetic bliss.



And in El Cajon, California, Shiva’s preoccupation with Ancient Aegypt faded away (although he retained his occupation with the Great White Lodge on Sirius and with the Avatar of Synthesis). The pain in his abdomen miraculously vanished, and he passed into the next phase of his life.


The New Tong(s)

Over the years, Artemis had a few mild, wild adventures with Shiva and his associates, but she needed some real hair-raising experiences. Let us see what she got into, and to what it led:

In 1992, with Shiva’s blessing, she enrolled in The Temple of Thelema, a break-away tong derived from a Solar Lodge degeneration, Ordo Thelema, led by one Frater M. He was a III° Master Magician of Solar Lodge who took an "opportunity" when the Lodge was dispersed and hiding under the radar of the F.B.I.

M gained unauthorized access to the Solar Lodge document repository, grabbed copies of the Initiation and Information papers (all of them, including the IX°), jumped into his Karman Ghia, and drove down to his hometown - where he promptly ran into the back of a truck and lost all of his front teeth! - An interesting example of instant karma.

Upon recovery, he opened a bookstore, where he sold books, promoted and administered initiations through Ordo of Thelema, collected money, bought land, and made the acolytes work long hours for free. He had learned all this by example from Capricornus.

In 1993, M told Shiva on the phone, "You know, I have my own order. But, I assure you, it's pretty tame compared to the experiences that we had. Give me a call, and maybe we can get together for coffee some day."

Being III°, he knew about, and was able to administer, the first three degrees. But, even though he had the papers for the higher degrees, he was unable to use them or to communicate their essence.

According to Frater Kuat, who was observing all this from a distance, people said, "Okay. What's next?" There was nothing next, that's what! People came, saw the show, and then left. But they kept doing this in a stream for many years.

Some of M's students did the same thing to him. They took the papers and went off and formed The Temple of Thelema, where they promoted and administered initiations, collected money, bought land, and made the acolytes work long hours for free.

Artemis joined this horribly-degenerated tong Temple and received the 0°. She was then told to report every weekend to perform gardening tasks. After a few weeks of this, Artemis confronted the tongolites and said, "Hey! When are we going to do some Magick? You know, rituals and other spiritual activities?" She was told, "You're not ready for that yet." Artemis quit.

These organizations are still in existence and their names have been altered to protect the innocent and the guilty alike.

After that adventure, Artemis took three journeys to study with the Shamans of the Amazon River, completed her formal initiation into Peruvian Shamanism, studied under a 93 year old Hopi Elder Medicine Man, and attended numerous "secret" North American rituals, including the infamous Sun Dance (remember when you saw Richard Harris suspended in A Man Called Horse?).


The Commercial Ventures of Estar

From 1992 to 2003, Frater Estar occupied himself with building and operating the Empowerment system that he had developed (< see 1982 photo of Estar and his wife in front of his office). After working with Matt for so long, he followed Matt's principle of setting (extremely) high fees for his services. The system was called StarLord, and it was advertised, in full living color on the inside back cover of several metaphysical magazines for years. He traveled around, did Empowerments, and collected money.

Then he got married (again). His Mexican heritage did not sit well with the family of the wealthy European countess who became his new wife. Nevertheless, working together, he and his wife streamlined StarLord and renamed it StarLife. Then they moved to Hawaii, and ran StarLife for years. Journeys around the globe produced new empowerees in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Annually, they returned to San Diego, where Artemis and Shiva would visit with them at their hotel. Previously, Estar had refused to train students as "trainers" or "initiators," because he wanted to avoid the "renegade" issue wherein the authorized "trainers" did their own Empowerments (under contract with StarLife) and simply kept all of the fees for themselves.

At their last visit, circa ±1997, Estar said that he had finally decided to initiate "trainers." Artemis then asked, "But you said you would never do that." Estar replied, "I'm just going to run it until it blows up!" (oops!).

It blew up. For a while, StarLife continued to operate in the usual manner. Then, one day Shiva received their latest glossy, full-color newsletter in the mail. It stated that Estar had departed for a six-month retreat in remote Mexico. A month after that an Announcement for Empowerments arrived (to be performed by his wife in Hawaii). After that, there was no more mail. A letter from Shiva, sent to Hawaii, came back marked "Addressee Unknown."

It is suspected that StarLife blew up, the marriage broke up, and Estar simply disappeared back into Mexico. The StarLife website, in December, 2005, stated:

"In 1987, during a mystical retreat, he received clairvoyantly the keys to call in the StarLife Energies. In 1990, together with his wife, he founded StarLife. During the nineties, he has traveled extensively, introducing StarLife to the US, Australia, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Canada.

"After 10 years of extensive traveling and teaching, and following a strong inner prompt, he retreated to a more introspective lifestyle. He now spends most of his time between Mexico and USA."

Today, the StarLife website is no longer on-line. Estar remains incommunicado.

Frater Kuat's Incident

In San Diego, Shiva had been treating Kuat with acupuncture and herbs for several years. He was a methamphetamine addict of the highest sort. Where other people would sniff lines of the white powder, Kuat would inhale piles of it. Eventually it caught up with him, first in the form of losing all his teeth (common in methedrine users), and then in the form of a heart attack that left him with a 40% functional heart capacity. This was followed by a stroke that left him with slurred speech and a partially paralyzed right arm. His symptoms were treatable with acupuncture, and his speech smoothed out and he restored some minimal sensation and minor use to his arm.

In 2004, he began complaining about people living in his attic. He placed a video surveillance camera in the attic. Nobody was detected. This went on for a few weeks. One night he was found, wandering in a dazed condition, several blocks from his house "on the other side of the freeway." He was treated by doctors, given an actual "psychosis" diagnosis, and ended up in a nursing home. Shiva visited him there three times. He was distant. Deprived of his life-long reliance on drugs, he was depressed and eager to end their short conversations.

The Last Spin around L.A.

In mid-2004, Shiva was in Los Angeles for a Karate tournament. He was no longer a competitor (tournament competition is not permitted after 50 years of age), but had been trained as a tournament judge. With some free time on his hands, he took a drive through the old neighborhoods – all of them.

The original Solar Lodge properties on 30th Street had been demolished to make way for new apartment buildings. The Grand Solar Lodge, and adjacent mansions, on Menlo Avenue had been demolished to make way for new apartment buildings. The Acupuncture College in Los Angeles, that he had attended and eventually directed, had been demolished to make way for a hotel. The Acupuncture College in Santa Monica, that he had administered, had been demolished to make way for new office buildings. Well, there would certainly be no more slumming around, visiting the sites of his earlier endeavors.


Escape from the Matrix

In 2005, Shiva had encountered certain information on, and insights into, the nature of Reality. You do believe in Reality, don't you?

He therefore built a website program entitled, "This is your Escape from the Matrix."

Escape from the Matrix is a powerful examination of Reality and the Spiritual path. It contains mild forms of virtual reality. It has been viewed by several people, each of whom professed a shift in consciousness from the interaction.

As a public service message, Lightblazer wishes everyone to know that "You must not leave this program in its midst and go out into the marketplace – the induced altered consciousness brings about a temporary conflict with the environment. Please complete the program prior to externalizing."

Not many people are able to view the program. For one thing, it takes 1½ to 2 hours to get through it in a single setting. For another thing, the nature of this program is such that psychological resistance is evoked.

Let's skip the Summary. If you've got what it takes, you can enter the program yourself at

Summarium Est
This is the Summary

In Memoriam

D Frater Christopher, student extraordinaire, the first casualty in the infamous Solar Lodge, had, over his years before Solar Lodge, consumed too much Stramonium (Datura) herbal tea. His father, a physician, had warned him (after his 7th – almost fatal – episode) that the next dose would probably kill him. He was a probationer and was given his final dose of this horrible brew by Frater R, when they were both on guard duty at Solar Ranch following the arrest of thirteen members for "child abuse" in the famous Boy in the Box phenomenon. Frater Christopher wandered off into the desert, in an altered state of consciousness, and his body was discovered two days later.

D Frater Rona, member of the II°, was asleep one evening in the passenger seat of a tong vehicle that was travelling at a moderately high speed. When the car negotiated a long curve, Rona woke up, perceived (wrongly) that the vehicle was out of control, opened the car door, and stepped out at 50 miles per hour.

D Soror Sekhmet, member of the IX°, high priestess of the Gnostic Mass, went out the "back door" one evening. Her body was found months later in a remote desert location and she had left a note vaguely referring to "Doing her Will." Circumstances suggested suicide, and there was no evidence of foul play.

D Frater Shem, member of the VIII°, engineer (who was the original discoverer of airborne radiation from Soviet Union nuclear testing), dental surgeon, grand architect of the Solar Ranch facility, and fugitive from the underworld, died peacefully in 1986 during an afternoon nap at his home in a remote location on San Juan Island, Washington. He was 56 years old.

D Soror Capricornus, Grand Master of Solar Lodge, known by some as Ma Barker and her Gang, the Guru who turned to materialism and (virtual) slavery, died in 1984, apparently from lung disorders. She was survived by a small group of six members who have faded into obscurity somewhere in Texas.

D Frater Sol, V°, retired high school-teacher (civics), the Court Jester and the Great Embarrassment of Solar Lodge, the run-around husband of Capricornus, passed away 4 years after his wife.

D Muriel Isis Dorner, powerful magician and channel for the White Brotherhood, passed away in 1998. Her organization, The Lighted Way, manifested cyclically in the outer world for many years. Who can doubt but that she was indeed the Divine Mother?

D The infamous Dr. A, Master Mason, dental surgeon, potential restorer of the Nazi party - based on new, metaphysical insights, but on old, separatist, ideologies, passed away in ~2000.

D Jack Schwarz, well known and highly respected self-health educator, philosopher, author, and humanitarian, passed away on Sunday, November 26, 2000 at Mendocino Coast District Hospital at the age of 76. In 1958 he founded the Aletheia Institute. Jack continuously strove for compassion and excellence. This brought him to the attention of many famous people as well as the Smithsonian Institute, Esquire, the Langley Porter Institute, The Menninger Foundation, and the Mike Douglas and Steve Allen Shows. He was highly regarded by the scientific and medical communities for his work with self-regulation and autogenics. Jack’s greatest message, and one that he challenges us to continue, is Divine Love Realized.

In Honorarium or Dishonorarium

I Frater Taurus, member of the I°, supporter of Solar Lodge in its formative years of 1965-66, was the first member to go out the "front door" (even though he physically exited via the back door) by confronting the Guru. He told Capricornus that, " I love everyone, but I won't be coming around any more." Capricornus said, "You can't quit!" Taurus replied, "Oh no? Watch me." He walked out, and went on to become an administrator for a large city. He is now retired and living in a nice, rural location with his wife, a dog pack, and some chickens.

I Frater Mont, member of the III°, member of the 8th level of Star System, empowered at Level 3 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), Lord of the Aegyptian Armory, is (presumably) still living in Mexico, his native country. A devoted supporter and sustainer of Solar Lodge, he became the right-hand-man of the Lodge when Frater Shiva surrendered this position. A devoted supporter and sustainer of The Order of the Phoenix, the "inner order" of Star System, he went on to take the Oath of Magister, but refused to accept any students. A devoted supporter and sustainer of his family, he will do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling.

I Frater Kuat, member of the III°, empowered at Level 3 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), the eternal party-maker, suffered certain physical vehicle disorders, continued exuberant pharmaceuticalism, and was finally diagnosed as psychotic (a condition that has been supplanted by chronic depression after total withdrawal from pharmaceutical dependence). He lives in a nursing home.

I Frater Estar, Master Mason, member of the 8th level of Star System, inherently empowered at Level 9 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), Master of the Enochian cosmology, founder of StarLord and StarLife - the cosmic energy activation system, is (presumably) still living in Mexico, his native country - while (presumably) frequenting the USA. He is currently unreachable and remains incommunicado.

I Frater Lightblazer, channel for the White Lodge, member of the 8th level of Star System, although he takes no formal students, is empowered at Level 4 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), and is retired from the computer-programming profession. Although he is a cosmic change-agent in the spiritual realm, he is essentially a conservative, stable person in the outer world. Nonetheless, he abandoned the establishment for a lengthy period of time, and participated in the great game of Initiation and High Adventure. He lives near the Pacific coast in California.

I Frater Shiva, member of the IX°, former Grand Secretary General of Solar Lodge, member of the 9th level of Star System, empowered at Level 9 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), The Voice of Arcania, is retired and living in New Mexico. He currently offers powerful, healing energy Empowerments to individual seekers, either in person or telepathically-induced, and provides physical and spiritual consultation via the agency of a client's energy field (aura).

I Soror Artemis, former Minerval in The Temple of Thelema, member of the 8th level of Star System, empowered at Level 6 of the Sirius Tibetan Wang (Empowerment lineage), formally initiated Shamanic Healer (Peruvian lineage), Doctor of Divinity and ordained minister, founder of the Temple of the Desert Star, lives in New Mexico. She accepts a few Shamanic Apprentice students, without fees. She currently offers powerful, healing energy treatments and herbal consultations to individual clients, either in person or by telephone. Call to schedule an appointment. Reasonable and customary fees apply.

Star System no longer accepts students, except for those seeking Sirius empowerments or those receiving martial arts training. However, we will be pleased to answer your questions that you may email to:



In Revelation

Many Initiates have been trained in only a single system. Sometimes their understanding of concepts and practices is limited. Sometimes they are actually stuck in misconceptions.

We invite you to read The Appendix, which is an Encyclopedia aimed at the destruction of partial understanding and false concepts. (The hyperlink is below at the end of this page).



Sure. Why not?

The original Tong has faded into secluded obscurity.

Mont, Lightblazer, Taurus, Estar, Kuat, Shiva, and Artemis have endured.

Perhaps they will encounter further Adventures.

We hope you have enjoyed this True Tale of Initiation and High Adventure.
Reduced considerably in size from the original manuscripts

We now return full control of consciousness to your mind.

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