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Welcome to Mystic-History

True Tales of Initiation
and High Adventure

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The True History of Solar Lodge
- from 1962 to 1972 (with extensions up to 1984+)

In Revelation
- a brief Encyclopedia of Initiatory Concepts

Photo Gallery
- Star System Rites - Flashdance, Convergence, Timeshift

Spiritual Recognition Guidelines
- The Initiatory Emblems of Expanded Consciousness

The Angel and the Abyss
- An Account of Tiphereth and the Ruach

The Substructure of Liber AL
- Certain Psychological Foundations of The Book of the Law

An Essay on The Principles of White Magic
- Instruments, Dynamics and Deities

An Examination of Evolution & Involution
- Root-races, Atlantis, America & Sirius

The Heart of the Master, ... er, Matter
- A Highly-Condensed and Illustrated Version of the Classic Text

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